Spies In The House Of Love




72 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Toni English
THEMES: Cheating, Three Ways
STARS: Taylor Hayes, Charlie, Racquel Devine, Bobby Vitale and Julian.
I have been a huge Taylor Hayes fan from the day I saw her in a Seymore Butts flick. I was a little saddened when she went to Vivid because it meant she would have to rein in some of her off the wall anal antics. There haven’t been too many women who are this drop dead gorgeous who can do the sort of nasty anal scenes Taylor did. After losing a lot of weight and joining the Vivid team, Taylor still does some of their hottest scenes and even if we won’t see her do what she used to do, there is still good to reason to hope that this movie will have some better than average, ‘feature-sex’ scenes.
Taylor and Bobby are a couple having marital problems. He’s too tired to party all the time and she’s convinced he’s banging someone else. Across town, Julian is sure that his wife, Racquel Devine is also stepping out on him. Bobby sets out to prove to his lady that he still wants he by shoving his face into her crotch. It’s hard to tell from her facial expressions if she is relaxing and enjoying this, or just bored. Her body is certainly moving around like she’s got a waterworks flowing down there. When she slides on top of him for 69, Taylor spends a lot of time sucking his balls. I don’t care who she works for, when Taylor starts sucking cock, it’s damn hot. The fucking isn’t quite as hot, but Taylor looks good, so that’s a plus. Bobby pulls out and shoots a load all over her belly and pussy. I guess that proves that he isn’t cheating on her.
Racquel is out to prove to her man that she still wants him as well. As soon as this dirty blonde gets Julian’s huge cock out, she’s worshipping it with her hungry mouth. Using her tits, Racquel proves to be a full service foreplay chick. They move through the oral to the fucking. Racquel is enthusiastic for sure, but not as hot to look at as Taylor. This doesn’t make her other scenes bad, but in the tamer feature world, a no anal, no facial Racquel scene, on the heels of a Taylor fuck, is a bit bland.
Still not convinced, Julian and Taylor follow their respective lovers as they hit the town. Oddly enough, Racquel and Bobby meet each other at a bar. Bobby is ready to back out of the affair, but today just happens to be the day he gets to have a three way with Racquel and Charlie. Moral confusion goes right out the window. They all head back to the house while Julian and Taylor keep following. Charlie looks like she’s ready to eat Racquel raw as Bobby just sits back and watches. Taylor and Julian finally figure out that they are both tailing the same action and watch through the window. Charlie is munching down big time as Bobby finds a way to get himself in there. She puts his dick near Racquel’s mouth and it vanishes into her hungry mouth. I’m sure Julian is wondering why his chick didn’t bring home another babe for him to fuck. We all know that this three way is going to lead Julian and Taylor into a scene, but I am happy to report that they don’t do that lame ass cut away thing. Instead, we see this scene through nearly to the end. Charlie is getting a plastic DP that leads Bobby to drop a load on Racquel’s tits. Pretty boring scene, but outside things are heating up.
Taylor and Julian look great together and there is some definite heat in her eyes. (She always did love big cocks.) Again, she does some great ball sucking. There is something about seeing a woman who belongs on the cover of a magazine, on her knees sucking a big cock, that just makes porn a great thing. In turn, Julian licks her ass a little. Who knows, maybe she will actually do anal in this scene. First, she gets in lap and uses the arms of a deck chair to get some nice looking cowgirl going. (Anyone else love positions where only the genitals touch? A weird thing with me.) When she flips over, Taylor lifts and crosses her legs in front of his chest. Julian gives her a pretty hard pounding and she doesn’t mind a bit. No anal and a pop on the tits end a decent, if not spectacular scene.
After that experience, Taylor and Julian track down Charlie and have their own three way with her. Taylor goes right back after that big cock while Charlie does what she loves best, eats pussy. This time, we get a lot of nice eye contact during the blowjob. Damn, these three are pretty. I imagine this is couples eye candy to the max. Since we know Charlie isn’t going to fuck, Taylor gets dicked by Julian again. This is a nicely shot, pretty scene outdoors with good looking performers. Like I said, eye candy, but the actual heat is pretty minimal this time around. Another shot on her belly and the movie is over.
Thankfully, Taylor Hayes carries most of the sexual action in this movie. The plot, if you can call it that, is about a two pager with very little to get interested in. I still say Taylor looks great, gives excellent head, but her scenes are still toned down here. Racquel is a great gonzo fuck, but her scenes are so tame in this movie, I don’t know what to think. Charlie comes in to add some salad to the meat sandwiches and that’s about it. It’s great watching Taylor take on a big cock, but beyond her, there is little to like in this flick.


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