Ecstasy Girls



90 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer & Jon Yuma
OGV/Nasty Pixxx/Private Eye
THEMES: Fantasy
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Nikki Anderson, Silvia Saint, Gwen Summers, Sydnee Steele & Jill Kelly
I have really enjoyed just about everything Nic Cramer has done for the past several years. Usually his stuff is high end porn that often follows a mainstream hit. Most of those movies were from Pleasure, and this is the first thing I’ve seen him do for OGV. It’s also the first thing I’ve seen from the partnership of Cramer and Jon Yuma. So, I guess I really don’t know what to expect, but I do know that two of my all time favorite Euro-babes, Silvia Saint and Nikki Anderson join one of my favorite little cuties, Gwen Summers and two other women, Sydnee Steele and Jill Kelly who I won’t comment on in the opening. Judging from the very fast start, I would say this movie is a series of fantasies, so having three girls who are pure fantasy females is a good sign.
Nikki starts off in a sequence called Dream Factory. She’s in this underground set with a huge fan in the background, posing with chains all around her. Nikki looks like a sexual animal dying to be un-caged. In comes Randy Spears and he can’t seem to decide where to put his mouth first. (There are so many inviting targets on this awesome body.) The lighting in this scene is very good, as is the music. Clearly, this is supposed to look like a high quality MTV sex video, but so far, without slow motion and lame couples stuff. The blowjob is well shot, if a little too short. Randy bends Nikki over and starts fucking her hard from behind. I like the reverse cowgirl better because Nikki has a gorgeous pussy and it’s on display in this position. (Especially since his cock is in her ass at this point.) Nikki rides him hard, taking her ass up to the tip of his cock then slamming back down, taking it all in. After the great ass fuck, Nikki strokes his cock out onto her face, lighting up when the cum starts to flown and sucking out every drop. That beautiful face looks great with jizz on it.
Silvia Saint is another Euro-babe who is just too damn hot to not be lusted after the world over. She is wearing this lingerie/fetish/maid thing as she cleans up. Brian Surewood plays the grubby pool guy who watches her through the window. He comes inside, bends her over the counter and starts licking those sweet shaved lips. I love the way she gets up on the counter, on her belly to suck his cock. Great position and it adds a nice shot of her ass as well as shots the shoe and hose fetish guys will love. Back to the floor she goes for some over the counter fucking. One leg is up so again, the stockings are prominent in the shot. I love the way she whispers “in my ass” to signal the start of the anal. When she starts riding, her pussy is front and center and it’s just about as mouthwatering as Nikki’s. I love Silvia’s thighs and ass, so riding his lap is a great position and it seems like Cramer is going out of his way to show her legs a bit. Of course she takes a big load right on her face and smiles with an open mouth the whole way through.
Jon Dough is having a bad night. Well, it’s sort of bad. The bad news is that the Angel of Death comes to see him. The good news is that it’s Gwen Summers and she wants to fuck before taking his soul. She’s in a tight black outfit with a hole cut out for easy access to her pussy. The black and white is artistic, but I really prefer sex scenes in color. The film student in me loves the way the black and white blowjob is lit, but the raincoater is me wants to see Gwen’s face swallowing cock unfiltered. That’s just not going to happen in this scene. Instead, we have to settle for a well let, well crafted, high energy fuck scene that has a lot of fetish elements. OK, not a lot of them, but the tight black pants are bound to perk up some people’s sexual appetites. I love the little noises she makes when being fucked. Very nice facial popshot, but I can’t get overly excited about the sexual heat of a scene that is in black and white. Mark this one down in the too artsy for its own good category though.
Now we come to Sydnee Steele’s scene. She is broken down at the side of the road, when Alec Metro comes along in a limo. They quickly move to sex and Alec puts the brunette up on the front of her car to each her pussy. This may not help her car, but it gets his dick sucked. Nice to see that scene at least has great lighting and picture quality. I wish Gwen had been used in a scene like this so there would be some strokability to it. Actually, it’s well shot and energetic, so if you are a big fan of Ms. Steele’s, I’m sure you will find plenty to stroke to. Big facial at the end is a plus.
Jill Kelly closes this movie out and from the start, the soft guitar music and soft, glowing light tell us what kind of scene this is going to be. She is running an art gallery when Julian comes in. There is some initial friction, but the pair soon pass sparks, then start kissing madly. After licking away for a while, Julian leans back to have his monster cock sucked by Jill. No question, she knows how to give a very nice blowjob with a lot of hand motion. She’s also got a pretty damn hot body and her ass is on fine display as she rides his lap. When she spins around, we get a good look at one of the better sets of enhanced tits in all of porn. Jill gives him a high energy ride before being shoved up against the wall and fucked by Julian. Very nice two handed jerk into her mouth to close things out.
This is a very high quality smut flick. The lighting and technical aspects are fantastic. Cramer and Yuma have spent a lot of time making things look perfect. Thankfully, they haven�t tried to �couple� the movie up with too much slow motion or grainy quick cuts. Yes, the Gwen scene is in black and white, yes the Jill Kelly scene has a fantasy glow about it, but still, it�s a lot more straight forward than a lot of similar works. The first two scenes had a whole lot to love. Nikki and Silvia are head to toe hot and give very hot performances. Once they are done, most of the really strokeable moments are done, unless you really like Sydnee or Jill. Personally, I�d check out Gwen�s scene just to see how good black and white can look, then rewind and re-watch the two Euro-babes. Hot, high quality smut with two outstanding stroke scenes.

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