Partners Forever


104 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Cops, Ghosts
STARS: Temptress, Alexa, Randy Spears, Alec Metro, Jason McCain, Justine Romee, Fozzi.
Is it me, or does Brad Armstrong seem to be making a whole lot of features these days? It’s not like he’s cranking out gonzo or wall to wall movies. These are actually plotted features that usually take a while to shoot. He also seems to have broken out of his MTV-only rut. That’s still what Brad does best, but I really don’t like that kind of porn, so I welcome this kind of effort. One thing that does seem to be a running theme with Armstrong is his love of uniforms. He did the fireman thing, he did the knights and wizards thing, now he’s putting his performers in blue with Partners Forever. Temptress and Randy Spears play the lead characters with Alexa along to add some additional heat.
      It’s actually Alexa on her back as the opening scene starts. Spears fingers her pussy, working her into a real frenzy before leaning back to let her suck his cock. The scene seems rushed, with just a short time spent on each position. I don’t know if this is what the couples porn market wants, but when I see something I like, I would rather the camera stay put for a while. The longest shot we get has Randy pounding her missionary. Instead of shooting, he has to stop. He’s just too distracted to cum, (They are trying to have a kid, so he’s supposed to shoot in her.) though he assures her that isn’t her. His partner pulls out outside and Randy starts putting on his uniform. Not wanting him to go to work with a hard on, Alexa insists on finishing things off with a blowjob. She does a nice job on her knees, milking a load out onto her face and sending him to work with a big smile on his face.    
      Spears and Temptress clearly have a very trusting relationship, which only makes it harder on her when he gets shot. Kind of a downer to start off a movie, but it kicks off the plot. A year later, Temptress stops by talk with Alexa. There is some tension between the two women as they get together to commemorate the anniversary of his death. Alexa has moved on to a certain extent, finding a new man. After some shared tears, Temptress is visited by a ghost, the ghost of her dead partner. Freaked out, she runs home to try and explain things to he own man. Obviously, he thinks it’s just stress and you know how guys solve stress in porn. He strips her out of her uniform and joins her on the bed. Temptress looks great naked on a bed, her long legs and real tits, begging to be licked. He starts on her pussy, fingering it while sucking her clit. All thoughts of ghosts are wiped from her mind as Temptress grinds her groin to meet his face. Our sexy cop is quite a cocksucker, gripping his baton tightly and jerking it off with her fist and mouth. Since I love her longs legs, you know that the little crap position they use first is going to turn me on. Her shaved pussy is a visual treat as well and we get a couple of good shots of it before he dribbles a fairly weak load into her open mouth.
      He rushes off to work, and as soon as the door closes behind him, Spears re-appears to her. She is pretty sure she’s going nuts, but he says he needs her help. As Randy explains, when you die unexpectedly, you get to make a return trip to make things right. He is sure that he was murdered before he could testify against other cops in a scandal case. Reluctantly, she agrees to help him uncover the whole plot. First, she talks to Alexa, who of course, refuses to believe any of it. Since Temptress is speaking for Randy, she has to relay all messages, and even let him take over her body for a bit. Why do you think he wants to do that? So he can make love to Alexa one more time through her. She doesn’t seem at all freaked out by the fact she’s being licked by a chick. Temptress and Randy flash back and forth, taking turns being visible to our eyes. This is a nice piece of editing and giving us a two for one. Alexa sucks pussy and cock, one after the other. I image those of you who are turned on by lesbian stuff, will be disappointed with the addition of the dick, and vice versa. This isn’t quite the Janine self fucking scene in 7 Deadly Sins, but it’s a similar piece of editing and interesting. (More interesting than it is stroke worthy in my opinion.)
      Though convinced of part of the story, Alexa is not ready to believe that her new man may have been the one who killed Randy. Things aren’t easy for Temptress on the home front either. We jump right to the middle of a scene between Alexa and her new man. (Alec Metro.) She’s riding his cock, squat fucking him for all she’s worth. I don’t know if any woman is worth killing for, but I guess getting this talented little fuck bunny as a side benefit to whacking an enemy would be a nice bonus. After a high energy fuck. Alec shoots a few streams of cum at Alexa, streaking her face and glazing her tits.
      A little post boff pillow talk is overheard by Temptress and Spears. Naturally Alexa knew about everything, but the news hits Spears like a load of bricks. Even more naturally, she consoles him and they let their long hidden passion for each other. I can’t remember the last time I saw two people like this in a porno video. Thankfully, they don’t lose that heat as he goes down and starts working on her pussy. Once again, Temptress locks in her grip of steel and starts juicing his cock up with her mouth. Here’s something fun for the anti-condom folks. Why would you need a rubber to fuck a ghost? Randy gives her a really solid fuck on the couch and shoots a good load into her mouth. The side only shot leaves something to be desired, but this is still the best scene in the movie by far.
      Alec seems to have things under control, and even has time to get some on the side. He’s got Justine Romee writhing on his face while his tongue searches for her spleen. She’s all wound up and ready to try and suck his cock clean off, before letting it settle between her tits. There is a reason this woman was brought into the movie for a totally unrelated sex scene. She’s got great energy and looks great bouncing in his lap. Check out those round little asscheeks. Alec slips his cock right between here cheeks and slams into her ass. She has a hard time getting her mouth close enough to catch his cum, but makes up for it by sucking out the last few drops.
      There is a pretty interesting little story here and unlike so many plotted porn vids, this one doesn’t peter out half way through. Sure, the ghost angle has been done and there isn’t much doubt about who is in on the killing. Still, I like the effort here. The movie is pretty tight and well shot. Spears and Temptress do a good job in the leads. Sexually, there are some things I would have done differently. The first scene with Alexa just felt rushed. I also think that the Alexa/Temptress/Spears three way suffered sexually in spite of the very cool, tight editing job. Temptress and Randy turn in the best scene with Justine Romee and Alexa both adding a few strokeable moments. There is no way this is going to be as hyped as Dream Quest, but I think it’s an equally good story and some of the sex is actually better. Couples, especially those with cop fantasies will really enjoy this one.

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