Whack Attack 8





170 Mins. (DAMN)


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro Babes, Little People




STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Nikita Denise, Bridget Powerz, Raquel Moore, Monica, Claudia Adkins, Bridgette Kerkove and Suzanne Storm.


I was just sitting down to start this review and something struck me. In the time since he left Elegant Angel, Tom Byron has now made 8 Whack Attack movies. During that same time, his old series at ElA, Cumback Pussy has gone through at least eight different directors. (Or at least it seems like it.) There is definitely something to be said for consistency. No doubt, fans of this line already know what to expect and know that the quality is going to be excellent. Tom has developed a style that worked in the CBP movies and works just as well in Whack Attack. He hires good looking women who are enthusiastic about sex. Then he shows them off a little bit in a tease/intro. After a (sometimes too) short interview, the sex begins. As he has for a decade and a half, Tom fucks them like a champ, leaving the women stretched and creamed and more often than not, the audience drained and if their aim is off, more than a little sticky.

Tom starts out with Jewel De’Nyle. Since she just won Female Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, I guess you could say he is starting off with his strongest chick. Tom makes a few jokes about never getting to fuck the big stars, but Jewel has this attitude that is totally un-bigstar like. They make a joke about her being with Luciano, but Tom is the one who gets to bang her today. (Since Looch and Jewel are an item, is she the next Extreme Girl?) When all the talking is over, Jewel shuts up and puts her mouth to good use on Tom’s cock. Her big tits are perfect for fucking, so in between deep strokes, Jewel uses those big bags of fun to keep his shaft warm. I normally really like the way this series is shot, but too much of the blowjob is shot from under Tom’s sack so we just see the bottom of her chin. (Would some eye contact shots have killed ya?) Tom spends a lot of time focusing on her ass when he goes down on Jewel. Maybe he’s already thinking about fucking the ass of this award winning contract star. He does let her get it in the pussy first, lying back while Jewel bounces on his rod. (Hey, they actually kiss a few times, is that even legal in porn?) Of course, all that great hip movement can’t save her ass from being popped as well. Funny, it doesn’t look like Jewel minds too much. She even spins around and does a little A2M. Great shots of the RCA as Jewel lowers herself onto the pole and shoves her fingers up her pussy. (Now I see what I was missing by not getting movies from New Sensations.) Naturally, she ends up wearing a load all over her face. Another great scene.

Suzanne Storm and Bridgette Kerkove sit around talking about Lee Stone’s big cock while Luciano waits for them. After we cut to the photo session, they finally get around to attacking him. I don’t remember seeing Susanne before. She’s a thin brunette who is OK looking and not as enthusiastic as Bridgette. Since this was an issue this week, I have to mention it again. This is post implant Bridgette. More importantly to me, her hair is crimped in this one. I saw her in a Pussyman movie recently and it was softer, in a style I really liked. (Anyone know of any other scenes where her hair was like that?) The girls take turns giving head and Suzanne just really doesn’t show much. As Luciano fucks her, Suzanne just lies there, letting Bridgette hold her open. If you’re a fan of Bridgette’s, I’m sure you hate to see her take a back seat to anyone, but watching her lay back and play second fiddle to a dead fuck like this has to be torture. She does get her ass fucked at the end of the scene, including a little A2M and a gape, but if you ask me, Tommy got ripped off hiring two girls when one of them slept through the scene.

Raquel Moore is a pretty good looking brunette who says she wants to take Lee Stone’s dick in her ass. I don’t know if she knows what she’s in for, but it should be fun to see her try. Once Raquel lays her eyes on that slab of meat, she seems a bit worried, but quickly takes it into her mouth. (Note to Tommy, please stop with the strobing shit, it’s giving me a headache.) Lee is happy to get her all juiced up with his mouth, but I doubt any amount of spit can prepare that shaved little cookie for that tree trunk. Give her a lot of credit, she’s bucking up and screaming a at him. Chicks talking dirty is so fucking hot. I love it when a director gets that and has his male talent shut the fuck up. Of course, the editor using this strobe stuff needs to keep his hands on his dick and let the action just flow. After a one position vag, he slides right up her ass. No doubt this pretty girl likes to act like a filthy little anal slut. His big rod even makes the little babe’s butthole gape a bit. Putting her into a piledrive, Lee gets deep into her own ass and we get shots of those long legs and hear her as she continues to talk nasty. When he pulls out, Lee shoots cum all over her pretty face and titties. Really hot scene except for the editing deal.

