Ben Dover- This End Up




130 Mins



THEMES: Anal Sex, Real Tits




STARS: Linda, Steffie, Melissa, Michelle, Angie,


Ben Dover has long been one of my favorite gonzo porn makers. He manages to walk the fine line between fun, campy sets ups and well shot, hard-core sex. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed one of his movies, but things don’t seem to have changed much. Ben still manages to find hot looking British babes, have a good time getting them to strip down, then shoots while one of his pals fucks the living shit out of them. As an added bonus, most of the UK girls aren’t covered in body art and few of them have stuffed silicone bags in their chests. Natural is good, but natural and tat free is even better.

Ben starts out picking up Linda at the train station. The box says she’s eighteen, but he tells his crew that she’s twenty one. Either way, she’s an attractive young woman, even in casual clothes. Ben interviews her in the car and as they drive home Linda becomes more and more frisky. Back at the house, she meets two of Ben’s buds and can’t wait to get a look at what they’ve got hiding in their trousers. Linda changes into a sexy little red nightie, shows off her goodies and the action finally begins. (I like sexy set ups, but at nearly fifteen minutes this one does feel a bit long.) Finding herself surrounded by three dicks, Linda uses her mouth and both hands to get everyone ready to fuck her silly. Naked, Linda looks great, with nice natural tits a juicy slit and smooth pale skin. With the help of a toy, the guys drive her nuts between the thighs. After a short squat fuck, Ben loosens up her ass with a butt plug to prepare this video virgin for the feeling of a big cock in the bum. Linda takes to butt fucking like a fish to water and lets the guys have their fun with her tight backdoor. When the first load hits her face, Linda takes it well, smiles and talks to the camera with cum dripping down her pretty face.

Steffie is a notch prettier than the first girl and not at all shy. She recognizes Ben’s pal Pascal and starts talking to the guys on the rain soaked streets. Ben sees great potential and invites her back to their hotel room to do some modeling. Nervous at first, the pretty young girl manages to strip down to her lingerie for some still photos. Once the fucking begins, Steffie proves to be quite accommodating. She tastes her own juices after one of the guys fingers her pussy, but it’s her blowjob that really kicks things off. Steffie takes two dicks at a time, sucking them while staring right into the camera, a twinkle in her beautiful eyes. Her little ass just bounces up and down on Pascal’s lap while other guys slap her bum to a bright pink. Steffie takes a load on her face, licks all the cum from her fingers, then just keeps right on fucking. Her tight little pussy gets abused, but she fucks back with great intensity. For a new girl to be this ready for action is very impressive, but Ben really wants to see if she can handle some anal action. He fingers her bum then drops a big load in her mouth. Before this filthy first timer is finished, every guy in the room shoots a stream of baby batter all over her face.

Ben wants to find a way to thank the guys who fuck in his flicks, so he brings in a pair of cock starved sluts to show them a good time. Blonde Melissa and brunette Michelle both wear fishnet body suits and start off by pleasing each other. That sort veggie show ends when the girls share a big hard dick. Now the guys step in and each pick a chick to suck on. Both of these natural babes are pretty easy on the eyes and very enthusiastic about taking cock. Anal comes naturally to these nasty prick cushions, and we get some very well shot butt fucking. I guess I would take the blonde if I had to choose, but both women have hot pussies and Michelle takes things to a higher level by taking both cocks in a very hot DP. To cap off this twin tart taming, the guys shoot loads on their faces and then watch as the chicks swap cum and clean up every drop of love.

Angie is our final slut on the menu and she is another very attractive blonde woman. Actually, this Euro-chick could pass for a banker or lawyer, making her impending double fuck even more interesting. Even as her clothes come off, revealing a very tight body, there is a feeling that we’re about to watch a woman defy her classy looks. Surrounded by a trio of hard dicks, Angie just starts popping them into her mouth one after the other. She’s got other holes as well, so the guys spread out to give her some dick at both ends. Check out the way she lap bounces on some dick. The sex picks up near the end with one guy just pounding Angie silly while she jerks off a second cock. Seeing that her ass is still unfucked, the guys finger it, oil it up and then slide some serious dick up in there. Follow up a little anal with some DP and you have one very well stuffed Euro-blonde. All that remains is for Angie to take a pair of shots on her face and tits. Another good looking babe, well fucked and nicely glazed to close things out.

The five women Ben meets in this movie are all good looking, natural cock hounds. I like the lead ins to the scenes as well. What I found a little distracting was the choppy feel to most of the scenes. The action tends to jump around a little more than I’ve seen from Ben in the past. It’s still nice to see these UK tarts getting busy with big cocks. Steffie is probably my favorite in this batch, though any of the girls would be a fun ride.

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