Ass Quest 4


112 Mins
DIRECTOR: Chris English
Sin City
THEMES: Anal Sex,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Demi Blue, Inga Levchenko, Mercedes
Every time I find myself wondering what Chris English is up to, I end up getting a video in the mailbox with his name on it. Some of my favorite movies he’s shot are the public facial movies, but his Ass Quest stuff is much just as good and much more mainstream. He finds a collection of Euro-sluts, shows them off briefly then turns guys loose on their waiting asses. It’s a simple formula, but more often than not, it works out quite nicely. I know it’s sometimes hard to tell from the pictures on the box, but some of the girls on this cover has some hot looking buns. Let’s hope they look as good getting fucked on video as they do on the box.
From the beginning, we see that the names on the box don’t match the names the girls give in their scenes. (I hate that.) One of the girls who is listed as Mercedes on the box says her name is Dora? And the other girl who I don’t see on the box is named Mercedes. Either way, we get a blonde and brunette in bed ready to get busy. They start by fondling each other and letting Chris touch their soft and sticky parts. Before long a big hard dick is introduced and the blonde chick puts her thick licks around it. Her friend joins her and we get a nicely shot, but way too short double blowjob. The brunette takes the first ride, showing off a nice ass as she bounces. Her friend fucks with a bit more energy, grinding her hips hard in reverse cowgirl. Since this movie is called Ass Quest, you know that he will eventually finish fucking their juicy pussies and move to their tight rumps. The blonde takes it in the tush first, rolling onto her side to give us the best view. I like the side by side doggy footage myself with the dude moving from ass to ass, fucking both babes balls deep in the butt. For the big finish, he pulls out of the brunette, shoots all over her ass and the blonde’s face and then watches as the girls exchange a great big cum swapping kiss. The chicks are pretty hot here, but the action is what really makes it work.
Next we follow a brunette up the stairs, getting some nice shots of her legs and ass as she climbs. At the top of the dark stairway, she starts sucking cock. The light isn’t too great, but I like the semi-public nature of this blowjob. Once they get into a well lit room, the brunette has worked up quite an appetite for dick A second stud comes in and gives her all she can handle. She really seems to enjoy her work, bouncing her young ass up and down in his lap and waxing his rod with her juices. With her ass already high in the air, he mounts and fucks that tight little butt until he’s ready to explode all over her face.
Mallory is a blonde with fleshy as cheeks and a very nice rack. After showing off on the balcony, she goes inside where two guys are waiting. One is white, the other is black and they both look ready to split her half. Mallory seems impressed by the black guy’s big cock and happily licks his heavy balls. The first guy fucks her from behind while she stands and sucks the other guy. That gets her warmed up enough to hop up onto the counter and take that long black prick deep in her horny hole. When he lifts her off of the ground, her ass is totally exposed and the white guy moves in to fuck the shit out of that backdoor. They take turns, switching places to get at both holes. Mallory really knows how to take dick and gives us a very fun, high energy scene. There is some great footage on the couch with the black guy holding her up, lifting her off his lap to jerk his cock off with her ass. (That has to be a great workout for the arms.) If anything is wrong here, it’s that the scene does seem to go on forever. Since the action is good, it’s not really a problem though. While the white guy (Who I believe is Alberto Rey) pumps her ass, Mallory milks a huge load from the black dude, covering her face. With his cum still in place, she spins around to get the second one all over her mouth as well. Best scene of the movie? So far, yeah.
The final girl is named Inga and she possesses a very fine all to go along with small, perfect tits. While Chris pokes her ass, some other guys start coming into the room to give Inga some cocks to play with. By the time the room fills up, she has four guys around her, all getting head from this spunky little redhead. Her nipples are rock hard as she sucks on one dick after another, including that monster sized black one. Eventually one of the guys pulls her into lap and the fucking can begin. Inga has great energy, letting the guys toss her around and fuck her pretty little pussy while she keeps her mouth busy. That leaves just her ass and you know that is going to be filled soon enough. On her knees, she takes every inch of the black guy first, letting the others come in after and ram her colon. DP is no problem for this cutie either. In fact, the more cock she gets, the more fun she seems to be having. Someone get this girl a passport because we need her in some American porn productions. When the cum starts flowing, Inga holds out her tongue and invites every guy to pop on her face or in her mouth. This one isn’t quite as hot as the last scene, but it’s a close second.
I have noticed a trend of late that has directors putting their best scenes at the end of their tapes. Since I watch start to finish, it doesn’t bother me much, but I would imagine that a pressed for time stroker might give up or settle for a lesser jerk off fantasy. For those of you looking for the cream of the crop, stick around for Mallory and Inga. The others are worth watching, but the best of the best show up at the end. Nicely shot, with some great anal action from some super cute girls. Ass Quest 4 should satisfy your Euro-anal desires.

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