Debbie Does New Orleans


77 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Cheating
STARS: Sky, Blair, Maya Devine, Alexa Rae, Temptress, Vivian Valentine, Chandler, Devon Wolf, bobby Vitale, Eric Everhard, Eric Masterson, Johnny Gallon, Dillon Day, Steve Taylor.
We start out our Vivid feature month by taking a look at a woman who is already an ex-Vivid girl, Sky. We also pick up on the Debbie series about sexy cheerleaders who love to fuck. Sky is taking over for Lexus in the lead and her personality alone should make things more fun to watch. Paul Thomas is at the helm with David Stanley providing the script. By now, you should all know that I think Stanley is one of the unsung talents in this business. Also in the cast are a couple of women who have become Wicked Girls, Alexa Rae and Temptress so this should be a lot of fun.
Wasting no time, we begin with a live sex show. A couple of baseball players are having their knobs polished by a couple of girls who may be cheerleaders. Temptress is one of the girls and I believe the other is Vivian Valentine. They do some side by side standing doggy, but the action cuts back and forth a bit too quickly for my taste. The scene ends quickly with some pop shots on the necks of the ladies. More filler than anything, which is too bad if it’s the only Temptress action we see.
We cut to a post game locker room where Sky and fellow cheerleader Blair are discussing Sky’s man troubles. Blair convinces her that a final fling in New Orleans is a great idea. Of course, when she finds out that he’s cheating, all bets are off. It takes us a little while, but Sky ends up being fingered in the bathtub by Alexa Rae. They move to the bed for some toy action, but as much as I like Sky, this scene is very vanilla veggie action and it bores me. I do like the way Sky sucks her cum off the strap on, but it would have been a hundred times hotter if it weren’t girl/girl.
Blair and Maya are out on the town and take a couple of young guys into a warehouse for a four way fuck. A couple of he-shes watch and provide some comic moments. Both women looks cute and provide plenty of eye candy as well as some pretty hot action. Like the first scene, there is too much quick cutting to ever really enjoy either woman however. I do dig the two open mouthed facials. Both of these women are hot no matter what they’re doing.
We move forward with some scenes that don’t always seem to make sense. Sky meets a guy (Devin Wolf) and takes Blair to meet him. They cruise the city which is nice, but it goes on way too long. Eventually they make it to the unusual theatre for a show. He tells them stories while they watch Chandler fuck herself with a big dildo on stage. Eventually, Sky finds her way into Devin’s lap and starts sucking his cock. Most of the attention is till on Chandler and I have to say she’s doing a very hot solo number, but what about Sky swallowing sword? Actually, they cut away to an outdoor three way so no one has to compete with the hot stage show. Now both Sky and Blair can try and outdo each other when it comes to sucking cock. Frankly, I’d stick my dick in either mouth and enjoy the ride. There is a really nice shot of Blair bent over at the waist while Sky reaches around Devin to jerk him off. Best shot of the scene by far.
They make their way home and are at it again. This time Sky sucks his cock while Blair plays with herself in a chair. She ends up nailed on the floor then again up against the rail. This time, just as Blair starts to get into the action, they retire to the bedroom. Oh, that doesn’t look too good. As they tumble through the door, Sky’s ex-fianc�e is waiting with roses. The web is getting tangled now. The end result is no pop shot to finish the scene.
Damn, things get very strange near the end. To save the man she loves from a fate worse than death, Sky has to make herself the main attraction at the oddball theatre. (Missing the big game in the process.) She cheers a little, then gets it on with TT Boy in front of a whole crowd of onlookers. He gets a little rough, but she can take and starts to really suck his cock like a pro. Sky is such a little hottie, how did she ever end up at Vivid? With her uniform still partially on, Sky goes to her back for some hard fucking and loves every stroke. She looks great on her belly, sticking that ass up and begging him to fuck her harder. The guys in the audience are getting quite a show. (Especially since Sky is supposed to be somewhat famous.) TT fires a huge wad of cum right into her mouth and the pretty blonde licks it clean then sucks the final few drops of his rod.
I lost track of this movie about halfway through. I think David Stanley had a lot of things in mind with this script, but they just didn’t make it to the screen. With a plot that makes no sense, this movie has to rely on the sex and that’s not a terrible thing in this movie. Sky is very cute and quite the energetic little fuck bunny. When she is on screen, we’re fine. Her final fuck with TT works really well, and the three way with Blair is hot. Other than that, this movie falls flat. It’s a huge waste of chicks like Temptress and the whole (universally appealing) cheerleader theme. I never thought I would like a Lexus Debbie movie more than a Sky one, but I do in this case. (Though it’s not Sky’s fault.)

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