Beach Bunnies With Big Browneyes 10


140 Mins
Dusk Til Dawn
THEMES: Anal Sex, Big Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Jenna Davis, Samantha Stylle, Molly Rome, Justine Romee, Trinity Maxx, Sierra, Tyce Bune, Eric, Jason,
Any time a series gets to volume ten, you know that the people behind it are doing something right. Tyce Bune’s series of wall to wall anal adventures is now at volume number ten and still rolling right along. I’ve always enjoyed the bikini and beach themes and Tyce throws in some pretty funny between the scenes stuff as well. In fact, I keep waiting for Tyce to string his scenes together into a beach themed feature, and it looks like we might have something that resembles that this time. As always, Tyce has found some women who are very hot in their sex scenes, including Samantha Stylle, Justine Romee, Sierra and Molly Rome so know that it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.
When we start the movie, Tyce is sleeping in a stranger’s doghouse because he’s been kicked out. We get to go back a few months and see how everything went so wrong for everyone’s favorite surfer/care detailer. It all begins when Tyce puts an alarm on his precious car, assuring that it will never be stolen. A month later, three bikini clad chicks, Samantha Stylle, Molly Rome and Justine Romee, mistake Tyce’s car for one stolen from Molly’s brother. They kick his ass and then realize they made a mistake. When he comes to, the girls offer to pose for him to make up for their mistake. Naturally, things get heated very quickly and the girls shed their clothes. Justine leaves to get lunch, but Samantha and Molly are willing to do a little more to make him feel better. They both look fantastic in bikinis, but even better with hard cocks in their mouths. Sadly, the blowjob is seconds long before Molly puts her delicate little frame on top of Tyce. Sammy starts slapping her pale little buns while Molly works on her nipples. After patiently waiting her turn, Samantha finally gets going and she really pumps her ass up and down, getting her fill of cock while she and Tyce share a taste of Molly. Tyce settles into a good rhythm, moving back and forth between the two girls before getting up into Molly’s tight ass. With the help of a lot of lube, he is able to abuse that butt while she licks Sam’s shaved pussy. Naturally, Sam is an even bigger anal slut, dropping her ass down hard on his cock. She even flips over for an awesome piledriver including A2M and very hard assfuck. Her face makes the perfect sperm target at the close of this hot anal scene.
When Justine gets home with lunch, she wants some cock as well. After snacking, Tyce is up and in her Latin taco faster than you can say la vida loca. She rides hard and then sucks his prick loving fresh out of her holes. As always, Justine is very enthusiastic, fucking Tyce like a woman who just really, really loves dick. Since she’s already facing the camera, moving to anal is an easy adjustment and her energy level stays very high. After an A2M dismount, she gets down on her knees and make her ass available for some great looking footage. Tyce closes this out with another well shot facial.
While he’s having a great time, two guys show up and recognize Tyce’s car. As it turns out, he is parked in front of their girlfriend’s house. Naturally, this gets him knocked around again. Afterwards, they steal his car again. To make matters worse, Fabrice kicks him out of her house. Things always have a way of turning out for Tyce so we aren’t shocked when he meets a woman while he’s detailing a motorcycle. She wants to be in a calendar and is willing to invite him over to win him over. The woman, (tall skinny Trinity Maxx) shares a place with busty black babe Sierra. Since this is a porn, we already know that the women are into each other and just have to have some fun in the sun. These two make quite a contrasting pair, one skinny pale chick and one full figured dark girl. Tyce joins the ladies at poolside and soon has his cock being serviced by a pair of very willing mouths. I just don’t find Trinity to be all that attractive, but Sierra does her best to keep the scene very hot. There are some very tight shots as Tyce hammers away, slamming Trinity as hard as he can. Sierra looks better and seems to love cock just a bit more than her tiny friend. He bends them both over and enjoys long anal with girl girls. It takes a while, but eventually, Sierra’s ass gapes before the takes his dick in her mouth. There is great energy in this scene, but the problem comes from the fact that there is a limp to it. No, not in the cock, but in the fact that one girl is so much hotter than the other. Whenever that happens, I find myself wishing the weak link would be abducted by aliens or something. Nice facial finish to a long, and mostly hot anal scene.
Jenna Davis had seen Tyce being tossed out of his house so she is nice to him when she sees him on the beach. Taking him back home, Jenna is bound to do more than just give him a cup of tea. She’s a fairly cute chick who has been to the ink factory a few too many times. Tyce is happy to slip off her little bikini and get to work between her easily parted thighs. Tossing her onto the kitchen table, he bangs away on her shaved pussy, pulling out in time to shoot a quick load on her eager mouth. That is just a warm up though because Tyce gets right back in there and pounds away some more. Facial number two follows shortly and it’s back into the bush (or lack thereof) he goes. They move to the couch, where the horny blonde can squat fuck. Just about the time Fabrice comes home, they are fucking like rabbits. Luckily, she locked her keys in her car and doesn’t interrupt the copulation. Shot number three comes as Jenna dismounts and sucks his load from the tip of his cock. The object is to move through the whole house and they just keep fucking in every new room. Before they are finished, Tyce has fucked this young thing raw, blasting her asshole and shooting off no less than six times. Six fucking times, now that’s impressive.
When you end a movie with a six pop shot scene, how do you go back to the start to about the other ones? Jenna didn’t impress me at first glace thanks to the tats, but her scene was very hot and she was able to milk 6 loads from Tyce and that’s something to be impressed by. (and maybe a scene that shouldn’t be stuck at the end of a tape since reviewers at some magazines don’t bother to�.oh never mind.) For my money, the Samantha and Molly three way was very hot and followed up by Justine, it make the first half of the movie really good. Sierra was great as always, but Trinity is just a bit too bony for my taste. I liked how this one flows together into a light feature feel. Well shot sex and a mostly good looking cast makes this another good volume of BBWBB and leaves us wondering what will happen next.

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