Violation Of Jade Marcela




83 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Sex Toys.




STARS: Jade Marcela, Ryan, Michele Raven, CJ Bennett, Heaven Leigh, Mia Domore, Candy Apples and Gwen Summers


You know what I really wonder? I wonder where Jim Powers gets the ideas of all of these Violation of movies. Think about it, how many different ways can you shoot the same exact movie? Every one of these vids has a bitchy chick who treats other women like shit. She’s always the kind of girl we secretly wish would just shut the hell up and get busy sucking dick. (Or pussy.) After an initial one on one lesbian scene, the target of their Sapphic revenge finds herself at the mercy of mechanical cock wielding dykes intent on ruining her for life. Somehow, the movies manage to walk the line between comedy and rape fantasy without getting too intense. (Usually.) Even more amazing, the movies are usually pretty damn hot even though I almost always shy away from all-girl flicks.

This time around, we get a military theme. Jade Marcela is a smart mouthed recruit who runs afoul with her drill sergeant Gwen Summers. Jade’s screw ups get her platoon in plenty of trouble and we know just how they are going to pay her back later. Before that, we need the one on one scene. Summers calls Heaven Leigh into her office and has a few words for the sexy recruit. Gwen is tired of the troop’s performance and authorizes some discipline against Marcela. That bit of business out of the way, the can get out of their catalogue and into each other. The fact that I really like both of these women has me actually looking forward to watching them go at it on the desk. Gwen takes her time, slowly licking Heaven’s pussy and fingering that sweet looking little flesh taco. Hey Heaven, if you assume that pose on my desk, we can finally do that interview we’ve been talking about for two years. Gwen strips down and tests her recruits labe lapping abilities. Heaven is more than adequate with her tongue, really working pretty Gwen’s girlie parts. There is something totally sexy about the noises Gwen makes when she’s really excited, the little squeaks and sighs are just so fucking hot. Of course, the gentle lesbian love can’t last for forever. Gwen attaches a rubber cock to the end of her gun and starts fucking Heaven’s hole with it. Pretty solid toy fucking here, but this scene works because the two women are so totally fuckable.

The troop visits Jade in the middle of the night, gags her with a dildo and beats her ala ‘Full Metal Jacket.’ When she wakes up, the girls have Jade tied up and are running some POW torture training. With hands molesting the pretty little private, Gwen fucks her face with a dildo. There is plenty of verbal humiliation as they take her down to the ground and line up to abuse that tight little pussy. What I like about this is that Gwen is taking the lead. So often, these scenes become a din of screaming women and it ruins the action. If you like toy play in your lesbian sex then you will love this because it’s a long pussy fuck with countless rubber and plastic cocks. Sometimes the hands get in the way of the holes, but for the most person, Jade makes the perfect victim for this kind of vengeful dyke action. They even get a little rough with her mouth, stretching her lips around a big cock and dick slapping the submissive little slut.

Out come the really fun toys and the first to go into the private is a double dong. This fucks both holes at once and there is some very nice footage of her tight holes gripping the plastic invaders with every hard thrust. Jade isn’t the only girl to get fucked though. Any pussy is likely to get plugged with plastic in this horny training session. Now that the strap ons are out, it’s time to fuck Jade at both ends. Her head bobs on one while Gwen orchestrates another slam fuck of her tight little twat. Candy Apples seems to really get off slamming an oversized dick into her hole. Great close ups here as well. For the grand finale, the whole troop takes turns fucking her in the ass. I haven’t always liked the group action in this series, but this really is some hot, filthy lesbian action.

This is one of my favorite Violation of videos for some pretty basic reasons. Jade is the perfect little Violation ‘victim’ and looks great getting banged. I liked the way Gwen took charge of things and really kept the action going. The one on one scene was also one of the best from this series. Both Heaven and Gwen look fabulous and turn in a very hot veggie fuck. As someone who usually passes on lesbian titles, I can say that this one is very worth watching and I may even rewind to watch the first scene again.

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