Slap Happy 4




104 Mins

DIRECTOR: Alek James Hidell


THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials, Slapping, Spitting, Puking




STARS: Stacey, Michele, Buffy, Samantha, Kyla, Becky, Phoenix, Kertia, Brittany


Somehow I missed Slap Happy 3 (It’s here somewhere, I know it.) but don’t worry, we get a recap of the toilet bowl action at the start of this one. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this line, be warned, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like watching women get slapped, choked and gagged, then you probably want to look elsewhere. I have to watch it for you, so you can enjoy the review while I wonder how much it takes to get some people off these days.

Brandon starts by reading the First Amendment, then have blonde Stacey begging him to be her Valentine. After a couple of soft slaps, she starts sucking. With pretty eyes and a very submissive way of worshipping dick, this chick is pretty appealing. I can do without Brandon doing the dirty talking, but it really is mild enough in this scene to make the action pretty hot. He has her stick her ample ass up in the air and tries to fuck her. It’s tough going and Brandon isn’t too pleased. (The screen goes black so we can strike her out in print.) Hey, she’s tight and she’s not turned on, try some lube. For the close, we get a lot of gagging and then a nice shot all around and in her open mouth. Not a bad scene and not nearly as violent as we’re used to.

Samantha Stylle has long been one of my favorite performers, so I’ll watch her do anything. Because she can take just about anything, Brandon gets right from the beginning, trying to choke her with his dick. Of course, she can take it to the root with not a lot of problems so we some great deep oral action. Sadly a great blowjob scene turns ugly when she launches a mouth full of puke to the floor. After that, it’s hard to get excited even over a great facial and cum eating climax from this super sexy babe.

Brittany takes a lot of shit before finally calling for it to end. Brandon is very good about letting her call the shots at the end, but I just hate the idea of watching a scene where the girl really does hate it. At least we get to see that the girls are treated well when they are unable to finish the scenes.

Brandon starts out the scene with Phoenix explaining how he shoots Slap Happy Lite scenes. That means not real beating and we just see an eighteen year old cutie sucking dick. Nothing wrong with that in my book, though some of the core fans of the series may be wondering when he’s going to turn her face into a speed bag. She shows her butt, though never does get fucked. Brandon drops his typically copious load all over her smiling face. This is a kinder, gentler Hidell, but Phoenix is quite sexy.

Buffy is another girl I’d just love to bone. When she begs to suck cock, it’s a beautiful thing. She is the kind of girl who I’m sure looks great walking down the street, but is especially fetching when she’s on her knees with a big dick in her mouth. When she looks up into the camera, the eye contact is very hot. To top it off, she holds her mouth open for a big shot on her tongue. Very tame, but damn hot.

Others getting the Valentine’s Day violent treatment include Michele, Kyla, Kertia and Brittany. (Plus some chicks who aren’t credited on the box.) This isn’t nearly as brutal as some of the earlier volumes. That doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, it makes this a better blowjob vid in my book. However, I know that a lot of you liked the old Slap Happy stuff, so you may be disappointed with the kinder, gentler SH. Samantha Stylle gives the best scene, even if it’s a bit rough for my taste and even has the super hot brunette puking. Still not my idea of a great blowjob movie, this Slap Happy movie won’t thrill the core audience either.

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