Guttermouths 10


77 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
JM Productions
THEMES: Dirty Talk, Anal Sex.
STARS: Julie Meadows, Shelbee Myne, Heaven Leigh, Regan Starr, Jack Hammer, Dave Hardman,
These vignette tapes have sort of strayed from their original �dirty talk� angle, but they have always managed to deliver some great action. The folks at JM Production do pure filth about as well as anyone on the market and you know whenever you pick up a Jim Powers flick, that things are going get plenty messy. What really makes this one an appealing option is the cast. Julie Meadows, Heaven Leigh and Regan Starr are all accomplished little sluts We may not get a lot of filthy, guttermouth chatter, but we know we�re going to some tight little asses get thoroughly blasted.
Dave Hardman is just kicking back in his backyard, getting some sun in his conveniently placed outdoor bed. Along comes Julie Meadows looking totally tasty in her little dress. They exchange brief hellos and get right to it. He wants her to talk nasty and though she�s never done that before, Julie is up for anything. Sweet words of lust pour from her mouth as Dave licks on her sweet clit. The shots of Julie with her perfect legs in the air being eaten are plenty arousing as well. He also uses a couple of fingers on her tight little asshole, giving us a preview of things to come. It�s harder for Julie to talk dirty when there�s a dick in her mouth, but she manages to give some hot hand and talk to his cock. The only problem with the blowjob is that it is way too short. On the other hand, it moves us to some great shots of Julie riding reverse cowgirl, with her legs spread wide as Dave takes full advantage of her spinable frame. When he rolls her over, Dave makes sure that we all get to see just how sexy her little ass is as well. The entire time she�s being drilled, Julie is talking like a nasty slut. (Serious question, can anyone say that hearing a guy verbally assault a woman is more bone inspiring than this?) Since her butthole is high in the air, Dave just moves his dick an inch or so and has it in Julie�s ass. After some close up shots, we pull back and see Julie, with one leg high in the air taking it in the butt like a champ. (A special note for anyone planning to see the MTV movie �Save the Last Dance�, Julie looks a lot like Julia Styles, and this is the closest you�ll ever come to seeing that cutie reamed in the ass.) Dave pulls out and dribbles cum onto her pussy so that Julie can scoop it up with her fingers. Hot scene with great talk, but a weak pop.
Regan Starr is busy vacuuming her floor in her tiny little dress when in walks Jack Hammer. He�s a few hours late coming home and to make matters worse, he�s been watching porno with his buddies. Since he�s already horny, Regan figures it would be a good time to get down and dirty with her man. This is one ready to talk slutlet who lets a stream of foul dialog lose as Jack three fingers her little slit. After the intense finger action, Regan get down and deep sucks his cock to the root. Never afraid to get nasty, she lathers up his balls in between strokes. By the time she�s done with his dick it�s wet, throbbing and ready to slide right into her pussy. Taking cock like a bitch in heat, Regan doesn�t stop talking while Jack enjoys her pussy. Of course it�s the ass he really wants and we�re already in the perfect position for it. This is a high energy ass fuck with some extreme filthy talk from one of porn�s dirtiest girls. In all that hot talk, she asks for cum in her mouth and that�s exactly what she gets, as he shoots on her face and shoulders.
Heaven Leigh takes a stroll into the back yard where her boyfriend Kyle Stone is lifting weights. She looks great in her little bikini, but Kyle has the best view when she lowers her shaved little snapper down onto his face. Work out over, it�s time for sex. Heaven grinds her lips down on his face, occasionally reaching down between Kyle�s legs to see if her juices are having an effect on his shaft. When it is hard enough, she pulls it out of his pants and starts stroking it. That leaves her mouth free to keep talking dirty. Finally, she sticks out her tongue and starts licking the head. Kyle is so turned on that he starts thrusting up to get more of his meat into her eager mouth. Heaven moves around in front of the bench so she can get a ride on that dick. While she�s bouncing up and down, Jay Ashley comes by to drop off a check. Not a big embarrassed, she demands that he stay so she can suck his cock. Now she’s free to fuck and suck a pair of cocks and Heaven handles it perfectly. She manages a nice double blowjob, taking tuns sucking cock and talking dirty. No way she is going to escape without a cock in her ass as well. She drops down on a hard pole and starts riding without a care in the world. Having her bent over makes things better for the camera. We get some great close ups of her face as she sucks cock and begs for cum. Cum is what Heaven gets, two full loads on her pretty face. She spends a lot of time playing with the loads in some great post pop coverage.
Pay Myne comes home looking for his wife, Shelbee. When she isn�t there right away, he breaks out a porn mag. Before long, she comes outside to join him. He�s worried the he�ll in trouble for coming home late. Instead, Shelbee starts talking dirty and sucking his dick. After three women I really like, Shelbee is going to have to work pretty hard to impress me. She certainly seems anxious to get as much meat into her holes as possible and that�s always worth something. Still, I have to wonder how this woman ended up nominated for Female Performer of the Year. The longer shots are more flattering for Shelbee since it looks like someone spray painted her make up on this day. I do like the way she talks while being slam fucked. Pat rams every inch he�s got into his wife�s pussy and she just begs for more. All that high impact pussy poking is a good warm up for the anal to come. As I said, Shelbee has never been a favorite of mine, but this is one of her better scenes. Right up through the A2M facial pop.
Three out of the four scenes in this movie pretty much kick ass. Julie Meadows is the perfect combination of girl next door looks, fantastic, leggy body and in this movie, total foul talking fuck monkey. Regan Starr over does her talk a bit, but there is no questioning her sexual energy. Heaven Leigh takes two dicks and makes short work of them. Shelbee Myne is outclassed and outslutted in this movie, but even her scene has its moments. As always, this movie is filled with great anal sex and at least this volume has tons of great, hot talk from the well fucked females.

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