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THEMES: All-Girl, Eye Candy




STARS: Serenity, Felecia, Stephanie Swift, Devinn Lane, Temptress, Kylie Ireland, Shay Sweet, Holly Hollywood, Miko Lee, Jezelelle Bond.


This is the latest Serenity movie, so naturally it caught my eye. It’s also the first movie directed by Red Ezra, so I was curious to check out his work. It’s an all-girl movie, and an eye candy piece. As such, the cast is well picked. There are some very enthusiastic veggie lovers as well as some very beautiful babes. For the story, we have Serenity playing a budding photographer intent on breaking sterotypes. We watch as she shoots models, fantasizes and joins in the fun. Sounds pretty simple to me, now we get to see how Ezra handles this kind of movie.

Her first subject is Felecia. Most of you know I just don’t find her all that attractive, so the eye candy factor is not as high for me as it will be for many of you. She poses, showing off her body and looking about as lovely as I have ever seen her. Posing becomes fingering and a rather hot solo scene ensues. Felecia makes good eye contact with camera and isn’t just going through the motions. Eventually, she replaces her fingers with a dildo and fucks her juiced up slit. I have to say, I kind of liked this scene, certainly more than I thought I would.

Since she was a model first, Serenity has a unique perspective on her new craft. That leads us into a little leather duet between Temptress and Kylie Ireland. Their photo session is really well shot and great eye candy pre-scene footage. Serenity joins the picture as the scene begins, looking stunning in her fetish get up. The three babes start doing each other, using glove encased fingers to explore deeply. I dig the black tape, boots and strap ons the girls all wear, and even though this isn’t my kind of scene, the editing beteen color and black and white is very well done. During the sex, I wish we hadn’t gone back and forth between color and black and white, but that’s just my personal taste. Watching Serenity fucked with a strap on through the chain link fence is easily the sexual highlight of the movie so far.

Serenity has the next model as well. This time it’s fellow Wicked Girl Devinn who hooks up with S. Ceertainly high on the eye candy scale, this pairing of beautiful women is bound to have pretty lesbian enthusiasts creaming at the very thought. Taking advantage of his pretty stars, Ezra shoots this scene from angles that emphasize their great looks. It’s got some sexual heat thanks to some great finger work by Serenity and guys who like stockings will get a charge out of this one. Personally, I like the mutual dildo action, but I wish someone had called me. I mean, those are cool looking dildos, but if Serentiy and Devinn really need something in their pussies, I’m sure I could have helped out.

Serenity loans her digital camera to a couple of model friends when they go to New York. The shots they left in the camera make her imagination run wild and we get Stephanie Swift enjoying a little down time with Jezzabelle. Steph is looking very cute here as she poses for her gal pal. Again, the black and white footage kind of dampens the sexual heat, but damn Ms. Swift looks good in her little white undies. Jezz really gets down for some serious licking and four finger fucking. A little bit of candlewax and the asses and we’ve got another hot looking veggie scene.

When I review an all girl movie I like to see two girls I really like get it on together, so Serenity with Miko Less is a combination I can really get behind. Miko is the DJ who watche s while Serenity Dances with Felecia. Given her dance background, I’m surprised more directors haven’t turned Serenity loose this way. Again, we know Felecia doesn’t turn my crank, but this is a very hot two girl dance number that has them both stripping down. By the time Serenity starts fingering her friend, Miko has to come out from behind her turntable to get in on the action. Felecia is still around, but I’m too busy watching Miko munch out between Serenity’s perfect thighs. This is another very pretty scene, but all three women are very into each other and the dildo play is quite hot.

Shay Sweet and Holly Hollywood close things out on a western shoot. The cute little cowgirls pose for a while before getting down to business. Shay is looking pretty cute and she certainly dives right into her assigament. I love the outfits they have on, and dildos in holsters is pretty fresh. After Holly finger fucks Shay, she licks her hand clean then joins her blonde friend for some double dildo action. I love the shots of them backing their asses up against each other for a little mutual toy fun.

The things I don’t dig about this movie come from personal taste. All girl movies don’t do much for me and I’ve never been a big fan of the sexual heat offered by MTV style porn. However, this is a good looking cast where all the women seem to really enjoy what they’re doing. All of the scenes with Serenity are quite hot, especially the scenes with Temptress and Miko. Even the Felecia scene has some heat to it. Not exactly the kind of movie I was hoping for, but a visually impressive debut that should be the first of many high quality smut flicks from Ezra.


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