Sorority Sex Kittens 5


110 Mins
DIRECTOR: Jim Holliday
THEMES: Lesbian Sex,
STARS: Sindee Cox, Chrissy Sparks, Allysin, Chaynes, Envy, Jeannie Rivers, TJ Hart, Barrett Moore, Phoenix Haight, Carolyn Monroe, Nikki Charm, Olivia, Bunny Luv, Dian DeVoe, Keri Windsor, Sydnee Steele, Tina Cheri, Sunnie Paradise, Felecia, Shayla La Veaux, Tanya Danielle, Bionca, Tiffany Mynx, Steve Hatcher, Evan Stone, Devin Wolf
I was actually just talking with some friends about Jim Holliday movies. We all agreed that when it comes to picture quality, he is in a class by himself. We couldn’t come to consensus as to how good he is at making great porn. The best case for Holliday’s skills came from someone who is quite fond of the veggie love. He pointed out that Holliday uses women who clearly love other women and that adds a lot to his work. Another person spoke up, pointing out that his work is not exactly strokeable for the average porn hound. I see points of view and have always had mixed feelings about Holliday flicks. Without question, he makes movies for people who like watching a whole lot of porn vets get it on with other vets. As for the story in this movie, it follows the sapphic sorority lines that he’s used in a number of other movies. Don’t worry too much about the plot, you’ll just give yourself a headache. Instead, enjoy this for what it is and feel free to join us for discussion afterwards.
We start with Steve Hatcher saying goodbye to his girlfriends, Phoenix Haight (Vivian Valentine and why the fuck would she change her name to that?) The long time do anything girl, does a few seconds worth of cocksucking before having her ass licked then fucked by Steve. She’s leaving him for a sorority house full of chicks, what does that tell you about his ass fucking skills? Actually, he gives her upturned butt a serious workout, fucking her raw. For those of you who like the action up close and personal, this all anal bang fest has plenty to enjoy. Of course, as soon as Hatch pulls out and shoots on her face, we cut to the credits. (Linger dammit, it won’t fucking kill you.)
Vivian has uncovered the secret connection between this sorority of lesbians and every powerful organization on the planet. (Holliday a close conspiracy nut? Hmmm.) The action gives way to our first veggie scene between Shayla La Veaux and Sindee Coxx. These are the kind of women my friend was talking about, experienced women who really love getting it on with other chicks. If that’s your criteria for a great scene, then you get it, with plenty of toys and asshole licking. (Shayla really does have a great fucking ass.)
Devin Wolf fits right in with this cast of bleached blondes. He joins Tiffany Mynx on the bed for a little bit of inane dialog before they fuck. Devin starts by sucking her toes and that gets Tiffany ready to rock in a big way. From toes to asshole, he licks her most intimate crevices. Speaking of oral talents, Tiffany is one of the very best on screen cocksuckers of all time. She stares up into the camera and gives him a fantastic blowjob. As with the first scene, the blowjob is criminally short, but he’s happy to be fucking Mynx from behind. Getting to the ass, Devin plugs that famous anus. Tiffany gets a look on her face that’s priceless. The harder he bangs her butt, the closer her head comes to spinning off. His dick actually looks only half hard when he pulls it out, but Devin manages to squirt out a thick load onto her face. I know it’s early, but I’m betting this is the going to be the sexual highlight of the whole movie.
Following this well shot sex scene we get several fetish minutes where the girls lie around winking their assholes and wiggling their toes. Making matters worse, the voice over dialog is atrocious during this segment. Vivian is back, taking on Evan Stone. Her body sure is tight, from those tiny tits to her snug asshole. Like all the boy/girl scenes in this movie, we are long on ass and pussy licking with a painfully short blowjob. At least she has good energy, making it fun to watch her fuck. Nice cowgirl and reverse cowgirl as Vivian shows off her toned legs as she squat fucks his stiff prick. After a solid assfuck, Evan shots a good load all over her face. Viv is carrying most of the sexual weight in this movie and she’s doing well.
Before we get to the big initiation scene, Envy hits the sack with veggie girl Keri Windsor. There is a lot of foot action at the start, with Envy licking and sucking from her heels to her toes. Keri loves pussy and sucks on Envy’s folds like she’s trying to tear them off. They break out the toys near the end and do plenty of butthole licking before finishing with a strap on fuck.
The initiation is great if you happen to like looking at room full of women sitting around in t shirts and panties. They eventually lose the panties and some of them go in to service Evan. Envy and Vivian are joined by three C level chicks for a little five on one action that gives us the only blowjob of the movie that lasts more than a few seconds. I take back that C level comment though. Dina Devore is a very nice looking black girl who really loves sucking dick. Tina Cherry and Barrett Moore are the other two, so I’ll leave them alone. Dina does a nice job riding cock, showing off near perfect breasts and an inviting pussy. Vivian steals the show again with her squat fucking though. This chick must have been a catcher on her high school softball team. He ends up shooting into their hands for a pretty lame popshot.
Now for the moment we knew was coming, the big final lesbian orgy. Joining the rest of the cast is worn out, Holliday favorite Felecia. Mynx is in the mix, so is Shayla, but to be perfectly honest, the movie is over for me. Lots of close up shots of pussies and asses being licked, the mandatory guest shots by Sydnee Stele, Bionca and TJ Hart, even a few vibrators near the end. What really doesn’t work about these scenes for me is the fact that there is so much going on, so many quick cut, tight shots, that there is no time to really enjoy any of it.
I have given up trying to figure out exactly what Holliday is trying to say in this series. I’m sure the massive global conspiracy stuff makes perfect sense in his own head and that’s all that really matters. What matters to most viewers is the sex and that’s where the problems start. I’ve already talked about how incredible the picture quality on this video is. (If I got VCA DVDs, I’m sure it would be even better.) That only makes it more frustrating to see this incredible technical quality paired with such lackluster action. Does Holliday have something against blowjobs? The lack of quality BJs kind of ruins a lot of the boy/girl scenes. Only one actually stands out. Tiffany Mynx manages to steal the show, lapping the field with her scene with Devin. As usual, there is a huge lesbian orgy at the end and a lot of focus on feet, toes and assholes. That said, if you like any of these three things, you will clearly enjoy the movie more than I did. I would just love to see what another director could do with this kind of technical quality. More scenes with Mynx and less asshole winking, over the hill lesbian orgies would have helped a lot.

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