Bring ‘um Young 3




140 Mins.


THEMES: Young Girls, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex,




STARS: Scotti Andrews, Paige LaSalle, Aurora Snow, Stephanie Athena, Elizabeth Terlato, Blazer, Lexington Steele, Bobby Vitale, Erik Everhard, Mickey G, Roland


In the world of teen themed videos, the list of tried and true gimmicks is a mile long. There are pigtails, plaid skirts, step fathers, lollipops, pom poms, teddy bears and roller blades. All of these can be used to make us forget reality and turn a twenty something year old stripper into a fresh, barely legal high school prom queen. Never a company to follow the set standards, Anabolic tried something a little different when they decided to throw their hat into the teen ring. What gimmick did they use to get the point across? They used actual eighteen and nineteen year old girls and have them dress like normal human beings instead of retarded pre-teen fashion victims. To quote an old bumper sticker, reality what a concept.

Scotti Andrews is the first teen to step up and be seen. At nineteen years, eight months, she is almost out of her teen years, but tits like those are going to get this brunette plenty of gigs even in her post twenty career twilight. We don’t find out exactly where she’s from but that accent sounds Scottish or Irish. Either way, she’s in the US now and ready to have her teen tits, twat and tush introduced to the best American porn meat on the market. Two guys are brought in and Scotti doesn’t have to be asked twice to take one in her mouth. She could use a little more trimming down south of the belt line. In fact, someone should probably get this babe a damn weed hacker. As she starts riding Vince’s cock, much of the thick bush is covered by her panties, This babe has a big round ass to go with her huge rack, but if she keeps fucking with this much enthusiasm, she’s going to burn off plenty of calories. Before she ever gets a dick up her ass, the guys have slapped it to a bright pink. Finally, those cheeks get spread so that Vince can slip his meat right up her back door. Once she settles in on the couch, Scotti takes it up the ass with no problem at all. It looks like some lads from UK have been enjoying those boobs and that bum from quite some time. Since she’s come all this way, the guys figure they should at least DP her ample lower half, giving Scotti enough cock for any woman. You have to love the she gets her hips going, grinding between the two guys as they pound away at her. The guys deliver a pair of shots right into her mouth and watch as Scotti swallows the jizz. About the only thing missing from this scene is a little more hot talk from this busty import.

Blazer is a nineteen year old blonde who seems quite at home with Lexington Steele’s monster meat in her mouth. (She should, they are romantically linked off screen.) As she strokes and sucks his stiff rod, Blazer is sure to get lots of spit on that bad boy. Hey, if she’s going to have to ride it, it might as well be lubed up nicely. Startling slowly, she lowers her pussy down onto his shaft, building up speed until her whole body is bouncing up and down in his lap. The real life heat of this scene translates well to the screen, as Blazer rides Lex until she’s sweating and just about worn out. Fear not, blonde teen babe, just like back and let Lex do his thing, drilling all eleven inches into her firm young body. Very nice shots as they move into doggy at the back of the couch, with the camera shooting her firm thighs and pussy as Lex slides all the way in from behind. With sweat covering her lovely body, Blazer puts both hands and her mouth to work in order to bring a big load of cream from Lex’s cock right into her mouth. She holds it there long enough for us to see that this was a genuine pop in the mouth.

Elizabeth is a nineteen year old blonde with a super cool short haircut and a firm little body just begging to be banged. With just her name and age as an intro, this babe is already hard at work on a nice hard cock. You have to like the way she just gets right into things, taking the shaft as deep as she can and making sure to look up into the camera from time to time. If anyone knows where I can get in touch with this girl, I really want her to suck my….I’m sorry, I really want to interview her. She is lifted onto a hard cock and her light frame is rocked rather roughly. It doesn’t bother her at all, in fact she seems to really like it deep. A nearby bench is the perfect height for the guy to stand and fuck her prone body from behind. Since Elizabeth seems to like it hard and deep, she’s a natural for anal, but that will have to wait for another scene apparently. Great shots during the spoon, letting us see the action and gives us a nice peek at her long legs. Her pretty face would be a great sperm target, but it all ends up in mouth. That doesn’t go over too well, because she sort of coughs it out.

Paige LaSalle is a nineteen year old girl who looks great from straight on. Her nose makes the profile a little less stunning. Don’t get me wrong, this babe is still a smoking exotic honey who isn’t afraid to get busy with a couple of ready studs. Nice eye contact as she sucks hard on one dick. She other guy is down below her pussy getting her ready. He slides up under, letting her drop her pussy down onto his rod. That puts her pretty tits on display and leaves her mouth open for more fun. Moving into the bedroom, they find it much easier to move around her body, filling her at both ends with hard dick. Her pussy is all shaved and quite wet as she gets pounded into the mattress. Paige has a great body and good energy, keeping the scene hot as she moves through her scene, finally holding her mouth open for two loads in her mouth that she happily swallows.

Stephanie Athena must have run right out when she turned eighteen to get that tat on her shoulder. I would venture to guess that her cocksucking skills came even earlier than that. The guy she’s sucking is pretty small, but the little brunette seems to know what he likes. Compared to the other girls Stephanie is pretty average looking and really not at all enthusiastic about what she’s doing. It takes her until the scene is half over before she even starts making a little bit of noise. I understand that new girls can’t always come out of the box like seasoned porn sluts, but when you’re in a movie with the kind of hotties in this one, you have to do better than this. She does take it in the ass (For what seems like forever) and swallows, so maybe there is hope for this chick yet.

Aurora Snow is the last girl and she is one of the most stunning young things you will see this year. As if to emphasize this point, they have three guys waiting for this pretty girl to use her teen mouth on their seasoned porn salamis. The pretty teen sucks her way down the row, giving us a treat for the eyes at the same time she works them all to full attention. Since she’s down on her knees, it makes it easy for a cock to slip up inside of her from behind while she keeps doing her oral duty. It isn’t every day a girl this cute comes into the business ready to fuck and fuck as many cocks as she can stick into her hungry holes. Personally, any girl who sucks cock with this much enthusiasm is going to rocket to the top of my hot rookie list. While lying on her side, Aurora has one leg up on Bobby Vitale’s shoulder while she greedily sucks the other two cocks. Not every girl can have two big cocks in her face, another in her pussy and still look fresh as the prettiest new pledge at the local sorority. After her pretty pussy gets fucked long and hard, Aurora holds her tongue out for the first load. It goes down like candy just in time for the second shot. After she swallows that one, a third wad gets dribbled in and gobbled down. In fact, the only load that this super cute little babe doesn’t swallow is the one I’ve got here. (Anytime you want to fix that Aurora, you know where to find me.)

This is another fine collection of genuine teens from Jon Dough and Anabolic. Dough and Mike John man the cameras, giving us the kind of perfectly shot sex we have come to expect. Obviously, Aurora impressed me the most and I’m betting most of you are going to find this fresh faced, natural babe as wonderfully perfect and nasty as I do. Scotti is going to thrill all of you big tit lovers and I’ll bet some serious bank that she shows up in the Nice Rack series as well. Blazer’s scene with Lex is pretty fucking awesome as well. This chick takes every inch and loves it. Blonde Elizabeth has made my list of chicks to watch as well. Paige and Stephanie would be quite impressive in a less spectacular cast, but are the weak links in this very strong chain.

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