Super Quick


110 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Beau Demascus
Kick Ass Pictures/LFP

THEMES: Heroes, Costumes.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Kaylynn, Gauge, Alana Evans, Kasorn Swan, Kurious, Kelli Sparks, Brandon Iron, John Strong, Mojo, Derrick King and Arnold Schwartzenpecker.
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One of the many questions I am frequently asked is why there aren’t more super hero/heroine movies in porn. There have been a few I can recommend, but the list is rather short. For whatever reason, this genre is popular (There is a whole network of web sites devoted to this kind of porn, is one.) and I know it has a built in audience. From the looks of this movie, director Beau Damascus has done more than just put his performers in spandex. With the help of Slain Wayne, he has created a hero, some perilous situations and a network of evil doers that would indicate a possible series of Super Quick videos. Even better from my point of view, he has picked a really hot cast, including Alana Evans, Kasorn Swan, Gauge, Kurious, Kaylynn and Kelli Sparks.
???? We open with Dr. Peter Quicken being suited up for a dangerous mission. He has to go in and fix a dangerous radiation leak. His last words to the technicians are “my life depends on both of you.” So, what do they do? As soon as he’s through the door, they’re all over each other. Sexy little Kaylynn may not be the most responsible scientist on the planet, but she’s a sexy little cocksucker who knows how to take it deep. Personally, I don’t like the drooling blowjob stuff, but she’s cute and I know a lot of you look for that. I do like the high energy fucking she does. They are in sort of a dark warehouse, so there are some minor shadow problems, but nothing too terrible. Her ass slips over his cock and we get some nice close up shots of the anal action. I wonder what the doc would say if he knew that while he was battling for good, these two were fucking each other’s brains out. After the great anal, he blows a nut on her face. Great facial except for the under the chin angle. That just doesn’t work for a pop shot.
??????While Quicken does manage to fix the leak, he is blasted by the radiation cannon and ends up in critical condition. When he wakes up, the doc isn’t burned or hurt at all. This is an amazing development that shocks attending physician Kurious. Somehow the blast has caused his cock to grow and become incredibly hard. Of course, she just has to check that out. I don’t know how doctorly Kurious looks, but she gives on fantastic blowjob, lathering up his shaft and putting everything she’s got into making his cock happy. She slowly strips out of her all white outfit and climbs up on the table to ride that newly charged monster. Brandon lets loose on the sexy little brunette, making her stick her ass high in the air for some hard pounding doggy. (Nice shots from the side mixed with the straight on shots.) I love the high energy fucking and the way she not only takes the facial, but plays with his cock, sucking out the last few drops. Kurious is an underrated slut to be sure.
??????Not only does he now have a big, hard cock, but some additional super powers. Since the doc is the only one who knows, he decides that he can become a super hero. Complete with costume and super fast special effect movements, he takes on his first challenge. DarkWhip (Kelli Sparks), is an evil woman who runs the slave trade. She and SQ have a mighty battle that ends when he pulls off her mask and rips off her pants. He is about to get busy with her when Dr. Death, another super hero lays claim to the evil doer. They decide to give her two cocks to play with. With one big black cock and one big white cock, Kelli does her very best to swallow them both. Kelli has a cute little short haircut and perfect small breasts. She can also take a good, fast fucking from the masked heroes. Very nice standing doggy here, as the blonde shows off her legs and sucks with great enthusiasm. In case you didn’t notice, I’m rather high on this new girl, especially the way her pulls her legs back and takes a serious pussy pounding. One guy shoots on her belly, while the other fires all over her face. I don’t know if she is reformed, but she sure is one hot little porn slut.
