Looker 2 Femme Fatale




120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer


THEMES: Plot, Costumes, Hookers.

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Gwen Summers, Shanna McCullough, Lauren Montgomery, Silvia Saint, Melody Love, Myrtle, Bridgett Kerkove, Kristen, Randy Spears, Mickey G, Vince Vouyer, Alec Metro, Kyle Stone, Jon Dough, Nick East, Pat Myne, Michael Raven and Nic Cramer.


I have had this video in the office for a while now and I keep meaning to review it. I like Nic Cramer a lot and am always up for watching a Silvia Saint movie. Since this flick just garnered an AVN nom, I figured now would be a good time to check it out. For those of you who didn’t see the first Looker, you may want to check it out as well. A lot of the original cast, Lauren Montgomery, Vince Vouyer, Shanna McCullough, Saint, are back, but what I notice most about this cast list is that it’s got as many porn directors as chicks in it. Let’s just hope that their screen time is limited so that the women get a chance to shine.

We start out in what looks like a freight elevator. Alec Metro is a cop who is tired of catching Melody Love on the street. Instead of taking her in, he pushes her to her knees. There, Mel shines as she always does, looking up into the camera with those big, innocent eyes and devouring every inch of hot cop cock. Lots of hand motion this by this too pretty for the streets hooker as Alec gives her a big load of cum on her face. Sadly for him, he meets a tragic end.

That really sets the story in motion. The events we see were the murder of Randy Spears’ partner and he just can’t get over it. He follows the trail, investigating a similar case from a few years earlier. The lead detective on the old case is Shanna McCullough, so Randy goes to see her. She’s made up as an old woman, but we flash back to her younger days for a sex scene with Lauren Montgomery. Kyle Stone watches the girls finger each other. Though I’m still not that into lesbian scenes, it’s nice to see two women who really enjoy each other. Kyle finally comes over and puts his cock into Shanna’s mouth, letting her gently work it with her inviting lips. Lauren leans in to get a taste as well. Stepping back, the blonde let’s Shanna take dick and does she ever get fucked hard. Lauren lends a hand, jerking Kyle off into Shanna’s willing mouth. There is something hot about the way Shanna fucks, but something mysterious about the way she holds information back from Randy. The way Shanna tells it, she had to kill Lauren because she was the murderer.

Things may not be going the way Randy wants them as far as the case goes, but he gets to dream about fucking Silvia Saint. (Don’t we all?) She comes into the room and starts sucking his cock. The lighting is pretty cool and really strikes a chord with the film buff in me. On the other hand, the pure perv in me doesn’t want any sort of fuzzy or shadowy shots when you’ve got this beautiful blonde sucking dick. Randy lies back and lets her ride his dick for a while. Is there a bad angle for Silvia? She looks great squat fucking, sticking her ass out for the camera. Then when she spins around, we get to stare at her boobs, pussy, thighs or face. Looks good no matter where your eyes land. After giving her a hard mish anal, Randy drops a big load on her face. Very hot scene, though the ‘coater in me wishes the lighting had been a little less moody. (Hey, it beats a dream of a dude killed with a razor.)

Shanna goes on to tell Randy how the Femme Fatale killer came to be. We flash way back to a time when the local cops were lenient with the working girls. This arrangement works out well for Mickey G and Jon Dough. Actually, Mickey likes to watch and leaves Dough in the hands of Kristen and Bridgette Kerkove. After they nearly suck his dick completely off, Jon throws Kristen up onto the hood of his car and starts fucking her. Since they know the cops won’t be coming to bust up the party, he takes the time to fuck Bridgette in the ass while she licks her friend. I don’t know about you guys, but this seems like a pretty good deal for the cops. Free pussy and ass in the alley? Beats the fuck out of donuts.

As the story progresses, we get another Silvia sex scene. This time, she’s got a mask on and is fucking Pat Myne and Nick East. They also have masks on, but little else. This time, with two dicks, we get to watch her suck and get fucked at the same time. That makes the squat fucking even more fun to watch. After all, this is the same killer bod that we just saw a few minutes ago, but when we cut away to her pretty face, it’s now filled with hard dick. Nice shots of some anal squat fucking, then later when she’s being drilled mish. I can’t think of too many women who have a body and face this perfect and when you add in her enthusiastic sexual performances, you get the perfect porn princess. Both guys shoot on her face at the same time, messing up her mask and leaving her sticky and a totally hot.

We go out into the alley where Mickey has finally tracked down the woman in the shadows. Gwen Summers has her body covered in a long coat, but she starts kissing her way down Mickey’s body, getting really into it. They find a crate for her to lean on so that Mickey can go down and do some serious pussy licking. Gwen returns the favor, the best way she knows how, with her hungry mouth. The dark alley is beautifully lit, once again impressing the movie buff in me, but I really want to see this sexy piece of porn flesh in all her glory. Don’t get me wrong, you can still see all the actions and if I know couples, they are going to love the look of this scene. I’m just from the ‘turn on all the lights’ school when it comes to strokeable smut. Of course, she takes a big load on the face.

Moving ahead a generation, we see Mickey’s kid, Vince Vouyer. Vince was Shanna’s partner in the first movie and has the same love of whores that got his old man iced. Vince is paired with a pretty brunette girl who doesn’t say a word, but happily wraps her lips around his cock. He puts her on the bed and gives her a hard fuck. Her legs are bit thin, but this girl can take it hard in the ass and keep her fingers busy on her pussy. This scene is all about adding a hot, anal scene to the mix and this girl fills her role perfectly.

Still haunted by dreams, Randy wakes up and calls Shanna. Though we hear the phone ringing in his ear, we cut to her house where she is lying dead next to the phone which is off the hook. (Problem class?) Never mind that, we get Gwen writing on a bed, playing with her pussy. (And this time all the lights are on.) Randy walks in, watches the hot solo for a bit then dives in to taste that sweet little snapper. This time when Gwen goes down to suck dick, we get some great eye contact. I love any girl who puts their whole body into a blowjob like this. I also love that pale little ass that she wiggles so sexily as she rides a dick. I don’t know if Randy is fully aware of the danger he may be in, but it appears that Gwen’s tight little pussy has totally clouded his mind. Oh well, if you’re going to get gutted, at least you get some hot tail before you go. She wears another big load on her pretty face, smiling into the camera.

Those of you who love adult features will want to make sure to check this one out. Nic Cramer has the ability to put together very solid movies and this is another example of that skill. McCullough and Spears handle their dialog perfectly, helping the story along. Technically this movie is very solid, right down to the moody lighting for some of the scenes. While I appreciate and applaud the talent of those involved, I still say that during the sex, full, no bullshit lighting works best. Sexually, there are some good scenes here. Gwen Summers is cute and sexy as ever. Silvia Saint is spectacular in her two scenes. The alley three way with Bridgette Kerkove and Kristen is another very hot scene. Solid from start to finish, this is certainly one of the better features I have seen this year.

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