Purity And Innocence


108 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Rough Sex, Blood and Guts.
2000 (4/00)
STARS: Ashlyn Gere, Luciano, Kristi Myst, Jessica Jewel, Angelica Sin, Brandon Irons, Backey and Rich Handsome.
This movie is billed as Ashlyn Gere’s final performance. Since I have already seen it once, I can honestly say that it is probably her most shocking as well. Not so much because of the things she does. She’s been tearing it up sexually ever since she came back as an Extreme Girl, but because the movie is about as dark as you will see. Lizzy Borden likes to mix disturbing images with sexuality. That often doesn’t work for me sexually, but I know a lot of people are looking for that sort of twisted (Twisted used in a non-judgmental way here.) dark sexual play. On the other hand, I always applaud a creative effort and this one certainly explores some unusual territory.
We start out with a loud car crash and a baby crying. Luciano and Ashlyn have lost their infant son in a fatal car accident. After an initial screaming fit, Ashlyn seems to have had a total breakdown. Two months later she is still sobbing and talking to her dead son. When Luciano tries to comfort his now distant wife, she lashes out, seeing his concern as a sexual advance. She’s pissed, but she gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. With a determined look in her eyes, Ashlyn power sucks his cock until Luciano blows a wad right in her mouth.
??????Luciano isn’t dealing with the loss of his son any better than his wife, and turns to heavy drinking to dull the pain. They both seem determined to drink and pill themselves to death. Luciano passes out and ends up in a strange classroom with his son’s teacher, Kristi Myst. After a confrontation with the teacher, Luchi loses it, leaving Kristi with her fully grown, handicapped student. The dude has a helmet on and talks like a child, but his cock is fully grown and Kristi can’t seem to get her lips around it fast enough. Luciano may not believe that his son is still alive in this realm, but he isn’t about to pass up a cock hungry blonde. He gets a little rough for my taste, but that just seems to make the nasty teacher want to suck deeper. She slams her mouth around the student’s cock so hard she nearly gags. The guys take turns slipping their cocks into her. Great close ups as she squat fucks, picking up the snug lips gripping the hard shaft on each stroke. In the middle of this high energy fuck, they actually tape her mouth shut. (Hello, why? Put a dick in there, I would.) Taking turns on her tight ass, the guys enjoy fucking the pretty blonde and letting her ride their rods with that snug shithole. Both guys pull take turns dropping loads onto Kristi’s pretty face. This is a rough, vintage Extreme anal scene.
??????Ashlyn has slipped beneath the water in the tub and is in her own little version of hell. She is standing with Satan, watching herself going to down on her husband’s cock next to the bloody cradle of her dead baby. When she has sucked it fully hard, Ashlyn takes a hard ride. I don’t like the background music here, especially since it looks like she is nearly screaming out with a cock ramming into her pussy. After a quick fuck bent over the cradle, Ashlyn goes to her side, lifts her leg and takes it right up the ass. The camera gets in so close you can see every inch. That ass is still tight, but Luciano just wrecks her, pumping her about as hard as I have ever seen Ashlyn get boned. After a couple of A2M shots, Ashlyn flicks her tongue over his cock as it shoots a load of cum right into her mouth. In the post pop cum play, she is suddenly wearing a bloody bib.
??????Luciano is still out and things are getting worse. He is tied up next to his son’s grave while Jessica Jewel and Kristi Myst abuse him. They scream at him for his lack of ability as a parent while taping his feet together. Once he is all tied up, they go to work on another guy and make him watch. They are still in grudge fuck mode and attack his cock. Great tit fucking by Jessica here in between gags on his hard dick. The girls move over to the grave and Jessica takes dick from behind while grabbing the baby’s tombstone. OK, morbid, but still, these two chicks know how to fuck hard. Both women get just filthy with the anal sex, as Kristi revels in the taste of his cock right out of Jessica’s big ass. After a super hard anal for Kristi, he drops a load all over both faces. Luciano caps off this scene by pissing on his kid’s grave and making the girls lie in it.
??????Luciano is dragged into the next room where he takes place in a birthday orgy with Kristi, Angelica and another dude. There is a lot of screaming going on and everyone keeps calling him daddy. Of course if a little rough sex and bizarre emotional images bother you, you’re probably not still watching this movie. Kristi shines again, taking big cocks in her mouth before bending over to get fucked nice and hard. Things get messy when the start smearing cake all over each other, but the real treat is another close up shot of a cock slam fucking Kristi’s ass. Great DP action for both girls and they share a double cumshot with a bloody teddy bear in the shot.
??????Moving back to Ashlyn’s hallucinations, she is having a great time with Brandon Irons. A romantic setting, strawberries, champagne, the whole nine yards. All that romance doesn’t stop her from taking his big cock in her hand and devouring it. Without the dark cloud of blood and death, Ashlyn just turns loose and spreads those thighs for his dick. Brandon may not be rough, but he sure fucks her hard, especially when she’s on her knees, bending over the couch. Eventually, he starts slamming her from behind until Ashlyn begs to taste his cum. He gives it to her, shooting cum all over a strawberry between her teeth. There’s your romance, bitch!
??????I won’t give away the punch line of the movie, but be warned, this is not a ‘they lived happily ever after’ porn flick. (Of course, if you’re really bothered by violence mixed in with your sex, I doubt you would even make it to the end of this flick.) I am not entirely sure how I feel about this movie. I love original ideas and this is a pretty fresh take on porn. However, I’m just not sure that the death of a child and the suicidal hallucinations of the grieving parents is all that erotic. If you can get past some of the harsh scene set ups, the sex is fucking hot. This may have been billed as Ashlyn’s swansong, but it’s Kristi Myst who really steals the show. She gets fucked in every hole, hard fast and loves every throbbing inch. Give Ashlyn some credit, her two sex scenes are rough and hot. The blowjob is nasty as well. Sexually, this movie is fantastic, if a bit disturbing. Not for everyone, and not always for me, Purity and Innocence is original, hot, dark and dirty.

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