Anal Vision 6




81 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore


THEMES: Anal Sex, Cheerleaders.

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Tami Monroe, Misty Rain, Courtney, Max Hardcore


Taking us back a few years, we get an early Max Hardcore movie that features a couple of interesting performers. You will notice that Melissa is actually anal love babe Misty Rain. Also along for the ride in this one is Tami Monroe. The pint sized little cutie was known for her sweet smile and petite figure, but until this movie (I am 99% certain) her ass was untouched. No chance of that after this movie though. Incidentally, this is another movie that I pulled from my personal collection to show how much I used to like Max. (Since he doesn’t want me reviewing his new stuff.)

Tami gets a phone call from an admirer. In seconds, she is giggling into the phone and enjoying the banter. (Max is right outside the window, but she never bothers to turn around.) Max is almost polite as he has some phone sex with Tami. (Did he just say he wanted to ‘make love’ to her?) His talking gets Tami hot and she slips out of her white dress. Now in just a tiny little bikini, the top heavy little blonde is more than ready to play with any hole Max asks her to. She spreads out and fingers her pussy while talking dirty into the phone. I have to admit this little phone sex idea really works well. Eventually, she see Max at the window and invites him in. He spends a long time licking that tight little pussy before trying that virgin ass out. Max fingers it for a while and finds that she likes it. More from her ass later, but now Max wants the little star on her knees. (She is short enough to suck most guys standing up.) Tami shows a lot of energy here, really opening her mouth wide for some face fucking. As she stares into the camera, Max jerks off in her mouth and slaps her outstretched tongue with his prick. She moves easily to anal, dropping her little frame into his lap and taking that dick right up he butt in one stroke. He puts her tiny frame in all sorts of interesting positions as he bangs that ass raw. Tami seems to like having something in has ass and looks great in pilediver. Her legs are awesome (and the heels stay on) and they can bend all the way back to the floor. I’m surprised to hear her practically yelling for him to fuck her in the ass. Nice bit of tease here as she crawls around, doing a floor show begging for dick in that butt. Tami really pulled out all the stops on this day. He finally picks her up and fucks her big tits. She’s still talking dirty and ends up with a massive load of cum all over her tight lipped face. We’ve never seen Tami like this and never seen her like this since. Her best scene and a true Max classic.

Misty Rain is a more typical Max girl, an anal whore to the core. She has always been to skinny for my taste, but there is something about her I like in spite of that. Maybe it’s those long legs or her do anything attitude, but whatever it is, it has Max hot for her as well. She strips slowly, giving us a nice tease to warm things up for anal action to follow. It runs a little long, but is really shot tease stuff that should be applauded. Misty’s man comes in and starts licking his way up her long thighs to her cute butt. After a lot of ass licking and finger fucking, Misty finally gets around to sucking Chad’s fat cock. (What the fuck is up with the head on this fucker?) Great eye contact, but the lighting is a bit sketchy and she sucks for all of twenty seconds before moving on to the sex. Chad puts her up on a barstool and starts plowing that pussy. This movie was in Max’s video experiment phase, so some of the anal is marred by some odd editing effects. When that isn’t the case, we get to watch that fat cock split Misty’s little buns and see her use her hips to grind down on that fucker. Chad shoots a load all over her face. Not a bad scene, but not nearly as hot as Tami was.

Courtney is a pretty average looking blonde who starts out her scene by cheering for the camera. Hey, put any chick in a cheer uniform and she looks hot right? She shakes her ass pretty well, but the real fun comes once her the cheering stop and the sucking starts. With pumps and little socks to go with her uniform, Courtney spreads her thighs and starts sucking Max’s cock. Nothing like a willing cheerleader to suck your cock on a sunny day. Max goes down and finds out what Courtney has under her short skirt. She loves a finger in the pussy and happily licks her own nipples while Max does his stretching thing. I could do without this part, but once he starts fucking her, Courtney is the perfect little porn slut. Her skirt gets bunched up and Max does to this brunette what we all wanted to do to those cheerleaders cheering at our college football games. (Rog, you went to Fullerton State, did anyone cheer the football team?) Always an anal whore, Courtney rubs her clit while Max fucks her butt. Nice pretty look when she goes RCA with the sweater ties around her neck. Max goes back to what he knows best, finishing her off with a very hard anal piledriver, talking about her fucked cheerleader ass. She may have never been a real cheerleader, but Courtney sure knows how to wear a big load of cum on her face. Another really good scene to close things out.

Even with a pretty bland, if not down right dull middle scene, this tape kicks some serious ass. Misty wasn’t terrible, but the scene just lacked energy and had some bad editing tricks thrown in. That said, let’s get to the good stuff. Courtney’s anal cheerleader act is well shot and quite hot. This babe can take a dick in the butt with the best of them. Still, the single best reason to watch and like this movie is to see Max do to Tami Monroe what no one had done before, bust that pretty little ass. Tami is totally hot and Max does some things I haven’t seen him do often. Bottom line, this scene is worth the price of the tape. One of Max’s finest moments.

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