Lewd Conduct 8


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer


THEMES: Natural Tits, Anal Sex.
STARS: Gauge, Violet, Bolivia, Cheyanne, Vivanaica, Kylie Brooks, Mojo, Erik Everhard, Lexington Steele, Vince Vouyer.
By now we all know what to expect from Vince Vouyer movies. Wall to wall sex, well shot, well lit and with pretty girls. Mostly anal, mostly facials and pretty much all real tits. Did I leave anything out? To call that a winning combination would be an understatement. Fact is, Vince makes some of the best pure stroke movies around and he never fails to find fine looking young girls. (Especially if they have big natural tits like this new chick Cheyanne.)
Cheyanne starts things out and this is a case of Vince leading with his strongest babe. Lexington Steele approaches the nineteen year old from behind and holds her huge tits up for inspection. Cheyanne is quite pretty and has a body that just begs to be fucked from all angles. Lex has a big smile on his face and who can blame him, he is about to fuck the chick who I think is going to be the next big thing. She says she’s never seen his dick, but before she’s allowed to gaze at it, Lex goes to work on her clit, flicking it hard with his tongue until she’s more than ready to go on. When she finally takes a look at his cock, Cheyanne’s eyes go wide for a second, then she just starts sucking. Only a few inches fit in her mouth, but she helps with her hand and gives great eye contact. Fucking has to start slow, because she’s not able to take it all. Nice exchange here as she asks him if she’s tight or not. There is something very real and totally sexy about this babe. It’s nice to see a scene where both people are having fun, are into each other and have the freedom to be natural in front of the camera. Lex lets her ride for a while then watches as she dismounts and takes a load joyously on her pretty face. He tells us to remember the name Cheyanne and I’ll second that. What a hottie.
Violet is a twenty three year old Washington girl with a shoulder length do and jet black hair. With just a few words of introduction, she is off the races, taking a dick in her mouth and working it full length. In no time, she is on her back, dress up around her waist getting pounded in the pussy. This girl has a nice body, especially the ass and thighs, but she lacks the exceptional personality of Cheyanne. I know some guys really like the women more when they show less enthusiasm, but Violet is pretty average in this area. She’s not silent and seems to like it deep when she’s going reverse cowgirl. Her nipples are also hard and sharp enough to cut glass. Of course she does anal, but that puts a huge butterfly tat right into the center of the picture. After a tight anal scene, she gets a load of jizz on her asshole. Cute girl, but not the fire of the first scene.
Vivanaica is going to have to change her name if she wants to stick around in this business. (Come on, how many people thought that Kristara Barrington’s name was Kristina for years?) The twenty one year old blonde does have a super hot looking pussy that Erik Everhard fingers to a full flow. She gets down and starts sucking his cock, working the head with her tongue while tugging on the base. He flips her over into a piledriver which allows the camera to get right up tight on her pussy. Nice shot, but we could back up every once in a while. Once he gets her legs flying around from the pounding, it’s time to move to the next position. I’m noticing a lot of super close up shots that are held for a really long time. Not that I mind, it’s just that with all the tight pussy shots, we don’t always get to see much of some very impressive bodies. The little blonde picks up the dirty talk just in time to get a load of cum on her face.
Gauge has some incredible eyes and reminds me of someone, though I can’t put my finger on just who at the moment. She’s got two cocks to take care of and wastes no time before bobbing her head back and forth on both rods. I love the way this babe sucks, but it’s her eyes that will blow you away. Since the little cutie wants one in the ass, the guys wisely give it to her. There is nothing gentle about the way Gauge likes her sex. She loves a big dick in her ass, fucking hard while she orally worships another throbbing member. One cock gives way and lets Gauge ride RCA without anything between her stuffed sphincter and the camera. Dick number two comes back from some vaginal doggy with that pretty face wrapped back around a hard dick. Damn, she’s beautiful to look at. At last the guys pull out and they shoot all over her willing face. Gauge can’t wait to taste cum so she takes the flood with total glee and a wide open mouth. Great fucking scene from another up and comer.
Kylie Brooks is a super cute twenty two year old who looks fresh out of high school. Everhard gets between those young legs and does a serious number on Kylie’s little muffin. She’s not a bad cocksucker, though after Gauge’s eyes it’s hard to concentrate. I like the way she opens wide, takes a few inches, then uses her hand to really work the shaft. By the time she gets around to fucking him, they have both spent several minutes on the oral sex. Just a quick note, the longer sex scenes of gonzo and wall to wall are very appealing to me. (Compared to the 6-10 minute feature scenes.) Anyone else? Her pussy is so wet, it’s easy for him to slam up into her. Kylie has great tits, but a little tat on her belly that takes away from her near perfection. (This movie is making me way fucking picky.) Erik is becoming quite the skilled cocksman, slamming Kylie hard and keeping her cumming like a bitch in heat. Of course, the harder he fucks, the more her tits shake and beg to be sucked. Anal is a little slow as his cock is just too big for that puckered pooper, but give her an A for effort. (AA for anal effort.) Eventually, she works her fingers on her clit and takes most of him the backdoor. Her well fucked ass gives way to stream of cum fired right into her mouth. It makes her gag a bit, but she keeps trying.
Bolivia is a Hungarian brunette with pretty, dark eyes. She doesn’t look as fresh as some of the other girls, but has lovely boobs and is still a cut above the average porn slut. After spitting on her shaved slit, Erik eats it while Bolivia smiles into the camera. With her pretty lips around his cock, she sucks his dick in that special way that the Euro chicks do, with lots of eye contact and super model looks on their faces. She even looks at the camera while being fucked doggy style, glancing back over her shoulder. Her ass looks really nice, round deep cheeks and a nice tone to it. Very nice close ups of her pussy as he pumps her slowly on the edge of a bench. Check out the Hungarian Hooters on this babe, what a set. Erik pounds the shit out of that tight pussy for a very long time, enjoying every stroke as much as she is. Right out of her pussy he goes, shooting cum onto her tongue and right into that mouth where is trickles down her throat. He even manages a quick fuck and second pop. Bolivia is quite the little cum slut.
There is a ton to love in this movie, and I’ve covered most of it for long enough. I’ll just focus on two really outstanding reasons to get this flick. All of the girls are attractive and give good scenes, but two make this a keeper. First is Cheyanne. Yes, she is the next big thing if she wants to be. Her face is fresh and cute, the body out of this world and she does well with Lex. What I liked best is that her personality comes across in this scene. Thankfully, Vince doesn’t feel the need to add stuff to degrade and humiliate the new girl and just lets us enjoy her fucking. The second reason this movie is a cut above is Gauge. I know she mostly works with her boyfriend, but she takes on two cocks in this movie and those eyes are fucking amazing. For these two reasons and the dozen I have mentioned above, I’ll make this the pick of the week and one of Vince’s best movies to date.

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