Down The Hatch 4



140 Mins.

THEMES: Swallowing, Oral Sex.
STARS: Kacey, Bailey, Elisabeth Swiss, Fawna, Kiri, Claudia Adkins, Mickey G, Erik Everhard, Mike John, Vince Vouyer, Jon Dough, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele.
As fans of swallowing know, there are many oral sex lines on the market, but few that cater to fans of the specific act. There are a few imitators and this line, Down the Hatch from Diabolic. Director Mike John goes to great lengths to make sure that every girl in these movies, each and every girl, swallows every drop of man mustard fired at their faces. Personally, I don’t find swallowing any more appealing than a facial, in fact, when they are shot well, I happen to find facials more erotic than swallowing. That said, you know I love a good blowjob movie and the oral action in these is generally top notch. Some of the faces are new and most of them are pretty cute, so let’s get going.
Kacey starts out and damn, this girl looks fresh off a college campus with a face made for oral sex vids. With two dicks to play with, her mouth stays full, but the eyes stay focused on the camera. (Mike John shoots some of the best oral sex in all of porn.) When they stand her up for some standing doggy, she licks ass. Not my thing to see a chick with her face in a HMA (Hairy Man Ass) but she does it happily. The first load is fired and Kacey takes it like a champ, gulping it down and getting ready for more. This time, she goes for a ride, reverse cowgirl. Her long legs flail about and we get some great close and longer shots of this well put together babe. Love the dismount for shot number two. To prove she’s more than just a pretty face, the guys have her do some serious A2M, sucking dick out of her butt and putting it back in. Even without all the swallowing, this chick is hot, fucking hot.
XXXX is a girl with a fantastic set of tits. As she plays with them you just know no doctor could have created these. Her face isn’t as impressive as her tits, but she has nice eyes and quickly puts her lips around a dick. There is something about a girl sucking dick, especially when shot first person, that makes her just a bit more appealing no matter what she looks like. We even get some POV anal sex from this girl and I do have to applaud the way it’s shot. It can’t be easy to fuck a girl in the ass and hold the camera at that angle. As we all know, she has to take the load down her throat like a good girl.
Bailey has some really pretty eyes as she goes down on a big hard dick. It’s hard to see much more than her eyes for a while, but moving down her body, that looks pretty good as well. Lots more ass licking here which I guess shows that the girl is slutty. (I honestly don’t get this as a visual thrill.) On the other hand, a tight pussy stuffed with dick almost always makes for a great visual. That’s what we get next as the guys take turns at each end of this young thing. There is a really tight, low angle shot of her pussy that is cool at first, but we hold it for way too long. That isn’t the case for the facials when the cameras capture the shots and the swallowing perfectly. The pacing in these scenes is a little different. We’re used to a rhythm from Diabolic movies and these are not quite as smooth, moving from one action to another and rather tied to the big swallowing finish. In this scene, for example, guys fuck her ass for a while, make her suck it, move on, it just doesn’t seem to flow normally.
There are also these little in between scenes that are just there to increase the swallow factor. Nice scenes, but those of you who love the usual Anabolic/Diabolic flow may be a little thrown off.
Kiri is is a blonde with a bob cut, a big mouth and hungry eyes. Her lips looks great around a cock and she does her best work riding one dick while sucking another. There is something stale or canned about this girl though. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe she is just trying too hard to connect with the camera and not letting herself go like some of the other girls. Yes she swallows, and that is all that really matters to the fans of this series. Kiri swallows without hesitating at all, taking each shot like it’s the sweetest nectar she can find.
Elizabeth is a blonde chick with heavy tits, a tat on her belly and penciled in eyebrows. (Why exactly do chicks do this?) It’s especially distracting during the well shot blowjob to start her scene because we’re staring right at them. She holds Mike’s cock in her mouth and swallows the load. We don’t see it this time, but that actually is a nice chance of pace. I like the POV fucking because now her big, real tits are free and they are fun playthings while he fucks her. If there is one thing I have to really give John a lot of credit for, it’s the way he shoots POV sex. Not many guys can hold the camera while they get fucked and he does a really good job of it in this (And pretty much every) vid. Great shot of her sliding her ass off his cock then shoving it into her mouth. Nicely shot scene, great for big tit lovers.
Claudia is a brunette, Euro-slut who giggles a bit too much as she spreads open her pussy. She coughs a lot and nearly makes herself puke when she sucks dick. Sweetie, no need to attack the penis like a starved weasel with rabies ok? After a quick fuck, she takes the shot in her mouth and swallows it all down.
By now, you get the idea of what to expect. The scenes are well shot, but still feel a little choppy to me. I think that’s because the focus is on the swallowing. Some of the other footage almost seems like an afterthought. What’s there is good, often great, but only the swallowing scenes feel important. Thankfully, Mike John is one of the best shooters in all of porn and for the most part, the action is well shot. As someone who doesn’t like swallowing all that much, I am missing out on the prime appeal of the movie. I like the oral, like the anal and like most of the girls. So, bottom line, if you’re big into swallowing, this is still the only series guaranteed to give you what you want. The rest of the movie is good with one girl, Kasey really making an impression. I like that Mike is trying something different, it just needs to find the groove a little more.

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