Lord Of Asses 4



135 Mins
Extreme Associates (www.extremeassociates.com)
THEMES: Anal Sex
STARS: Chocolate, Nikita Denise, Illona, Heather Lyn, Felony,

Tom Byron generally does everything right when it comes to wall to wall fuck flicks. He finds hot looking women, turns them loose. In his best movies, all of the fancy editing tricks are confined to the well cut opening dance numbers and the sex is perfectly shot. There is no abuse of women, though the sex is raw, anal and can never be confused with touchy feely couples porn. In that, Byron keeps in touch with the audience who likes hardcore sex, but doesn’t feel the need to watch women hurt or abused in order to get off. The cast for LoA 4 is good, with Nikita Denise, Chocolate and Heather Lyn, however it’s not the star studded roster we’re used to and Jessica Darlin is nowhere to be found.
Nikita is up first and I’ve always had a thing for this brunette and her million dollar smile. After a hot little warm up, Tom takes her into the bedroom and gets her laughing with a little accent fun. Looking up into the camera with those beautiful eyes, she flashes a little grin and frees his cock from his pants. No afraid to get nasty, she does a little ass licking, but is at her best with a hard cock in those pretty lips. Tom has her turn that perfect ass high in the air to start slamming that inviting pussy. When she’s on top, the anal begins, with Nikita grinding down on Tom’s cock, pulling a dismount for some A2M, then getting right back in the saddle. After repeated A2M, it shouldn�t come as a huge shock when she takes a perfect, open mouthed facial cumshot, but it’s still nice to see. Finger licking good and cock stroking hot.
Illona is another pretty nice looking babe with a good set of legs and a real rack. Her English isn’t so good, and the gap in her teeth is less than charming. Of course, it’s the other end that we’re more interested in, so Tom peels off her shorts and starts licking that crack. Illona gives a decent blowjob, nothing special, but hey, it’s head from a fairly pretty girl, how can that be bad? After the last scene, Illona would have had a hard time competing anyway, but she’s really a pretty average fuck who makes a lot of noise only when Tom finally shoves it up her ass. This scene just doesn’t live up to the heat from the first.
Heather Lyn is good looking, but her stock always rises as soon as the scene begins. An energetic fuck, she’s not afraid to take on big cocks in every hole. First it has to go into her mouth and with some serious head movement, she manages to massage his cock with her tongue. Finding his ass tasty as well, Heather shows that her mouth is open for all kinds of fun. (Just use a breath mint before kissing him honey.) Pushing her to her knees, Tom starts fucking Heather from behind, taking full advantage of her full ass to get good leverage. The enthusiasm Heather has for cock really makes this scene work. She can’t wait to taste his cock after it’s been in each of her hot and horny holes. Watching her bounce on his cock you have to wonder if she’ll ever let him up to fuck that ass. When he does finally get that butt, the energy level goes up another notch. Heather is a serious anal slut and she really gets her colon crammed in this well shot scene.
Felony is a girl who is usually average looking but is a nice piece of eye candy during the intro montage for her scene. I haven’t seen her look this cute in other movies. Maybe it’s the way she just kind of eases into the interview that turns things up a notch. Her teeth are still pretty fucked up, but you don’t see teeth when a girl has a dick in her mouth so that can be excused. Felony seems to have a good time sucking dick and really gets into the fucking. Having her ride is a treat for guys who like full asses. This young girl has a pretty wide backside that most so much in part because she’s just hog wild on his prick. After a hard and fast ass fuck, Felony takes a load on her face. Another high energy anal slut.
Now we get to another really beautiful woman at the end of the tape. Chocolate could use a few trips to Krispy Kreme to put some meat on her bones, but this dark skinned honey is so damn beautiful I can bend the toothpick rule a bit. Tom has already fucked Chocolate’s twin sister up the ass so now he completes the set. She moves that beautiful face in close and starts working the head of his cock. Chocolate is a very playful with a dick in her mouth, making for an excellent oral segment. If you’re at all into interracial sex, this is a fantastic blowjob. She pushes Tom onto his back and starts riding him. How the fuck to black girls do those things with their hips. I think we white boys are missing out on some seriously good shit. He turns her back over and enters from behind, going deep for a while, but saving the best shots for later. When Chocolate is facing the camera, doing RCA, her long legs spread and that pretty pink peeking out above her stuffed sphincter, it’s highlight reel material to be sure. With some verbal encouragement from the beautiful black girl, Tom shoots a huge load on her face, letting Chocolate lick every drop from his cock. This scene bookends the movie with two superb ass fucks.
This movie is book ended by two super hot scenes. Nikita Denise and Chocolate are the best looking women in this tape and are the best fucks as well. Illona, Heather and Felony all score points for varying degrees of good looks and hot sex. Byron delivers again, shooting the sex well and giving us a very sharp picture to go along with the hard, anal action. Watch for the first and last scenes because they are top notch and then take your pick of the other three based on how much you like the chicks.


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