85 Mins
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane, Shay Sweet, Sydnee Steele, Amber Michaels, Coral Sands, Julie Meadows, Heather Lyn, Mickey G, Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner, Frank Fortuna, Jason McCain
Red Ezra makes his second directorial effort with this Stephanie Swift flick. His first movie was a high gloss, MTV style fantasy movie. With this one, he takes on a project with more of a script, a more traditional feature. Using Swift as the lead, Ezra has a fantastic looking woman who can turn in outstanding sexual performances. On the other hand, Swift�s heat rises and falls greatly depending on who directs her. In the hands of a good director, Stephanie is one of porn�s best looking, most energetic little fuck bunnies. On the other hand, when a director with marginal talent uses her in a scene, it sometimes looks like Stephanie is sleep walking through a scene. With any luck, we�ll get the best she has to offer and a good looking fuck flick.
Stephanie works at a bar and dispenses free advice to patrons. Mickey G comes in and exchanges quick dialog with Steph while eyeing Heather Lyn. They retire to the corner for a quick blowjob that ends with Heather wearing a big load on her smiling mug. That leaves Stephanie at the bar to ponder her life. She�s an ex-stripper who thinks back to her time dancing. This takes us inside a club for some up close lap dancing while Stephanie spouts her dialog about loneliness, longing and despair.
Stephanie�s current problems begin with her boyfriend, Evan Stone who is certain his music career will break any day now. Though they need money, he isn�t about to let her go back to dancing. After a long hot shower, they patch things up with a little bit of fun in the bedroom. All seems right when they start kissing and tickling each other. Stephanie looks pretty tasty as Evan goes down on her sweet slit. She turns the tables and her body so that she can take his long cock between her lips. No way that whole thing fits into her small mouth, but give Ms. Swift credit for trying. Besides, she happens to look really good with a dick in her mouth. Evan moves around behind for a little doggy action, slamming his hips into her butt for some very deep penetration. Those of you who are looking for a better view of her tits will enjoy the shot after he rolls her over. Steph�s nipples look hard enough to cut glass and her skin is just flawless. Evan finds a nice patch of skin right below her tits and shoots a big thick load all over her upper belly.
I guess sex sets of hot dreams for Stephanie because as she drifts off, we flash into an interesting dream/film sequence. Julie Meadows is the star of a black and white fetish reel where she sucks off a bound prisoner while Stephanie pleasures herself with a dildo nearby. I like the way this is shot, but the raincoater in me can never forgive the use of Julie taking dick up her ass and Steph doing A with a toy, in a black and white scene. Nicely shot, yes, but sexually not what it could have been.
While she�s dreaming of fun, two of Stephanie�s stripper friends are doing a sexy photo shoot. Devinn Lane and Shay Sweet (Sporting a very hot looking haircut these days) finish their shoot and unwind backstage. Shay squirts lotion all over her brunette pal and rubs it in gently. I like the use of the lotion in this scene and both women are fine eye candy. I just wish Shay were up for more than just some veggie lovin�. Good toy play and a very well shot scene to be sure, but best for those who are really looking for girl on girl action.
All that sexy dreaming has Stephanie sleeping late. She arrives at work several hours late and boss Herschel Savage is super pissed. His temper tantrum leaves Herschel with some excess steam to blow off. Luckily for him, Sydnee Steele is in the kitchen, with an easy access outfit and a ready, willing and able attitude. Every employer should have a waitress willing to get down on her knees and deliver a hot blowjob. In no time at all, they are banging away on the counters in the back. After a quick, high energy fuck, he drops a big load all over her ass and seems to feel a whole lot better about life in general.
Mike Horner comes strolling into the bar. He�s one of Steph�s former clients and makes her an offer she can�t refuse. Since it�s a slow night, they move to a booth at the back of the bar and Stephanie The nicely shot lap dance is a great way to build up heat as we anticipate right along with Mike. In fact, she is such a good tease that it�s almost painful when she shuts him down at the end of the dance.
When Stephanie finally has all she can take, she quits her job and dumps Evan. That leaves her with one final scene to do. Ian Daniels is the lucky guy who landed in the right place at the right time. Stephanie may have changed jobs, but she is still more than happy to wrap her loving lips around a hard cock and please away. Ian isn�t sporting as much size as her ex, but you would think she was madly in love with his cock the way Steph sucks it. Their quick fuck is highlighted by the sight of Steph�s little ass bouncing up and down and she grinds her hips. Another pop on the belly and it�s time to wrap things up.
Like Ezra�s first effort, Chances is very well shot. Steph�s lap dance scene is especially sharp. There is a decent story here, though at times the dreams and flashbacks get a little disjointed. Stephanie looks fantastic and turns in two top notch scenes. Devinn and Shay put on a nice looking girl/girl scene. I�d like to see Shay back doing scenes with guys soon. The black and white scene with Julie was very nicely done, but I can�t help but wish it had been less arty and more strokeable. Swift is the star and this is one of her most solid efforts in a very long time.

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