After avoiding the Berg video for the last few days, I finally followed a link sent to me by a friend and watched the whole thing. What can I say? Some sites are better left unseen. The video is as disturbing as I ever would have imagined and if I never see anything like that again it will be too soon.

Some of you have written in to ask me if I think the video is real, if Berg was alive when he was cut. Is there enough blood? Is he screaming enough? Could this be a fake? The answer is that I don’t know. How much blood should there be? How much would one scream and for how long? I can’t say for sure. I suppose a case could be made either way, but to what end?

The idea that someone could have faked the video has certainly crossed my mind. This entire video could be fake or the killers may have cut the head off of an already dead man. So what? I saw a link to some conspiracy theories on another web site that just made me sick. (And seeing the words “marching orders” on a site that is packed with lemming links makes me shake my head.) This kind of shit is just that….shit. Pardon my French, but fuck you fucking fucks who have your head so far up your pom-pom waving poli-cheer asses that you would print something like this out of pure personal and political hatred. (There, rant over.)

On another note, I’m following a story out of San Diego (And I have heard there are other cases like it) involving a teacher who showed the video in a high school class. If anyone has any info on the story, please shoot it over to me. (And make it a news source, not some bull-shit Bush hating/loving site that doesn’t deal with facts.) If this story turns out to be true then this teacher should be fired right away. He/she should have his pension stripped and should never be allowed to teach in a public school again. I’m sure this will seem harsh to some of you and I will expand on this in a later entry, but consider this. If that same teacher brought in a Vivid video and showed it in class, they would be fired on the spot. Keep in mind that these are minors and then tell me which is more obscene?

Sorry if this lacks the marching order predictabiltiy of other sites, but as Popeye would say “I yam what I yam.”

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