Shane’s World 25




114 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Camera Guy


THEMES: Sex in Cars, Hand Jobs.




STARS: Sky, Jesse, Tasha Hunter, Billy Glide, Jim, Adriana Sage, Dillon Day and Max


After jumping ship and joining the Vivid team for a year, Sky is back with Shane’s World, ready to pick up where she left off. She has such a natural flair on camera that her skills were mostly wasted an ‘actress’ so this should be a happy return. Like the first scavenger hunt video, this one features two teams who must complete some fun, sexy and sometimes sick challenges to get points. I liked the spontaneous action of the first one and I hope that Sky, along with Jesse and personal fave Tasha Hunter have plenty of chances to show off their sexual skills along the way.

Before the games begin, cute Jesse warms things up with a little bedroom sex. Foot lovers may want to note that the guy starts off by licking her feet and toes. Continuing the theme, Jesse gives him a short foot job before sucking his cock. I have really enjoyed watching this girl so far, mostly because she just seems so natural on camera. I get the feeling that fucking Jesse at home would be an awful lot like what I see on screen and that’s a huge turn on for me. When she mounts for reverse cowgirl we get a great view of her perfect tits. Please Jesse, you don’t need to touch them, they are wonderful just the way they are. Very nice high energy fucking with Jesse as fresh and natural as ever. He pulls off his condom and shoots it all over her flat belly. Nice way to start a movie, or a day.

The two teams get their lists and read a few of the missions. I don’t know about eating dog food, but some of them sound pretty fun. The first team has Tasha and Jesse working with Billy and some guy named Jim. They stop and get dog food, wolfing it down quickly. OK, yuck! Sky’s team decides to kill a few birds with their next stop. They find a guy willing to let them dive naked into his pool. He is also willing to let them stick a finger up his ass and give him a hand job. This guy has a serious belly hanging over so I’m sure being wanked off by Sky is quite a treat. When he seems to have some trouble cumming, Adriana masturbates in front of him. That does the trick for this happy dude.

It’s funny, Sky can jerk off a fat stranger, but has trouble eating dog food. Just in time to save the sexual heat, Adriana gets busy sucking dick. This girl is pretty damn hot and certainly knows the value of great hand motion and eye contact while swallowing sword. They slide into a 69, but the real fun comes when Adriana is getting the shit fucked out of her tight little slit. The harder he fucks, the more she pulls her legs back and the more those perfect (real) tits shake. I love the way she sits straight up on him and holds her cheeks apart while fucking him. These two fuck like they wouldn’t stop if the camera suddenly broke, like they would just keep right on screwing and never notice. Instead they fuck until he drops a semi facial on her smiling mug. Another natural hot babe in a great looking sex scene.

Another guy gets pulled in off the streets, this time to finger both Sky and Adriana. (Yeah, just another day in LA.) Sky returns the favor by jerking the guy off with both hands. The next guy has to have his cock turned into a hot dog. The things men will do to have a pretty girl touch the unit. Jesse hits the beach and has to convince a strange chick to kiss her boob. That makes for some fun stuff, but check out the dudes she picks up. Umm, we would like to jerk you off, is that OK? Please! She ends up jerking both guys off at once showing that she is as talented as she is cute. If you’re out at the beach, enjoying the sun, what better way to finish things off than a hand job in the back of a limo for a nineteen year old hottie?

Tasha is working on an event she should be great at, the teammate tit fuck. This woman has incredible tits and Billy is quite lucky to be popping his prick between them. Especially lucky since Tasha sucks him hard first. Great blowjob here as Tasha tries to cram Billy’s fat cock down her throat. I’ve been trying to interview Tasha for a year now and one of these days I am going sit down with her. (Though I probably won’t be as lucky as Billy.) She does tit fuck him and it looks great, but Billy stops in the middle so he can taste Tasha’s twat. Back to the point of the exercise, Billy mounts her chest and starts vigorously fucking those big, beautiful boobs. This becomes a full fledged fuck scene when Billy slides up into Tasha. To complete the task, Billy pulls off his condom and drops his load between her big boobs. Another hottie, another hot scene.

As the games come to a close, Adriana decides she needs to suck some dick to end her day on a high note. Sky joins in and though it’s a tad crowded in the back of the limo, somehow, the action gets shot. Sky does a great job sucking dick, stealing the thunder from Adriana a bit. If hot four way sex in the back of a moving car turns you on, then you’ll enjoy this scene. Personally, I’d ride with Sky anywhere.

Be sure to stay tuned through the final score. Not only do we find out who wins, but we get a bonus Sky scene with a really hot blowjob. Bonus Sky is always good and this is a high energy boff to boot. There is a lot to like about this movie and it will have a very wide appeal. The real, fun scavenger hunt action and good looking cast will likely have a strong couples appeal. Tasha, Sky and Jesse have more than enough sexual heat to carry the load for most rain coaters. It would take a lot from a cast for Adriana to take a back seat, but she comes in fourth in this quartet of great looking, hot fucking babes. Another super fun, sexy movie from Shane’s World. Now, just keep Jesse in mind for the next several volumes and remember that a limo ride for Rog with Sky and Jesse would make a fine birthday present.

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