Beach Bunnies With Big Brown Eyes 8


130 Mins.
Dusk Til Dawn/Seymore Butts Home Movies
THEMES: Strippers, Bikini Girls, Two on One, Anal Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Eva Moore, Miko Lee, Cloey Adams, Dynamite, Porsha, Julianna Sterling, Amia More, Fabrice and Tyce Bune.
Tyce Bune’s car detailing surfer character has been through plenty of adventures in the first seven volumes of BBWBE and it looks like he’s got a few more up his sleeve for this one. For those of you who haven’t tuned in before, Tyce hangs out at the beach, sometimes works as a car detailer, is a kept man with a sexy blonde lawyer chick paying the bills and somehow manages to fall into more hot, young pussy than any man deserves.
Tyce has taken on some motorcycles to detail as well. As you can imagine this super hot crotch rocket is a huge chick magnet. He finds little Eva Moore (Who looks like some mainstream actress, I can’t put my finger on at the moment.) (A little like Keri Russell, but that’s not who I was thinking of.) and Miko Lee. They are dancers from Vegas and want a ride on the cycle. One at a time, Tyce takes them back to their hotel. Miko goes first and the ride makes her so horny she has masturbate while waiting for the other two to return. Miko looks fantastic in her bikini, with a near perfect body and something totally sexy about her. I’m really rather wild about this babe. When Eva and Tyce get back the girls start sucking his cock. Miko has great sucking lips and plays with his asshole while her cute friend drools all over the head. Eva takes the first ride, grinding her pussy on his shaft for a short time before moving forward to let it slip into her asshole. Miko finally gets her chance and starts with some vag cowgirl. Quickly, she spins around, showing off her pussy and those long legs before Eva sticks her head in to lick some clit. Of course Tyce wants some of that ass and puts Miko on her hands and knees for some fingers before finally flipping her into a piledriver to drill that asshole. The girls trade off, but the best action comes when Miko is riding RCA and Eva slips a strap on cock into her mouth. This leads us right into some toy assisted double play for the sweet Asian treat. Tyce finally pulls out and shoots a load into Miko’s mouth so she can share it with her little friend. One of the hottest scenes yet in this series.
Another set of babes get ready to party with Tyce. Porsha, Dynamite and Cloey Adams make a nice contrasting trio of sexy bikini babes. They are his assistants and do whatever he asks. We flash back to find out just how Tyce landed these two as his personal slaves. He has them all working on a truck while he’s off surfing. Since Cloey has never been with a girl before, they start to initiate her into the ways of lesbian lust. Before too long, Tyce comes back and gives them all a try. One at a time, the girls start sucking his dick. They’re all pretty good, but I would have to give the overall nod to Porsha. This chick just knows what to do with a dick. I would say that three girls is a bit too much, except for the shots of Cloey riding cock while Dynamite and Porsha are busy licking balls and clit. Fun time for all. Ms. Adams is a bit thin for me, but she’s an energetic fuck. Dynamite is a little ball of petite sexual energy, but if I had to choose, I’d go rolling in the sheets with Porsha any day. Great anal for all of the women, with some A2M to go with it. After all that, he pulls out and gives the girls plenty of cum to play with.
Julianna Sterling runs into Tyce on the road. Of course, she has no insurance and offers to make him dinner to make it up to him. Anyone with any brains knows that all the homemade pasta in the world won’t make up for a smashed car, but a few hours in bed with this little cock pleaser should do it. He hesitates a bit because she has a boyfriend who plays professional football. However, once she spreads those skinny thighs, Tyce isn’t going to pass up on that shaved little pookie. He slams her for a while, then pulls out and fills her mouth with a load of hot liquid love. That is only the first pop though as Julianna attacks his cock with her mouth, easily taking it all the way to the root and then mounting him again. Now she slides up his lap and easily drops her ass down on his stiff prick. Is it me, or does she seem to be losing weight these days? Regardless of her somewhat too thin frame, Julianna is a great anal slut who works hard to get that cock up her ass. To prove this point, she spins around happily to lick her own ass off his cock. Now we know how that boyfriend of hers unwinds after a game. For the second pop, she insists it goes down her throat.
For the final story, Tyce hits a club with his sugar momma Fabrice. Sometimes she gets the urge to play with another woman and when she does, Tyce gets to help out. On this night, they pick up Amia Moore and bring her home. Actually they hit a hotel room and before the door can even close behind them, Fabrice is licking her new friend’s pussy an flicking her clit. Tyce steps in from behind and starts slamming the blonde’s exposed slit while she keeps working Amia over. Not to be left out, Amia get some to and this chick really likes to be loud when she gets fucked. After a round of oral, Tyce slips it up his lawyer girlfriend’s ass while Amia does some deep fingering. She pins her knees back over her shoulders and nearly screams at him to do it harder. Amia wants it anally as well, but doesn’t seem to have to have the same love for booty boffing. The women share a facial. I’d say this was a pretty successful night on the town for both Tyce and Fabrice.
Overall, I don’t think I would call this the very best volume of Beach Bunnies, but the opening scene with Miko and Eva has to make the all time highlight reel. Julianna’s scene would probably be right up there as well. The three on one scene didn’t do as much for me as it might simply because we had to split our attention. However, I know there are many of you who totally disagree with that criteria and believe that the more hot babes, the better. For you, this will probably be the best scene. The last scene is good, but I was surprised at how much hotter and into the action Fabrice was than Amia. No doubt some of the best anal in the movie comes from this scene. I still want to see more bikini clad forage, and I won’t ever stop asking for it. It may be a personal thing for me, but dammit, beach girls in bikinis rock.

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