Bootylicious Black School Girlz




98 Mins


JM Productions

THEMES: Black Girls, All-Black, Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Pebbles, Platinum, Karizma, Cindy Red, Julian St. Jox, Darren James, Jasper Wade, Wesley Pipes, Cuba


All right, everyone is jumping back on the schoolgirl bandwagon, so you had to figure that the Bootylicious crew would find their way onto the train eventually. This series is all about anal and it’s all about black, not always all-black though this cast certainly qualifies in that category. I don’t remember seeing any of these girls before, but a few of them look pretty cute. I’m sure that we’ll get to see them in pigtails and plaid just as soon as the credits end on this one.

Platinum is having a pretty crappy day. It’s senior ditch day, but she’s sitting on the couch with her lollipop, hugging hear teddy bear. In comes a friend of her mom’s and you know what comes next. Since he’s always had a thing for her mom, Platinum is the next logical choice. Tossing aside the lollipop she gets a taste of dick. I’m not going on a limb when I say that she sucks his dick like her head has been under a few steering wheels already. Obviously a product of a public sex education, Platinum is worried about getting pregnant so she asks him to fuck her in the ass instead. Her ass slips down easily over his cock and she takes a nice hard ride, making her good sized tits shake as she does. For all of her skill and efforts, Platinum just can’t seem to bring consistent wood to this guy. Piledriver works pretty well and by now she’s stripped down to just her white socks. (Young girl theme staple if ever there was one.) As the scene progresses, he manages better wood and she builds up some decent energy. The facial may be the best part of this scene.

Karizma is a pretty cute young thing who has potential. Julian St. Jox is a pimp who talks her father into an unusual business relationship. The pretty eighteen year old is a little hesitant at first, but doesn’t want her family thrown out into the streets. I’m guessing this is her step dad since he’s whipping out his cock as soon as Karizma starts blowing the neighborhood pimp. She gets between the two cocks and uses her hands and mouth to get them both throbbing in her face. After stripping her out of her shorts, Julian fucks her as dear ole dad gets a long, uninterrupted blowjob. Again we see a bit of wood trouble from the dad as he tries to squeeze his cock into her pussy so she can ride. Watching her little ass bounce makes Julian want to join back in, but it looks like we get an aborted DP here. Instead, Julian slides under so the other guy can stroke off near her face. To really put her to the test, they push her thigh up against her side and cram her ass full of cock. Since her ass adapts to dick so easily, you know they are going to DP her dainty lower half. Karizma does a good job of ducking most of the cum during the facial, giving us a view of the bottom of her chin. Still, she’s nice to look at and doesn’t seem to hate the butt fucking.

Cindy Red has very light skin and, you guessed it, red hair. She’s playing in the back yard when a guy comes along and tries to put the moves on her. He invites himself into her house for a drink and quickly takes advantage of the skinny girl. Their ‘I’ve never done this/please let me touch you/no/oh that feels good’ routine is a little weak, but he convinces her eventually. At least they take their time. He actually sucks her tits for a while, working her up before moving to her pussy. After a lot of attention, he finally drops his pants and wants her to taste it. Even now, Cindy objects at first. Not really fighting, Cindy just sort of plays hard to get for a bit. He’s got a big cock and of course she learns quickly how to suck and stoke it to full, throbbing attention. Well prepared, Cindy has shaved her bush, though she needs someone to give her some pointers. There are plenty of stray hairs around her pronounced lips. Like all virgins in porn these days, she quickly adjusts to a big dick in her pussy and fucks like a pro. Of course, she concerned about cussing in her father’s house, so the innocence appeal will still be there for some of you. Obviously Cindy is an athletic girl because her legs as quite bendable and her foot ends up behind her head. He rolls her over and starts pounding away on her ass while she rubs her pussy. When it’s time to cum, he pulls out and shoots all over her face.

Julian is back and apparently when he isn’t pimping hoes, he is a college professor. When he gets Pebbles on his couch, a good grade is promised if she just shuts up and lets him suck her droopy, mid-sized, post-baby boobies. Her boyfriend comes in and is a little pissed. Smooth talking Julian convinces him to start fucking his girl so he can see if there are any problems with his technique. He certainly has a big enough dick to keep Pebbles happy and it rises quickly in her mouth. Julian steps in and adds his prick to the mix, keeping Pebbles quite busy. They slip easily into doggy where her head keeps bobbing hard, taking a whole lot of that big cock between her lips. Her face is a lot better looking that her upper body, but Pebbles has good legs and shows a lot of energy as she’s riding dick. Anal has to enter into the game eventually, so Julian’s smaller unit does the honors. When you add her man’s fat cock to the mix, this little co-ed is quite nicely stuffed. Though she spits cum from her mouth, Pebbles is willing to keep sucking after the shot, earning her mixed grades for her finishing technique.

The women in this movie aren’t bad looking. In fact, if you could combine their best assets, you would end up with one mighty fine babe. Of course, we have to take them as they as which is good and bad depending on who you’re looking at and when. Like the other Bootylicious videos, there isn’t much story to talk about. Four random scenes of young-ish black girls being approached and de-flowered. Platinum is fairly attractive, but her guy has wood troubles, slowing the scene down. Karizma has perhaps the best face in the cast and does nice anal action, though she loses some points for ducking most of the facial. Cindy is an interesting looking woman with a pretty nice body who actually plays her part better than any of the others. Pebbles is another dodger, but gives a decent scene. I like this movie better than a the others in this series because the girls were slightly better. Far from perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

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