Whoriental Sex Academy





90 Mins.



THEMES: Asian Girls, Co-eds, Models.

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kamiko, Bamboo, Jade Marcella, Miko Lee, Tyce Bune, Cheyne Collins, Gino Greco, John Strong and Guy DiSilva.


Just looking at the box, you can already tell who is going to love this movie. With four very cute, smiling Asian girls in little white uniforms gracing the cover, this is bound to play well with the teen line fans as well as guys who love Asian babes. For the next two hours, we get to join these cute little co-eds for a romp through their daily adventures. Of course, we don’t have to watch them actually go to class or do their laundry. Instead, we start by watching them get dressed and I’m sure the action is only going to pick up from here. Director Alex Ladd has moved from the successful Gang Bang Angel line at Elegant Angel to do features like this one. What I like at this point, is that Alex still shoots movies that revolve around sex without letting the plots get in the way. Best of all, his movies aren’t often ruined by slow motion or other lame feature tricks.

The girls live together in a sorority house with Miko Lee as the leader. Kamiko is the first girl to get some action when she is called into the Dean’s office. They play a little game of bad girls get spanked, that quickly turns into a full fledged grope session. She’s a petite little cutie with a nice little ass and a pretty face. After lapping at her labes for a bit, Tyce sticks his dick into her snug little hole and starts pumping away pretty hard. Kamiko seems to really like it and her tits shake about invitingly with each pounding stroke. Using his desk, Tyce put the sweet little thing into all kinds of fun positions and she takes dick like she loves it. They go at it in a very high energy scene that ends when she hops off his dick and takes a load right on her face. Very hot opening number.

Bamboo is a new girl who finds out she has been accepted into the sorority. Cheyne Collins gives her the uniform in his jeep and she is so happy, they just have to celebrate right there. The picture quality on this scene is really fantastic, making it even better to watch. Even half hard, his dick barely fits into her mouth, but Bamboo is determined to give him a first class knob shine. Miko is watching from an upstairs window as his cock grows in her mouth. Not at all shy, Bamboo bends over the back of the jeep and lets him fuck her right there in the driveway. Nice shots of her holding on to the sides of the jeep while he pumps his cock up into her. Bamboo takes her load on the chin, sucking the last few drops off the tip of his cock.

The girls sit around waiting for Kamiko to get back before letting Bamboo officially join. When the girls give Jade Marcella a hard time about her new camera, she has to tell them how she got it. In the flashback, she is posing for a photographer in her cute little uniform. The conversation quickly turns to adult modeling and Jade is rushing off to change into something sexier. I don’t know if sexier is the word, but Jade certainly looks sluttier in her little dress. Not long after the dress hits the floor, Jade has a very big toy working in and out of her hot little hole. This girl is a freak and she’s so fucking hot about it out. How can you not just love her? I’m guessing this guy is Gino and he has a rather fat cock that stretches Jade’s pretty lips and she jerks him into her mouth. It also pushes her shaved lips out as he slams up into her. His dick keeps slipping out she squat fucks him, so they move to doggy where he can use her long hair as a handle. Hot looking action here as she shakes her ass invitingly. Eventually, he gets the hint and slips the fat head of his dick right up her ass. With a body like this and her appetite for anal sex, Jade would be a very popular model in no time. Great facial finish to this nasty little scene.

The girls don’t let their leader off easily either. Miko has to talk about how she was cut off by her parents as a freshman. To make some money, she started dancing and ended up seeing a customer outside of the club. He offers to set it up so she won’t have to dance anymore and the rest, is history. Of course she agrees to fuck the guy and that means he’s in for a treat. Miko is sexy as hell and knows how to use that mouth in a most pleasing manner. She ties him to the bed first, leaving him to squirm as she works her tongue up his thigh and finally swallows his cock whole. This guy is offering to put her through school, so Miko makes sure to use her shaved little pussy to the best of her ability, squat fucking him and rubbing her clit while he thrusts upwards. Once freed, the guy slams away from behind, working out his new co-ed pet. Right in the middle of the action, Guy DiSilva walks in and is invited to join the party. Now Miko has a fat cock to fill her mouth while she gets slammed from behind. The guys pile onto the bed with her, DP’ing the hot little sorority leader. She wears twin testicular tobacco deposits on her grinning face.

As you should have figured out by now, the finale has new girl Bamboo being allowed into the inner folds of the group. Miko strips the new girl down and starts munching while the other two girls watch. Since this scene starts the girls I find the least cute in this movie, Bamboo, it’s not my favorite, but still, these two young Asian babes make a nice looking veggie sandwich. The other girls get involved and the heat really picks up. Miko does some nice strap on sex with petite little Kamiko while Bamboo uses a vibe to rock Jade’s world. This is one sexy sorority meeting I would really love to crash.

Obviously, if you like Asian girls, this movie has a lot more to offer than if you aren’t a fan. The whole horny Asian sorority angle works really well. All of the girls are attractive and mostly very enthusiastic fucks. I kind of like the little uniforms, but what makes this work is the hot sex. Each of the girls finds interesting ways to get themselves fucked. Miko and Jade are the very best fucks in this movie and they both look great. Kamiko may be the cutest of the bunch and she’s going to have a great future if she keeps fucking like this. Thin story, great picture quality, hot chicks, good concept and great sex make this a movie that will have appeal far beyond the obvious target audience.


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