Claudia Adkins is a sexy little Euro-babe with a cool haircut, real tits and a hunger for cock that makes her high on my list of chicks I want to interview. Luciano is the lucky guy who gets to go exploring the depths of Claudia’s folds today. She looks like she’s having a great time and that always adds a lot to the heat of a scene. While she rubs up against him, he has his hands full of her fine ass. Claudia reaches down and finds his cock hard in his jeans. Like a good porno dream queen, she drops down and takes it into her mouth. Some girls put it in their mouths and go to town, but she keeps popping out, playing with it and the look in her eyes is pure porn gold. Luciano gets her ready with some rough finger play that stretches Claudia a bit. The rough treatment just isn’t my speed, so I’m kind of waiting to get back to what Claudia does best. In the meantime, I can say again that the visual blurring is getting in the way. Luciano goes right for the ass, fucking her with great force and causing her eyes to roll back in her head. Damn hot stuff when we actually get to see it unfiltered. They really tear into each other, with Claudia able to take everything Looch has to dish out. It all ends with a nice shot onto her pretty face. This is a super hot porn slut who deserves a chance to shine without all the stupid camera tricks.

Luciano does a little interview with Bridget Powerz as she gets ready to take on the Icon. For those of you who don’t know, Bridget is also known as Bridget the midget and is about eye high with Tom’s rod. Tom comes in and they talk a little bit more. In his two thousand movies, Byron has only been with one other little person and Bridget seems ready to be hotter than that chick was. Her eyes light up when she sees his cock. No one is going to confuse Bridget with a Vivid girl, but she does attack dick and seem to love what she’s doing. There is also the thrill factor of watching her go to town on a full sized guy with an oversized prick. When he takes her doggy, it looks like his dick must be re-arranging her upper vertebrae, but Bridget’s little slit gets plenty wet enough for some deep stroking. She rolls over, spreads her short legs and lets Tom go up her little ass. Bridget said at the start that she won’t break and certainly shows that her butt can take a pretty serious pounding. I’m not going to say that I have ever had a thing for the little people fantasy, but if you do, Bridget loves what she does and takes dick in her ass as well as any of the other girls in this movie. She even wears a nice load on her face.

As a little bonus, we get Tom Byron playing the saxophone at the end of the movie. What I really want to know is what happened to this chick Monica from the box cover? This babe looks like one of the chicks from
that Temptation Island show and I didn’t see her in the movie? Oh, I get it, the sax stuff isn’t the end of the movie. Monica and Nikita Denise join Lee Stone on the couch for a little three way action. He’s got one Czech girl and one French chick and Lee looks like a kid in a candy store. You know what, this Monica really does look like the girl from the Fox show. This time around, two mouths do prove to be better than one as both are energetic cocksuckers. So, do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news is that both women look great working dick and sucking ass. The bad news is that once again, the editor gets heavy handed, spoiling a lot of strokebable shit. I like Nikita, but I have to say if I had to choose, I would fuck the French babe, in spite the tats on her back. Monica has a pretty face, tight body and an ass that just begs to be fucked. Lee doesn’t have to choose, so both girls get plenty of his monster cock up their cracks. Give Nikita some bonus points for licking Lee’s ass and his cock when it pops out of Monica’s ass. Love it when the Euro-babes come over, slut it way the fuck up then go home. Monica follows suit, doing repeated A2M. When the editing doesn’t get in the way, this is my favorite scene of the movie. Both of these chicks are perfect porn sluts and I want them back for some one on one treatment. With an unencumbered double facial, the scene and the movie finish on a very high note as they girls swap cum in a deep, tongue heavy kiss.

Usually, it’s the cast that makes the difference in a movie like this one. In this one, the cast is fine, sometimes spectacular. What I notice most in this movie is an editing style that we haven’t seen in a while. I don’t know why people use the strobing look, but personally I wish they would stop. It really fucks up any sort of stroke you might have going. There, that’s the last I’ll mention on that for now. If you can get around this, then there is a lot to like in WA 8. Starting out with Jewel’s ass busting scene was a great idea. She’s really come a long way this year and is going to join Taylor St. Claire as pretty girls gone bad in the hearts of raincoaters everywhere. Raquel Moore and Claudia Adkins are two more pretty girls who get super filthy in their anal scenes. The closing scene with Nikita and is really great. Rarely does a three way feature two such great looking, ass licking sluts. The Bridget the Midget scene is good for a little bit of oddity factor. Suzanne Storm is really the one girl who doesn’t belong here. She manages to bring the three way to a complete halt. Kerkove fans will want to skip over most of the scene to Bridgette’s anal at the end. This is another good tape from Byron, but the editing costs it some points.


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