Assmaster 6



80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials
STARS: Kitty Yung, Vixxxen, Max Hardcore
This is yet another of the defunct Max Hardcore series that I used to really like. These two scene movies weren’t really popular with a lot of people I talked to back then because each scene lasts for so long. However, I really liked them when the two girls were this hot. Both Kitty and Vixxxen are the kinds of girls who could take the hard anal action and big facials with ease and glee. Everyone knows, I’ve not enjoyed the turns Max has taken recently, but this should serve as a reminder, that I don’t hate Max and unlike a lot of people, I appreciate what he has done in this business. He just needs to know that at least one voice wants him to drop the stuff he’s doing now and go back to actual sex that most people can enjoy.
Max walks up to a window and finds pretty Kitty Yung working her little pussy with a big dildo. Of course, he goes into the house and catches her watching porn. She’s got on a cute little sundress with white pumps and lace trimmed socks. He threatens to tell her father that she’s watching them unless she cooperates. Since Max is fucking her sister, she threatens to tell everyone about that. It’s OK, because Kitty really wants to try getting herself fucked anyway. While she’s got his dick in her mouth, he checks to make sure she’s eighteen, then just leans back and let’s this totally hot babe sucks his cock. See, I find that a lot hotter than watching some guy hold a woman’s face and fuck her mouth. (Just my opinion.) Kitty’s head moves rapidly but her hands are busy playing with her hot slit. Max turns around and jacks off while she licks his asshole. That pushes him over the edge, because the shoots a huge load of cum all over her face. Fantastic blowjob scene with a great facial.
Far from being done, Max lays Kitty on the couch and actually licks her pussy for a while. (How long has it been since he’s done that in a movie?) That gets her wet enough for him to work three fingers in. I never went for the stretching stuff he does, but if you like it, enjoy this part. I prefer to look at Kitty who is so inviting it’s a wonder the cameraman didn’t toss the camera down and fuck her as well. He backs away and lets her play with her pussy for a bit. That opens her up for some ass fucking. With those pretty legs up over her head, Kitty gets her anal cherry popped. Great anal sex here, in a perfect position for her body. Putting her on her hands and knees, Max fucks her with the dildo so she can feel a big cock for a while. That makes it easy for him to slide in on top and DP her hot little frame. A second pop lands on her asshole. Great scene from start to finish.
Vixxxen is Max’s new neighbor so she comes over for a chat. Her make up is a little harsh, but there is something very whorish about this blonde babe. She wants to know what Max does with all the young women who come over to his house. More than happy to show her, Max starts sucking on her small, real tits. I don’t remember if Vixxxen ever had her tits done, but she has these hand full boobs that are just perfect. When he goes down on her, Max spreads her pussy open wide enough to see her liver, but at least he’s licking a little bit. Vixxxen likes having her ass licked, but really wants some cock. With a wide mouth and talented tongue, she makes short work of small, hard cock shoved towards her throat. Flat on her belly, Vixxxen easily makes it all disappear and holds it there. No gag reflex working here. Maybe this is why Max has later taken to forcing women to gag? Since she’s on her stomach, her tight asshole is an easy mark as he moves around behind her prone body. Max pops some lube on the bud and behind to hammer away at her asshole. Going for some reverse cowgirl, we get to see her pussy close up as well as her stuffed sphincter. Vixxxen does A2M like it’s nothing, again showing that she can hold her mouth open and still take his whole cock. Like before, it’s the woman sucking cock, not the man holding her down and fucking he mouth that makes for a hot blowjob scene, so huge props to Max and Vix here. He does hold her still for the pop, not that Vixxxen would shy away from a big load of protein. Another nice facial to end another great scene.
The scenes are longer than in his new stuff, but the heat is consistent throughout the marathon fuck sessions. Kitty is so hot in this scene, I am tempted to call it her best performance ever. Vixxxen works well with Max, taking everything he’s got and wanting more. He may be pushing the age thing with Kitty, but Max hasn’t yet gotten into the P4P that spoils his new movies for me. As such, this movie is just about perfect. Great anal and oral action here and of course, it’s well shot. (One thing everyone has to admit is that Max shoots scenes well.) Watching this, I can see why I was such a huge Max fan. I just miss great fuck tapes like this one.

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