Wild Honey 2




90 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer


THEMES: Cheating

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Sunset Thomas, Gwen Summers, Paige Sainlaire (Non Sex), Allysin Chaynes (Not in this One), Mauren Beautte, Tera Patrick, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Mickey G, Bacci, Alec Metro, Kyle Stone and Zach Adams.


I just finished reviewing part one of this movie and was left with a strange feeling because Tera Patrick was listed on the box, but not in the movie. Another review of the same movie had Kiki D’Aire listed on the box, but not in the movie. What I hope we get this time, is the actual cast that is listed. Other than that little snag, part one of Wild Honey was a nice, lightly plotted smut flick with some very hot sex thanks to lead Sunset Thomas and the up and coming Paige Sainclaire. Sunset plays a woman with a lot of money and some very kinky friends who is terribly upset with her life. She’s got a twisted relationship with her stepfather and most of her friends. There are some side plots going on as well, but as long as director Nic Cramer throws Sunset in front of some cock a couple times in the movie, all that can be forgotten. If we actually get Tera in this one as well, then we’ve got even more reason to end this open and get to the action.

We open with Randy Spears finding Sunset wrapped in a trash bag in the surf. (At the end of part one, he found her lying on the sand with no trash bag.) Sunset makes a fast recovery, but confides in galpal Gwen Summers that she’s in a lot of trouble. Finding out what that trouble is will have to wait because we cut to a scene between Sunset and Zach. She’s looking great in a tight little dress that Zach carefully repositions to expose her juicy parts. Though her pussy looks mouth watering as he fingers her, this whole scene has sort of an orange cast to it. They kiss for a while before Sunset takes his cock in her mouth and starts moving that pretty head up and down the shaft. She lies back on the bed, hooks a leg over his shoulder and opens up for some deep pumping. The shots of her taking it doggy are even nicer because her ass and thighs are perfectly displayed. Back to her back she goes for some anal. Great close ups here as Zach pumps deep and Sunset fingers her pussy. He misses her face with about half of his load, splitting it between her cheek and neck. There is great energy and a lot of eye candy in this scene. I just wish the lighting weren’t so orange.

We do finally get to see Tera in a scene. She walks into a room where Bacci is waiting. Apparently Tera is his girlfriend’s best friend. That means she has about three seconds of hesitation in her before letting him reach up under that little dress and remove her white panties. He lets her straddle his face, then starts licking that perfect slit. Tera really is the best looking girl to come into porn in a long time. Rarely do a face this pretty and a body this perfect (and natural) go together. It’s an even more rare treat to see one this hot get down on the business end of a hard dick. Bacci takes advantage of her beautiful mouth and those tits, fucking both with great vigor. I only wish this had gone on longer. Tera gets on top, into a reverse cowgirl and works her hips with great energy. This is a great porn position for anyone who really likes looking a woman’s body during the sex. An easier position comes when Bacci gets behind the beauty and starts slam fucking her from behind. For such a pretty girl, Tera sure can take it hard. The harder her pumps, the more she pushes back. About the only thing he doesn’t do here is slip that rod up her sweet ass. With some great hot talk leading the way, Bacci flips her over, spreads those long, spectacular legs and just lays her pussy to waste, finally pulling out and dripping onto her gorgeous face. Hot, white hot.

Gwen is busy telling Sunset some hot tales about her friends as well. That gives us a scene between the pretty little redhead and Alec Metro. He’s in control, ordering her around and Gwen plays the submissive little cutie perfectly. Wisely, instead of smacking her with his belt, Alec drops his cock into her mouth and Gwen starts sucking like a wind up blowjob toy. I always like Gwen because she can perform in any style the scene calls for. Here she is just the perfect little submissive fuck. Alec orders her around and Gwen follows his every word, providing a hot scene and a lot to look at. This petite little honey knows how to please and loves getting fucked nice and hard. The best shots of the action come in spoon where the camera can get nice and close, then pull back to show her body. (still in stockings for those of you checking.) When Alec takes her from behind, Gwen really starts squealing. She opens wide as Alex strokes himself to climax, but she has to lean forward to catch it. Fear not, the little babe will suck the last few drops right out of his cock.

Elsewhere, Chris Cannon is babbling on about pork bellies, while Maren can’t stop thinking about him fucking her. Thankfully, this is porn so we switch from his droning to her fantasy. Chris makes her take her clothes off and show that thin, tight body. Pushing her up onto the leather couch, Chris starts lapping at her labes, sliding a finger into her juicy hole. Maren can look pretty hard, but in this scene she looks quite soft and fresh. Of course, she still goes down and sucks his cock like a seasoned porn whore, which is a nice combination. Her pussy is totally shaved, making the reverse cowgirl a smooth lip lovers’ paradise. Don’t let her little body fool you, this girl loves cock and spreads wide as she drops down on his fat rod. I’m not always that fond of Maren and with this cast, it would be easy to skip this scene, but if you do, you’re missing a well shot, high energy fuck that may be one of her best looking boffs to date. Gwen walks in and sees the action just about the time Chris pulls out and shoots into her open out.

Things are a little confusing at this point because Randy brings Sunset into the bedroom knocked out. She has been whacked with a bottle, but he starts playing with her tits anyway. Oh, who cares, it’s time to watch Sunset get fucked again. He slides up between her legs and starts kissing her. This wakes Sunset up and she flips him over to get better access to the shaft throbbing in his jeans. Starting with his balls, she sucks her way up to the tip, then slides that mouth over the shaft to shift into high gear. Great eye contact during this blowjob and of course, Sunset uses her hands quite well. Randy is more than happy to repay this generous knob job with some Texas twat licking. Her lovely legs spread nicely for some hard pumping mish. (Randy’s using her ankles like handlebars.) Better for the eyes, Sunset squat fucks Randy like she’d like that cock to poke her in the lungs. You have to love a woman who is this hot to fuck. They just spin her around so he can get a nice look at her ass, which of course, gives us the perfect angle on her shaved lips. I keep waiting for him to fuck her in the ass, but Randy pulls out and shoots all over Sunset’s tits instead. Nice hand job finish here.

OK, now it must be later or earlier, because Paige and Kyle are wrapping her body and shoving Sunset out to sea. Where does this leave us for part three? Confused a bit, but more than happy to see where the sex is going. The focus in part two is still mostly on the sex. Yes, there is a plot and it’s even worth following, however the best reason to watch Wild Honey is to see the hot fucking. Sunset Thomas has two scenes in this one as well and she shines in both. I know I’ve said it many times in this review already, but Sunset really is a perfect combination of sweet, girl next door looks, with down right nasty girl sexual skills. Add Tera Patrick to the mix and we get a sex scene that is nothing short of blistering. Gwen and Maren add a couple of nice looking scenes as well. There were a few lighting issues along the way, bu
t otherwise this is a solid movie that is sexually hotter than the first volume thanks to Sunset and Tera. (And this time, she’s actually in the movie.)

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