Teen Angel




98 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Young Girls, Euro Babes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Brittany, Martina Bennetti, Sarka, Lea DeMae, Venus, Sandra, Den Rico, Johny, Leslie Taylor, George, Michal.



I guess since every other company has a teen line, it’s only fair that Elegant Angel would do one as well. Patrick Collins is actually taking the helm himself to launch this new line. I don’t recognize any of the names in the cast and some of them sound European. Maybe Patrick had to go overseas to get some young teen meat that isn’t all infected with the strange skin fungus that seems to be infecting all the American porn quim. With any luck, this will be the start of another Elegant Angel institution worthy of many, many more volumes.

Patrick leads off with covergirl Brittany. He’s talking from behind the camera, telling her to lean her lesson well. The guy they show holding the camera isn’t Patrick, but that’s not really the focus here. What we’ve got a is a cute girl in pigtails sucking her first cock. Well, it’s probably not her first because she’s already pretty good. What we do get is a great POV blowjob scene from a very cute girl. In no time at all, she’s wearing a load on her pretty face. Nice start, but we need more from her, please.

Brittany hits the streets and comes across a couple of Euros in an outdoor café® The guy takes her back for a private photo session where we get our first good look at young Brittany’s hot body. I don’t know if she is supposed to look like that other Brit, but she’s cute as hell regardless. The photographer’s blonde assistant comes in to help pose the young model, and ends up helping her out of her tight jeans. They switch places so the dude can get in there and lick Brit’s asshole. Watching the young girl get eaten makes the blonde strip to get in on the action. After a short footjob, Brit uses the oral lessons she has just learned to really turn this guy on. Both women get down to some serious cock sucking with the blonde taking the balls while our little heroine bobs her pretty little head like she means business. Nice looking reverse cowgirl here with some very long strokes of his big cock in her tight little hole. Not one to be greedy, she dismounts and lets the blonde take her ride as well. Eventually, the action swings back to Brittany, who now takes it in her tight young ass. Nice close ups here, then again when the blonde puts her butt high in the air for easy entry. Brit gets a final assfuck before he blows his load all over both pretty faces. So far, this is one hot fucking stroke tape.

Brittany strolls into a room where a couple are getting close. I guess they are all friends, but the couple clearly wants this hot little thing. Brit leaves the room for a minute and the brunette Euro-babe fishes his dick from his pants. This is another cute young thing who has this adorable look in her eyes when she looks up into the camera. Seeing this, Brittany can’t help but get horny. She stands behind the guy, getting the same great view we do as his girl goes down on his rod. Showing off her new skills, Brittany takes her turn on the cock, passing it back and forth with her friend. The two girls do some very delicate tit play, rubbing gently until the nipples are popping up begging to be sucked. Great sensuality here as the girls work through a pocket rocket assisted lesbian tryst. Finally the guy comes back, sitting on the couch while Brittany goes back to work with her mouth. After a very short fuck, he shoots his load all over both super cute faces.

Brittany is playing with her ball when she sees a sexy photo session. Watching from the bushes, our young babe gets caught. Instead of being mad at the cutie, they just bring her in on the fun. In no time, Brit is not only working with the crew, but outshining the other girls wither fresh face and tight body. There are some hotties in the bunch here, including a busty blonde who clearly loves to fuck. Orgy action is a little too distracting for me, but every cut gives us something hot to watch. There is some double dildo lesbian action going on as well as Brittany’s outstanding blowjob. The cum really flows at the end of this group fuck.

Brittany comes into another room, looking super, super cute. Someone behind the counter is telling her that she has to become a good girl. What kind of shit is that? Instead, she wanders into a gym where a couple of guys are working out. They spy her in her panties and tiny T shirt and just have to taste some of that sweet meat. One of them fakes a toe injury to see if she’ll kiss it. When she does, they magically have dick injuries as well. Still happy to make them feel good, she makes her young body available for all kinds of hot and horny games. They lay her down on the weight bench so she can easily suck a dick while being fingered. As I said, Patrick has found himself one super hot little babe with a tight, wet pussy. One of the guys starts fucking that teen slit, keeping her long legs spread wide as he enjoys her sweet treat. The guys trade places and decide that her ass just has to be violated as well. Down on the floor in spoon we get the best shots for this, with one leg way in the air and her butt at center shot. Can our little teen tart take them both? You bet she can, in DP footage that is heavy on the leg shots and the energy. To close things out, one guy shoots on her face while the other drenches her abused pussy.

Well damn where do I start? How about Thank You Patrick Collins for finding Brittany and bringing her into our living rooms. This chick is cute, fresh, natural and a total fucking hosebeast. Since she’s in every scene, how could we not love the movie? The action is well shot, with lots of anal facials and enthusiasm all around. Other than Brittany, the cast is good looking and natural, just the Euro-babes of a few years back. Personally, the orgy didn’t do much for me, but everything else is just fine. Any time Brittany is on screen, I’m interested in more ways than won. Now Patrick, can you bring this little cutie over here full time?


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