Lil Women Teen Army Bratz


77 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S Morgan
THEMES: Army Girls, Outdoor Sex, Anal Sex.
STARS: None Listed
By now, you should all know about the Lil Women series. It’s a line of movies from Europe that is full of young, hot Euro-babes. There is always a little story, but most of the time, we can’t understand the dialog so we sort of have to piece it together. I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about the story, but we need something to do in between shots all over those sweet little Euro-faces. If there is a problem for me, it’s that there is never a cast list so I end up with no names to go with the hot little bodies. (A small problem with the girls are as cute as these, I can tell you.)
We start out with troop of military dudes being screamed at by their commander. Each one of them is having a little day dream about hot babes. The first full action comes when the commander catches a female recruit in the bushes. He says something to her and she starts sucking his cock. It looks like this army is looking for a few good cocksuckers and they’ve found on in this brunette. Three of the other guys come upon the two fucking and watch as she rides his hard shaft. This is a fast paced scene that soon has her bouncing her ass up and down on his dick. Very hot scene, especially if you like chicks in camouflage. He shoots a load all over her ass, kicking off the action for these horny soldiers.
One of the men makes into what seems to be an all-female camp complaining of pain in his thumb. A pretty blonde nurse takes him into a tent and starts to administer first aid. Deciding that the best way to treat a sore thumb by breast feeding the patient, this chick shoves her nipple into his mouth. With the other two nurses watch, the share a brief 69 before he dives right in and starts fucking her little pookie. I love the natural tits on this babe and the way she fucks like she’s got a deep itch somewhere that only cock can scratch. He decides he likes her tits as well and fucks her there while she kneels. I always say there isn’t enough tit fucking in porn, but this guy gets to bang those boobs until he shoots a big load up into the air.
Word of this special medical unit travels fast and another guy is in the tent in no time. This time, the other two nurses give him a special two on one treatment that probably isn’t covered by most HMOs. He’s got a blond and brunette taking turns on his cock and both of them are quite good looking. When they share his dick, he nearly explodes, but holds out long enough for them to hop onto him. When he fucks the brunette from behind, her blonde friend takes his dick out from time to time to taste her. I love the way she pulls out and jerks him right onto her face. Very hot.
Another guy goes into the tent, with a head wound. After inspecting him, a stern looking brunette nurse decides to cure his head with some head of her own. Like the other women in this movie, she has nice, real tits and warms up quickly with a dick in her mouth. The nurse bends over and takes dick from behind, giving us a great view of her long legs and tight slit. For some reason, he pulls out only half hard, but then jerks off for her while she fingers her pussy and holds out a stethoscope for the pop shot. Interesting and of course she licks it all off.
I’m pretty sure this same chick ventures into the other camp and is set upon by two of the soldiers. Offering no resistance, she helps them get her uniform off and happily takes both cocks into her mouth. Her pussy and ass get some finger treatment, but it’s cock this babe wants and cocks she gets. One guy slams her from behind while she sucks and strokes the other one. This is an easy position to transition right to anal and gives us a great angle for the butt fucking. Since her ass is already warmed up, DP is a natural progression. Check out how hard the dude fucks her ass. Damn, this girl can take it. After the first guy pulls out and shoots on her asshole, the second enjoys a great handjob into the face.
The head guy ends up in the tent and three nurses start sucking his cock. If this isn’t a dream it should be, because three girls this pretty just don’t get this hot for an old dude’s dong. As they take turns squat fucking him, we get shots of some very firm young backsides. I don’t think I could possibly pick a favorite here because all three girls are really pretty and seem to like dick equally. If this guy leads his troops as well as he fucks young pussy, then they are sure to win the war.
The stern chick catches the girls naked and is pissed for a few seconds. This quickly breaks down into four guys fucking four girls all over the place. A pretty blond with gorgeous long hair sucks a guy off near a pool. No idea where the pool came from, but this girl is a first class knob polisher. In turn, he lets her have a nice ride on his cock. Not part of the whole army theme, this is still a very nice looking scene because the girl is just so appealing. The anal in this scene comes in RCA, letting us get up close and personal with her now stuffed colon. Blondie takes a nice load of cum on her pretty face.
We go right to another blonde for a continuation of the great looking action. This one moves quickly through the anal to some well shot doggy action. She might be a little prettier than the last blonde, but I think I’ll give the last girl the slight edge in sexual performance. (Bottom line, either one would be a lot of fun in a foxhole.) She gets some points back for putting her legs back to her shoulders, but loses them back for taking a shot on her pubes instead of her face.
Next comes a brunette who looks great as she teases her soldier boy. The sex is going a little too quickly near the end of this movie. When we have girls this cute, I’d kind of like to savor them a bit. Still, who can complain about this many hot babes being fucked? This one gets it in the butt, so that kind of sets her apart from the others here at the end. I really like this girl’s pussy and so does he since he shoots his load all over it.
Another brunette uses her feet to wake her man up. From feet, to hands, to mouth, his cock is handled quite nicely by this pretty babe. Since she has a really pretty face, the oral looks great, but look at that ass. I swear, it’s perfect. He ends up fucking her from behind and the legs and tits aren’t bad either. I swear, where do they find these girls? Fresh, natural, totally in love with cock. I want to party with the Lil Women guys an see where the girls come from.
I honestly have no fucking clue what this movie was supposed to be about, but who gives a shit? With a cast of very good looking, young, natural girls who all love sex, we have all we need to in order to enjoy the thing from start to finish. Picking a favorite is always hard when I don’t even have a name to go with the faces, so I’ll just say that the four main chicks in this movie are all worth looking at. Some of the sex scenes are a little short for my taste and somewhat choppier than I like, but other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about this movie. It might be fun to actually be able to understand the silly dialog, but I think you can do a good enough job of figuring it out in between anal boffs.

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