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www.ThisGirlSucks.comOVERALL RATING: 2+

126 Mins


Ed Powers/ 4 Play

THEMES: New Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kristina Black, Venus, Cherry Rain, Petite, Ed Powers


In my years of reviewing porn, I’ve covered movies by just about every director in porn. From the big guns to one timers who went back to cleaning toilets after lensing single flicks, I’ve covered them all. In that time, most of you agree (based on your email) that one director has been underrepresented, Ed Powers. I’ve always stated that Ed is a pioneer in the adult business. His Dirty Debs series quite literally changed the face of porn as we know it. No one can ever take that away from him. However, in the years I’ve been reviewing videos, I have screened but a handful of Powers flicks. Why? Well, he doesn’t send screeners for starters. It’s a little tough to justify going out and buying a movie to review it when other companies take the time to send stuff. Of course, I don’t go out of my way to buy or rent Ed’s stuff because I really don’t like them very much. (Probably the reason he doesn’t send screeners in the first place.) While once fresh, Ed is mired in the same rut he’s been in for nearly a decade. So why this tape? Well, it’s been a while and I do want to keep up on as many directors as possible. Besides, I like Kristina Black quite a bit so maybe I’ll find something to like. (Though don’t hold your breath, I doubt I’ll be invited onto Ed’s radio show or put on his screener list any time soon.)

Venus is a very pretty brunette who has been in Ed’s movies before apparently. The video camera rolls as she poses for still shots and answers some basic questions. While this is decent eye candy, it’s pretty low on the sexual heat meter. Cherry Rain comes in and starts kissing Venus. The shaky camera work that made the first Deb movies so different just seems amateurish now. With such high quality babes, maybe Ed should lens things a little more carefully. (Or more likely, he should stop intentionally making them look amateurish.) Both girls are fairly cute and the camera work does settle down as the scene progresses. However, the action between these two girls is a few degrees short of room temperature. Even when they break out the strap on, things never really get going. Besides, the shaky camera comes back as Cherry gets fucked from behind by Venus. They do a little (and I mean tiny) toy assisted DP, but to be honest, this one has already been doomed to mediocrity, worth a look only if you like very low energy, amateurish veggie scenes with questionable camerawork. I don’t know if Ed just shoots two hours of raw footage for each scene, or if he just doesn’t believe in editing, but this first scene lasts just about forty seven minutes and it feels a lot longer than that.

Kristina Black is beautiful to look at, but it’s really hard to hear her interview. It sounds like Ed is a long way from the camera, shooting stills, letting the on camera mike pick it up. It gets better as he gets closer to the camera, telling the story of another producer who tried to hijack her first boy/girl scene. After some nervous posing, during which her eyes never leave her own image on an off screen monitor, Kristina giggles her way through a longer interview. Ed hands her a vibrator then starts sucking her tits. While Ed is going down on Kristina, we get a long shot from the stationary camera that shows us the back of his head, or a tight shot from a camera that can’t quite seem to stay in focus. When they switch places, the long shot shows our cute young thing stretched across his lap, sucking his dick. Ed, buddy, if a chick showed up to one of your shoots with a bush like you’ve got, you would send her right to the groomer. Please, someone hire a landscaping team to whack down that edge. After a few minutes, his dick gets hard, though even at full mast, Kristina takes it without much effort. When Ed starts pumping and puffing away, she looks about as interested as a toll collector after a fourteen hour shift. Ed manages to get some noise from her just before he shoots a load from his tiny cock onto her face. I don’t know Kristina feels post Ed, but if she’s half as glad as I am that this scene is over, then she was out the door five seconds after the camera cut.

Petite is a real find and I have to hand it to Ed for bringing this ultra cute blonde babe into smut. The interview runs a little long, but gives this English tart a chance to show that she’s more comfortable in front of the camera than a lot of the chicks are. Using a vibrator that is just about the same size as Ed’s dick, Petite gets her fairly hairy slit nice and juicy. You have to love this girl’s small, natural, perky tits as well as the ease she shows getting off in front of the camera. Not one to let a young pussy be so alone, Ed goes down on her, licking up whatever juices she has built up on her own. She keeps playing with the toy as her lips slip over the head and to the base of Ed’s little friend. Like the last scene, this one starts off with some doggy style fucking. Petite looks back into the camera which is a nice touch even if the handheld action gets a little rocky. During the missionary fucking, Ed has to alter his position so as not to totally cover this tiny little fuck rocket. Ed finally shoots onto her face, watching as the sexy little chick licks up every drop.

Cherry comes back to fuck Petite and then we get a final blowjob to round out the better than two hours of action on this tape. There is a nasty little cream pie at the end, but I’ve already started writing this close. What can I say, this movie has all of the usual things Ed Powers is known for. The girls are new, pretty damn cute and fuck like they’ve never fucked in front of a camera before. My feelings about Ed haven’t changed after seeing this new movie. He was once on the cutting edge, responsible (at least partially) for a revolution in porn that spawned the sort of gonzo and pro-am tapes that dominate the landscape today. After a decade in front of the camera, Ed’s act has worn thin. His jokes still aren’t funny, he’s still impossible to look at and worst of all, he still doesn’t get the fact that he’s not a star. Porn is about the women and as long as he ignores that simple fact, his movies will continue to lag behind pioneers turned great smut makers like Stagliano, Leslie, Butts, Byron and Chris Alexander.

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