Slutwoman 2



www.ElegantAngel.comOVERALL RATING: 9+

115 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins

Elegant Angel

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M, Facials.




STARS: Alexandra Quinn, Monique DeMoan, Sabrina Jayde, Justine Romee, Heather Lyn, Tiffany Mason, Joey Ray, Nacho Vidal, Billy Glide, Adam Wilde, Mark Anthony, Jasper Wade, Erik Everhard, Joel Lawrence.


When Patrick Collins introduced Roxanne Hall as Slutwoman a few years ago, many of us thought we had a female gonzo star we could follow through her adventures. That didn’t turn out to be the case, but we did get one hell of a hot movie to enjoy. If characters like Buttman and Buttwoman are better known, there is no doubt that truing Slutwoman over to Alexandra Quinn will raise SW to the status of filthy gonzo whore. There are very few women who could even play in the same ballpark as Alex when it comes to balls to the wall sexual heat. She is a total prick cushion with a ravenous sexual appetite. Any cock that gets close to this woman is likely to end up in one of her willing orifices. So, buckle up and let’s see if Alex can earn the title of Slutwoman and give us another white hot fuck flick from the mind and loins of Patrick Collins.

We open with Alex doing triple duty with sex toys. She has a buttplug in her ass, a pocket rocket on her clit and a fat dildo fucking the shit out of her pussy. Before things get to hot we cut to Alex and Heather Lyn lying out by the pool. Heather thinks that she’s a bigger slut than Ms. Quinn and is ready to prove it when Joey Ray arrives. Yeah, here’s something that happens outside of porno like….never. “Excuse me, my hot friend here thinks that she’s a bigger slut than I am. Can we have a filthy fucktoy contest with you as the judge?” Alex bends over and lets Joey shove a big dildo up her pussy. Heather yanks it out and licks it off. Since they have a guy and a big toy, both women can get fucked. Before they get into that, Heather licks Alex all over while Joey keeps fucking her. The girls seem totally into each other. Alex shoves four fingers into Heather and flicks her thumb over her clit to drive her nuts. Heather gets fucked first, bending over and taking a hard pounding while Alex keeps fucking herself. Most of the action has Heather getting banged, though Alex does slip in there for some 69 with the hard fucked wanna be slut. Alex gets nice and nasty with some A2M right out of Heather’s butt. Ever the anal slut, Alex loves having her ass fucked and ordering Heather to get nasty. (“suck my shit” is a little much before dinner.) He ends up cumming in a dirty dog bowl so the two women can lick it out. Something wrong with just a nice shot in the mouth?

Nacho is a guy who can’t get off unless he fucks a girl in the ass then makes her suck him clean. Lucky for him, Alex has no problem doing that sort of thing. (Alex, wanna come over for afternoon?) They start out with some heavy foot play as Nacho sucks her toes while Alex uses her feet to rub his cock. He lies on the ground, letting Alex get on top for some 69. Since he has a good sized cock, it takes some effort for her to get it all down, but she shoves it to the back of her throat and won’t stop until she’s nearly choking on cock. Alex and Nacho turn in one of the best blowjob scenes of the year. He fucks her face, she take it, nearly getting his whole nustsuck into her mouth as well. Though she protests, he insists on fucking her with a condom. You have to love the way she can put it on with her mouth like that. Their fucking is every bit as super charged as the blowjob. Nacho gives it hard and Alex just wants more. While she’s riding him, Alex fingers her ass then sucks them right in his face. That leads us right into the anal which is just as hard core as ever. Alex nearly swallows his whole hand while he fucks her ass. He has the condom on and she tells him that if he wants to do A2M, that has to come off. Eventually, he fires a shot into her mouth and Alex licks it right up. This scene better have been nominated for some kind of award because she is fucking on fire.

Alex is such a great slut that she even teaches classes. Monique DeMoan and Tiffany Mason have brought their guys in for some free lessons. Monique’s guy won’t eat her pussy, so she shows him how it’s done, going between Tiffany’s long legs. There are too many women here, confusing the action, but Alex and Monique are two of my very favorite sluts. Tiff is no slouch either, but she is outdone here by two of the best in all of porn. At one point, Monique is being fucked from behind while sucking another cock. Sorry guys, but this woman deserves to shine on her own, without cutting back and forth to the other (also hot) action. Any one of these girls would be a great fuck, and they all look hot in this scene, I just have a not so secret crush on Ms. DeMoan. Alex shines once again as a dirty talking anal slut, but my girl isn’t afraid of having her ass pounded either. Alex takes two big cumshots on her face, happily licking it up like the perfect slut she is.

Still horny, Alex calls a couple of black studs to help fill her afternoon. While waiting for them to arrive, she spreads her legs and starts playing with her pussy. With all these toys, it’s a wonder she finds time to fuck guys at all. On the other hand, they seem to really warm her up for the real thing. Just about the time she’s finished sucking the cum of her toys, the guys show up. As you would expect, they like what they see. She’s in a very slutty outfit and is more than a little aggressive with her new friends. Alex is already gagging on one cock by the time the other guy gets his face between her legs. By now, saying that she’s energetic and enthusiastic is just redundant. Alex is on fire again, taking their cocks into her mouth like she loves nothing more. They find a little camera she has to tape the whole thing so we get some hot hand held action that is sadly in black and white. Since they have found a very willing slut, the guys double fuck her pussy, giving her more meat than more women could handle this side of childbirth. What’s a Slutwoman scene without some anal? Again, Alex takes dick deep in her ass and she likes it hard. A short ass fuck is followed by a hard DP, then some very hot anal doggy with the guys going round the world to give her A2M. To complete another great scene, she takes two loads in her mouth and sucks every drop from their cocks.

For the final scene, Patrick brings in a couple of newer girls, Justine Romee and Sabrina Jayde to learn from Alex the true ways of the slut. They’re breaking in Sabrina who is cute in spite a little too much body ink. Finding a guy to work with, the girls all gather around and start sucking his cock. Alex is easily the best mouth in the bunch, but who is going to say no to three babes kissing your Johnson? This is another example of a scene where Alex is so much hotter than her competition, that they almost seem wasted. Joel Lawrence really gives her a hard fuck on the floor while the other two girls share a second hard cock. Justine is quite the little hottie as well, showing great energy as she fucks. If the measure of a true slut is how she effects the would be whores around her, then Ms. Quinn has to get high grades because Sabrina and Justine both turn out to be just about as cock mad as our little Alex. In the end, the girls lick cum from Alex’s feet, finishing things in Collins pleasing style.

I’m not sure what the official criteria for the title of Slutwoman would include, but I’m guessing it has a lot to do with a willingness and desire to do anything and everything. If that’s the case, then Alexandra Quinn is the perfect cock hound to wear the crown. Every cock that gets anywhere near Alex ends up being sucked, and shoved up inside her body. It wouldn’t shock me at all to find out that after she drained all of her male co-stars, the crew was next. Whether it’s beating back challengers like Heather Lyn or teaching new sluts like Justine and Sabrina, no mouth can out-suck A
lexandra’s. When she’s teaching troubled, would be sluts like Monique and Tiffany, no ass is more ready for fat dick. And when it comes to being the dirty cream filling in a hard fucking sexual Oreo, no one out sluts the Slutwoman.

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