Max Extreme 9


79 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Foot Play, Smoking.
STARS: Leanni Lei, Anastasia Blue, Apsen, Melody and Max.
We’re getting close to the end of our tribute to Max Hardcore and I’m going to risk watching one of his newer titles. Not too new since he pulled us off the screener list. (Fear not, I got a copy of the Olivia movie and will review that one next week.) Actually, this one should be pretty good because it has Leanni Lei in it. She’s one of those women, like Cherry Mirage and Layla Jade, who know how to handle Max. He doesn’t get away with a lot of the stuff I find so totally un-erotic. I’m sure he will do plenty of that, which will make for good comparison material to the positive reviews I’ve given Max’s older movies this month. (Not that comparing good to bad will have any effect on the censors who only like reviews they can buy.)
Before we get to Leanni, we watch Max as he accosts Anastasia in a public bathroom. Like any young girl, she loves the fact that an older guy would come in, catch her peeing and want to stick a finger up her. He has her get down and suck his dick. Great for anyone who likes public, or semi public sex. As always, Anastasia starts drooling from the start, trying to choke on it. There is music over the sound, which is just fine since she seems to be crying pretty hard. They end up back at Max’s, in the back yard where he fucks her pussy for a little bit before breaking out the speculum. I’m not sure what happened to the sound, but I have to say, it’s more fun to watch without hearing Max going through his endless litany. On the other hand, I don’t need or want to see a chick with a gyno tool shoved up her cunt during a scene. Inside the house, the anal sex rally kicks into high gear and we miss out on the pearls of wonder that come out of Anastasia’s mouth. After fucking her ass, Max chokes her a bit and shoots his load on her upside-down face. I did like this scene better without the guy voice soundtrack, but the scene just seemed out of synch.
When Max puts up an ad for cheerleader tryouts, you know he’s going to find some willing young, athletic chicks. Leanni sees the ad and calls Max for a tryout. While trying her out on his front poach, Max actually slips his dick right into her ass. Leanni is willing and totally fucking cute in her uniform. He takes her inside and again, Leanni’s bubbly personality come through. Max pulls out of her ass and lets Leanni work his dick with her feet. What a talented little slutlet. While fucking her ass, Max decides to shave what little bush Leanni has right off. That adds some more fetish appeal to the scene. (Cheerleader, foot play, shaving, the list grows.) The close ups are nice, but the longer shots show off just how head to toe hot Leanni is. On her knees, she shows great eye contact and easily handles his stiff little prick. We move into stories of how she sucks her teacher’s cock, but that’s Max using the P4P angle to get himself off. That over, he goes back to fucking her ass. While Max works up a sweat, Leanni takes it easily, showing off her body and proving that she’s a first class slut who just looks fantastic. Foot guys are going to love it when Max leans back in his chair, jerks himself off and has her rub her toes on his sack. Great looking RCA because of her size and pretty pussy. Some more P4P dialog, so I’ll just turn the sound down and enjoy the sights. Leanni uses a big dildo on her pussy, giving her a human sized dick to complete the DP. They talk a little about pissing, but to be honest, I’m not going to let anything get in the way of how good this looks. Turning her upside down, Max unloads a huge wad on her face and down her throat.
Max has a really ugly chick next. They are talking about something, but the sound is muffled. This girl wouldn’t be much to look at on a good day and following Leanni, she is pretty hopeless. However, this does have some fetish appeal for guys who like smoking. Not my thing, but she puffs some smoke on his asshole before licking it. I will give this girl credit for being enthusiastic about her work. That and the smoking thing are the angles here. If you like smoking with your hardcore throat fucking, there you go. Enjoy.
Aspen leads Melody up to Max’s by the hand. She looks pretty pissed off. Apparently, Aspen is the stepmother of eighteen year old Melody and is upset that Max is banging the girl. Not one to listen to a lecture, Max pulls Melody into the house and leaves her on the porch. She goes around to the back door and finds them fucking. Apsen is very upset by this and bursts in trying to stop them. When that doesn’t work, she starts licking Mel’s asshole. Whoever the dad is, seems to have married a slutty chick about a year older than his trampy daughter. She and Max seem intent on making step-mommy pay for trying to interfere. Both of these women are good looking and totally great fucks. Since Max shoots sex well, there is a lot to like in this scene. While Aspen rides RCA, Mel fingers her pussy. Very nicely done. Aspen leaves in the middle of the scene so Max can pound away on little Mel. He actually fucks her pussy for a while before trying to fist her. The little spinner bounces in his lap then counts down from eighteen. Max cums on twelve, (another subtle message perhaps?) covering her smiling face with goo. Very hot scene to close out a movie that has a lot more good than bad.
There are a couple of really good scenes in this movie. Leanni’s is pretty damn hot, showing once again that she can do anything and still come out looking great. Mel and Aspen do a scene that is good because it is so well shot. Nicely done. The smoking scene is pure fetish appeal and I suppose if you have that fetish, it’s a huge plus. If you don’t, it’s sort of a bonus. The Anastasia Blue scene will disappoint those of you like the usual dialog because there is none. I didn’t like this scene, but it’s got some themes a lot of you will like. We’ve got one more Max movie this month, then it’s up to you readers to tell me if I should go spend a buck to rent his stuff since we’ve been cut off. Too bad, because this one is actually pretty good.

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