Paige Shagwell Undercover Lap Dancer


110 Mins
THEMES: Strippers
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Pagie Shagwell, Gina Lynn, Azreal Archer, Mariah Masters, Jessica Ryder, Joe Shagwell, Angelo, Travis

Pagie Shagwell may very well be the best looking contract girl no one has ever heard of. Pleasure snagged this babe up and has her on in a movie with her name on it, but if you don’t get AVN, there is a good chance you may have missed this chick. To try and push her forward a bit, they have here staring in the latest Jim Gunn feature. While best known for his veggie-flicks, Gunn also has a thing for strippers, making Pagie’s title character a natural fit. The question no is whether or not Paige can fuck on film and carry the massive dialog and complex character layers required of a private investigator who has to go undercover as a stripper.
Paige has her own business and things are booming. She and her husband are just settling in for a week of rest when she gets a call. The new assignment takes her into a strip club to uncover a prostitution ring run by one of the girls. Using the little bit of time they have before the job, Mr. Shagwell wants to see his wife’s moves. He also wants to taste her pussy. Pagie actually looks better on video than she does on the box cover, with long legs, a sweet slit, great tits and a face that is fresh, pretty and especially attractive when her mouth is open wide for a hard cock. She could use a little deeper action, but makes up for it with a lot of hand motion. Her head gets the job done just fine and Mr. Shagwell lets her sit right down in his lap. I prefer the shots as she bends over the table, showing us a very shapely ass. I just hope whoever sits at that table next realizes that all that extra Alfredo sauce isn’t from the pasta. To cap off a nice opening scene, she takes a little load right into her mouth.
They hit the club, with Mr. Shag posing as a DJ and Paige getting comfortable in the locker room. Gina Lynn is running the prostitution ring and she sees potential in Paige right away. Keeping with the theme, we watch as Gina, the feature of the club, does her routine. Stripping makes for a nice big of foreplay as Paige slithers up on stage and starts munching Gina’s muffin. This scene combines two of Gunn’s passions, lesbian sex and dancers and consequently, it’s a very strong scene. If you’ve got to watch a lesbian scene, it’s pretty nice to see two such wonderfully leggy chicks doing what they clearly love to do. Their two headed dildo show gets the audience going and Pagie finishes things off with a nice toy fucking of sexy Gina and by taking that same toy up her own ass.
After the girls finish, Gina pulls one lucky guy into the back for a very private lap dance. Paige brings a customer as well and we get a double does of dick stiffening action. Gina’s guy gets more than he paid for when she whips out his cock and starts sucking on it. (Actually, I’m sure that’s exactly what he paid for.) A little more blowjob would be nice, but Gina is anxious to get him into her pussy. She uses her great flexibility to add a lot of the heat to this scene. He shoots all over her face just before the owner comes back and breaks up their little party. Gina is fired immediately, and Paige has cracked the case.
There is more to the little prostitution ring, so Paige digs deeper giving us more opportunity to check her out. When she invites Jessica and Mariah over for a swim, we get three very hot bikini chicks relaxing in the pool. Paige steps aside and watches as the other two girls get to know each other better. Yes, it’s another lesbian scene, but there girls are pretty cute as well. Natural tits, nice faces and not too much ink on their lovely skin. Nice toy action and for those of who love sex in water, this one has some bonus eye candy as the girls get it on half in and half out of the pool. Both girls are quite fond of finger action and Gunn hangs back, not overwhelming us with too many monster close ups, instead giving us a nice view of their delicious bods.
One of the other girls from the club, Azreal Archer, goes to a yacht to do a special show for the rich dude on the boat. This chick really turns my crank in a big way. There is something about this blonde that makes me want to pack her up and take her home. The guy lets her straddle his face and really takes a long time sucking and fingering her pierced pussy. You would think the guy would be raging by the time the cute little stripper turns around, but she actually has to suck him to full mast. That just means we get to watch her suck for a long time and with this little cutie, that’s a damn good thing. This pretty babe really gets off being slam fucked and I’d be happy to take over whenever her man gets tired. The scene closes with a great facial. I want more Azreal right away.
With the case closed, Paige and her man are back at the office. There is just enough time for a final fuck between these two horny people. Paige slithers out of her tight pants and plants a big wet one on her man’s lips. In turn, he plants his wet tongue between her shaved lips. When she’s going down on him, we could use a little more eye contact or at the very least, Pagie could have cheated for the camera a little bit more. All of that takes a back seat when she spreads her long legs for a little desktop drilling. After a quick, hard fuck on the couch, Paige jerks a load from his cock onto her lips.
The story isn’t complicated and it’s not supposed to be. What it does, is gives us a reason to be in a strip club (As if we need a reason) and sets up the hot dance numbers. Hotter than the dancing is the fucking of Paige and Gina Lyn. They both look great and turn in great performances. Azreal Archer is definitely on my list of chicks to watch. I loved her scene. Back to the dancing for a minute. I liked the way Gunn used stripping to build up to a couple of sex scenes, it makes for great porn foreplay. For my taste, one g/g scene too many, though both of them have some heat. Paige looks better on film than on the box cover, so pick it up, I think you’ll be glad.

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