Nasty Newcomers 17


116 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Eric Allen
THEMES: New Girls, Big Tits, Real Tits
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Kayla Fox, Jane Bond, Miko Lee, Meesha, Gino Greco, Brandy Nash, J Hitchcock, Trinity, Alan Johnson.
The first thing you have to do when you get this movie is laugh at the title. Nasty Newcomers? Most of these girls have come and gone from the business already. Now, you can’t really say that they weren’t new when they were shot. Some of the dates on this thing go back nearly a year. Wouldn’t the point of hiring new girls be to get the movie out quickly so they really are Newcomers? OK, enough of my little rant. Bottom line, we get to some girls doing their first, or close to their first scenes and that can be a wonderful thing. I really like a couple of these girls, Mike Lee, Trinity and Kayla especially. Some of the other ones are new to me, but I’m sure I’ll get to see them up close as soon as I stop typing and start watching.
Kayla Fox and Jane Bond start out in cute little outfits, complete with white socks. Kayla is making a return appearance in the NN line and she has brought her new friend Jane along to help break her video cherry. Jane has nice, real breasts that Kayla can’t wait to play with. What follows is some veggie sex. Even though I like watching Kayla, I’m only slightly interested in watching her lick cookie. There are some very tight shots, especially when it’s Jane’s turn to go down. I like the toy play, especially the strap on action. (Kayla is good with that dick, you wouldn’t want to roll over fall asleep on this babe.) The best action comes when they share opposite ends of a double dildo. What we have is a well shot, fairly low energy veggie boff between two attractive women. Great if you like this sort of scene, but it’s a slow start in my book.
Miko Lee has done a handful of videos in the last year or so, including a gang bang movie. No groups on hand today, just one lucky cock for this smiling Asian doll to play with. After showing off her body, Miko meets Alan Johnson. She pulls off his jeans and starts sucking on his cock. It doesn’t take too long for her to make it hard in her mouth. Nicely shot blowjob, but Miko could have looked into the camera more. (Newcomers do have lessons to learn.) When the fucking starts the action is again right up close. If you want to really see a cock going in and out of Miko’s tight pussy, you’re in luck. For a new girl, Miko is very vocal and quite an active little fuck. Alan really gives her shaved little slit a work out, fucking her from behind and above. Nice piledriver showing off Miko’s hot legs. As she hops on top for some well shot squat fucking, we get long and tight shots. Pulling a great dismount, Miko kneels and takes a nice load right on her face. Pretty girl, hot scene.
Meesha is a rather cute little thing with a nice set of tits and a big smile. We get to really enjoy her tits for a while in the pre-scene interview, but once this babe gets her eyes on a cock, it’s off to the races. She sucks like she’s got heartburn and his dick is filled with antacid. Nothing wrong with an enthusiastic cock sucker. In fact, this is some of the best oral action of the movie. Her rapid head movement makes some of the shots less than perfect, but that’s the price you pay for having a girl so into her work. This girl is quite the hot little find, nearly grinding her way off the couch as her new friend sucks her pussy. Working his way up, the guys takes Meesha from behind. Her fingers rub he clit double time and she takes dick like a dog. She likes it hard and that’s exactly what she gets here, a good solid slam fuck on her hands and knees. It ends with a shot on her face that Meesha licks up, sucking out the last few drops. This babe is on fire. The cumshot doesn’t stop the scene though. He just puts her back onto the floor and keeps fucking her as hard as he can. Whoever wound this little fuck bunny up forgot to find the off button. Another nice facial closes out an impressive scene.
Brandy Nash has a pretty average face but a cute little but, nice tits and a very inviting pussy. J Hitchcock is brought in to explore those tight little folds. They kiss for a bit before she gets down to sucking dick. Nice eye contact during the very close up blowjob. After the last scene, her normal energy level seems low, but there is nothing wrong with the way this girl fucks. She just doesn’t quite do it for me like the last two girls have. Brandy is even the first girl in this movie to do anal and she takes it in the butt just fine. A shot across her face ends fairly well shot, if less than thrilling scene.
Trinity comes along to do a scene with Alan Johnson. Her personality comes across right away, with an irresistible giggle and a smile as impressive as her nearly six foot frame and monster rack. She towers over the camera, but Alan doesn’t seem intimidated. Of course, when she’s lying across his lap, sucking his cock, Trinity isn’t any taller than any other porn chick, and she’s a hell of a lot more appealing than most. Great eye contact as she slowly works his shaft. This big titted blonde knows what to do for the camera and is sure looks like she gives awesome head. We move around behind Trinity for the occasional shot of her playing with herself, but mostly we watch this woman do some mouth magic. Tit fans are doing to love the way she uses her boobs to jerk him off in a nice bit of tit fucking. Once she’s done with that, Trinity is ready to have her cookie filled and lies on the couch with her legs spread for action. Her fingers work her clit while he builds up speed. Trinity likes sex and it shows in this scene. The more cock Alan gives her, the happier she is. Lots of close up shots from just about every angle until he finally pulls out and douses her breasts and tongue with cum.
There are some really hot new babes in this movie. Trinity closes things out and is nothing short of a tit lovers wet fucking dream. Miko Lee has always impressed me and does a really nice one on one fuck this time around. I like Kayla Fox and she bring some heat to her veggie scene. Brandy Nash didn’t do much for me, but Meesha made up for it be being this crazy little fuck beast. Damn girl, someone should hit you with a bucket of ice water. The action is mostly well shot, with a lot of close ups. If anything, I missed some longer shots, but close ups of hot chicks fucking are kind of like insurance or orgasms, you can never have too many. Director Eric Allen has proven he can find hot new girls and shoot them well. Now, if they can just get his Newcomer movies out before the girls enter the porn star old folks home, we’ll be fine.
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