Best Of Beach Bunnies With Big Browneyes


213 Mins
Dusk Til Dawn
THEMES: Anal Sex, Two on One
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Dominica Leoni, Claudia Adkins, Barrett Moore, Dolly Golden, Heaven Leigh, Temptress, Phyllisha Anne, Elle DeVyne, Dominique DeWitt, Tyce Bune
For those of you who may have missed Tyce Bune’s Beach Bunnies with Big Browneyes series, this is a perfect chance to catch up on some of the action. The series usually brings us two, if not three bikini clad chicks who always end up back at Tyce’s place. I can’t say that this is a list of my favorite bunnies from the line, but as I recall, these babes give some of the best anal action and I know that’s key for a lot of people.
The compilation starts out with Tyce coming home with his lady Fabrice. She’s feeling amorous, but he passes out while she’s changing clothes. Not a smart move, but it does open us up to all of the flashbacks. First comes a brand new scene with Dominica Leoni and Claudia Adkins. They are bored by the spa and looking for some fun. When Tyce comes by to detail the car, they invite him to mess around. Inside the house, the girls start playing with each other while Tyce shoots them. That doesn’t last long though because they both want some dick. Claudia is really cute and has a great attitude in her scenes. Dominica is a cutie as well, but to be honest, I am so interested in Claudia, that she gets all of my attention in this scene. Check her out as she squat fucks his cock. Not only does she look fantastic, the sexuality is raw, real and totally nutbusting. After that great ride, the other little Euro slut has to do a lot to steal back the spotlight. She nearly does it, but after a few minutes, I’m ready to watch the pretty brunette come back and get her little ass drilled. After her friend takes it in the butt, Claudia finally shows off her sphincter skills. Not only does Claudia ride cock like a pro, she also hops off to suck her ass off his prick. What a perfect little Euro slut. I want to take her home with me. Great pile driver action for both women as Tyce works up to a big final shot across both of their faces.
When Fabrice comes in and finds Tyce asleep, she is a little miffed. While she goes off to get even, we follow Tyce through a dream flashback to a time when he did a little stripping at a bachelorette party. They laugh a bit as he stumbles through a dance, but Tyce ends up in the bedroom with Barrett Moore and Dominique DeWitt. Barrett is a greedy little cock sucker, trying to keep all the meat for herself, but cute little Dominique wants a taste as well. Both of these women are enthusiastic anal sluts and Tyce does a great job keeping up with them, pounding Dominique first, answering her sweet begging for cock up her ass. Hard ass fucking and plenty of A2M for both girls as they take turns getting ripped.
When those two girls are finished, Dolly Golden and Heaven Leigh take their place. Heaven has always been on of my favorite performers, so I am a lot more interested in watching her than the blonde. This is the one problem I have with so many two on once scenes. When you pair two uneven chicks, it’s like fucking with a limp. After a too short double blowjob, Tyce shoves his dick into Heaven and starts pumping that pretty little slit. Normally, I like Dolly, but I have to say that when she takes over, I’m already looking forward to seeing Heaven back in the spotlight. Thankfully, her little ass gets plugged soon and we get great RCA footage of the action. No question, this is a super hot anal queen who makes this scene work. Tyce shoots his load mostly onto Heaven’s face. This is a good scene that would have been better with only one girl.
Next Tyce gives three girls a try, picking up Temptress, Elle DeVyne and Phyllisha Anne. This time, he has almost too much hot bikini clad flesh to play with. Phyllisha is looking a bit thin, but she’s nearly as hot for cock as Elle is. Temptress is, well, Temptress, fucking perfect is what she is. After a quick ride for Elle, she spreads those long legs and let’s Tyce have his way with her hot pussy. After this hot bit of porn perfection, Phyllisha has her hands full but manages to fuck with such energy that the scene just rolls right along. Elle takes her turn in the rotation again, this time opening up her ass and showing the kind of energy that has made her one of porn’s great butt sluts. While she gets her buns nailed, the other two girls play with each other. (A good reason for three chicks in bed as opposed to two.) Phyllisha goes wild with a dick in her skinny ass, stopping only to suck it clean. No anal for Temptress, but she takes her share of the facial at the end.
Since I wasn’t in charge of picking the scenes, I don’t know if I would call this the actual best of the series, but it comes pretty close. I like the new scene with Claudia Adkins a lot. This is a woman who just smokes in her scenes. Heaven and Dominique kind of make their two on one scenes unfair to the other girls, but that could be personal bias showing through. The final three on one is easily one of the best scenes from this series. Elle and Phyllisha are perfect sluts and rub off on Temptress in this final nutbuster. Also at the end is the a little preview of a hot video virgin who will be nailed in Tyce’s next series.

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