??????The police are in a very sticky situation. Armed gunman are holding the Mayor’s sexy little daughter, (Gauge). Super Quick comes to the rescue, rushing into action to take out the outer security guards. When he disarms the last gunman, he learns the depths of the plan. The Mayor’s daughter was in on the plan the whole time. What she wants to do is fuck, so SQ lets her have a final pre-jail boff. Gauge is such a little cutie. I’ve never heard her talk this much and I’m wondering why more directors haven’t let her spill hot dialog. After sucking his cock hard, she mounts the stiff prick and shows off her incredible legs and perfect tits. She may be the most head to toe good looking newcomer in a long time. She also loves to be fucked and isn’t afraid to let her legs flail about as her pussy gets poked. Since SQ is getting turned on Gauge invites him over to get his cock sucked. He ponders the moral implications for a few seconds then comes right to his senses. His cock fits nicely into Gauge’s mouth while her man stuffs her pretty little asshole. Great anal footage here as that snug backdoor. This is easily the best scene of the movie so far and should be the scene that gets Gauge nominated for a Best Starlet statue. Mojo shoots on her pussy, keeps fucking her ass then joins Brandon in a double facial pop. Gauge may be an evil young girl, but she’s fucking hot and I’d love to be her prison guard.
??????Now it’s time for SQ to face a really bad guy, Mega Doom. He is fed up with having his plans foiled by the meddling super hero. Lucky for him, he has two sexy henchwomen to help hatch a plan and make his tension disappear. Alana Evans and Kasorn Swan are all decked out in comic book gear as he shaves Alana. (It’s a fake shave scene for those of you who really need the razor action.) Kasorn sits by, sucking his cock while Alana’s now bare beaver gets some toy action. There is a little too much drool, but this girl is hot and Alana is just begging to get some dick. They crowd around his cock, taking turns and looking fantastic. More POV shots and less bottom of the nutsack views would have made this hotter, but it’s still pretty smoking. Both women keep their boots and fishnet stockings on as they take turns riding his lap. They each look great, but Alana shows more energy, really wanting to get that cock way up into her tight, shaved pussy. He has to make sure that both women get their share of cock and manages to do this by doggy fucking the blonde, pulling out, then face fucking his Asian fuck toy. Will she do that again after he blasts Alana’s ass? Not until the blonde slutlet does it for herself. Plenty of nasty A2M action and a facial pop for both girls.
???? The henchwomen decide that the way to get to Super Quick is to find out who knows his identity and torture it out of her. They nab Kurious and hold her in a lab. Those of you who like bondage will like the way she struggles to get away after being hogtied. Mega Doom has the whole country held hostage and all looks lost. To make matters worse, he sprays his radiation boy with some sort of potion that makes Kurious crazy to fuck him. (Hey, can I get some of that shit?) They can’t strip her fast enough as she struggles to attack his cock with her mouth. Once again, we are treated to a great blowjob from this super horny young thing. The guys take turns sucking her sweet pussy and enjoying her hungry mouth. Great double blowjob shot with Kurious on her knees jerking them both at her face. Finally, she mounts one cock, driving her pussy down on it while trying to suck the other one all the way down. After letting them both fuck her, she moves her ass over one cock and lets it slip up into her colon. The box brags of the first anal scene from Kurious, but the way she takes it in the butt, we have to think she’s played backdoor ball bingo before. Great anal footage capped off with two big loads fired onto her face. Again, Kurious knows what to do with a load after the shot.
????? As a super hero/comic book fetish movie, this movie will play very well providing you’re not looking for dark and broody heroes. What we have a is very light, costume movie with some funny comic book type dialog. Brandon Iron is pretty damn funny as Super Quick and the supporting cast does a nice job as well. What makes this movie really work though is the cast. Alana Evans is perfect as the nasty henchwoman and I only wish she had been used more. She and Karson turn in a great three way. Gauge is similarly underused, but totally ball busting. Her scene alone is worth sitting through the whole tape. Kurious and Kelli Sparks also turn in great performances. If I have any criticism of the sex in this movie, it’s just that more lighting would have helped some of the more shadow filled scenes. Overall, this is a very hot movie and a fun start to what I hope will be a continuing series.
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