Wild Honey




98 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer


THEMES: Rich Girls, Blondes

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Sunset Thomas, Paige Sainclaire, Shawna Sexton, Tera Patrick (On Box, not in this one), Allysin Chaynes, Maren (On Box, not in this one), Zack Thomas, Mickey G, Backi, Chris Cannon and Randy Spears


OK, which do I focus on in the intro. The fact that Nic Cramer directed this movie and it’s supposed to be the first part of a trilogy? The fact that new Pleasure contract babe Sunset Thomas is here and is one of my all time faves? That Tera Patrick is in the cast? Any one of these three things would be enough to make me want to see the movie. It would be easy to get excited about a movie that has these two lovely ladies leading the cast and one of porn’s finest feature directors at the helm. Instead of putting that kind of pressure on Wild Honey, I’m just going to shut up and hope that Sunset, Tera and Allysin all get nicely poked in the next ninety minutes or so.

We start right out with Sunset getting up close and personal with a very lucky fellow. He moves right down her body to the tight little treasure between her legs. This gets her very hot and ready to fuck, but first that pretty face has to get right down to business. I have long said that Sunset gives some of the best on screen head in the business. Her technique looks damn good and a face this pretty is just such perfect blowjob eye candy that you can’t help but want to spooge all over it. (How many people, in their professions can say ‘she has a face I want to just shoot loads all over’ and have it be considered a compliment?) With her pussy and his cock now all oiled up with spit, it’s time to toss the sexy blonde down and start slam fucking that juicy slit. I love the reverse cowgirl shots, showing off her strong thighs and totally bald slit. After this great looking bit, she rolls over onto her hands and knees to take it right up that tiny ass. Sunset has changed a lot since her early hot assed amateur days, but she has never lost her enthusiasm for hard, nasty sex right up her little butt. She helps him jerk off onto her pussy, then licks his cum from her fingers.

Poor Sunset is unhappy with her life. Her husband likes all the wild sexual stuff, like bringing chicks home from an escort service, but she isn’t into it. Shawna Sexton is the young hooker and she is happy to show Zack her goodies. After he eats her for a while, Shawna gives him a very sexy little dance. (Some POV shots would have been great here.) The dance only gets him half hard, so she has to suck him the rest of the way up. There are some decent POV shots here, but it’s just not the same without Sunset. When she gets up and starts riding, it looks like this somewhat thick in the middle babe has actual real breasts. Hard to believe, I know. Shawna is a pretty energetic fuck and her tits look really good as she gets slammed from behind. Zack ends up shooting near her face, actually hitting her with some of his spooge.

Why is Sunset upset? Because Zack is actually her step father and her rich mother has left them both quite rich. As she pours her heart out to fellow party girl Paige Sainclaire, Sunset gets no support. Maybe Paige is too busy thinking about the cock she’s about to suck. Kyle Stone says about three words before the sexy brunette is shedding her clothes. This babe is on my list of chicks to watch, so I’m more than happy to see those shorts come off and her long, lean body get bend over the couch for a little light spanking. Kyle looks like he nearly blows a load the second she gets her mouth around his cock. (Paige did say that she gives awesome head in our recent interview.) Great eye contact as she goes down and works some mouth magic on Kyle’s lucky shaft. She stands and peels off her panties, exposing her pussy for some down and dirty labe licking. Her beautiful, long legs spread nicely and Kyle gets to slam his young friend. Paige is an all over cutie, but it’s hard to not pick her legs as her most outstanding feature. At least until he unloads on that pretty face. Nice, high energy scene thanks to future star Paige.

Allysin Chaynes comes looking for a little action and isn’t disappointed when she finds Mickey G in the back yard. He is all over this pretty young thing, sucking on her pert nipples and trying to drive her crazy with his fingers. This scene is nicely lit when you consider it’s a dark backyard they are fucking. (Or it’s supposed to look that way.) Great feature lighting, but it’s not the best for just pure sex shooting. On the other hand, it would take a lot more shadows than this to fuck up an Allysin blowjob. She always has that hungry for approval look in her eyes as she sucks hose. Damn that’s hot. As she gets up to slide her pussy over his cock, that look is still on her face. This is a woman who is going to look like a college freshman even after she hits thirty. After bending her over for a nice quick boff, Mickey shoots all over her tiny tits.

It’s time for Sunset to get back into the action. Michael J. Cox starts kissing her thighs and she just can’t help but let him work his way ever higher. Is it me, or is that smooth slit just one tasty looking treat? I’d spend a few weeks down there myself. Of course, if she was willing to put those pretty lips around my pecker, I’d be up there just like Mike is, getting some awesome Texas cutie head. I love the way she jerks his cock down into her mouth, like she’s trying to push him right over the edge. Instead, he gets down between her thighs to fuck her perfect body. (Strong words I guess, but really she’s fucking perfect.) Sunset gets on her hands and knees, showing off some ass while still taking it deep into her tight love taco. We cut to a shot of her rubbing her pussy, that could be a preparation for anal, but Mike is jerking off over her face, finally firing onto her tits.

The movie kind of ends with a cliffhanger, but I guess that’s because it’s the first part of a three part vid. Also, the box says Tera is here, but not in this episode, so I’ve made the notation at the top. This is a pretty simple five scene movie with a bit of a plot. I guess Cramer decided that there was enough story to stretch out and I’m always fine with something like that. Sunset has two scenes and both are good, as you would expect. Shawna and Allysin also turn in good boffs, but the hidden gem here is Paige. This leggy girl is super cute and loves to suck. If you want to catch something new, then check her out. For years, Nic Cramer did huge productions and it’s nice to see that he has kept his fine eye and worked on shooting even hotter sex scenes as he scales down his projects a bit. This one is worth a look and makes me want to see part two.

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