New Wave Hookers 6


120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Antonio Passolini
THEMES: Prostitutes.
STARS: Ginger Lynn, Tina Tyler, Barrett Moore, Kylie Ireland, Kiki D’Aire, Monique DeMoan, Ryan Conner, Tyce Bune, Kyle Stone, Mickey G, Sean Michaels, Michael J Cox, Cheyne Collins, Voodoo, Steve Hatcher & Pat Myne.
I was quite pleased to see Ginger comeback and her first two flicks have been pretty good. However, I am even more excited to see her pair up with Antonio Passolini for the latest movie in the popular series. Both Lynn and Passolini have a lot to live up to. Ginger’s DP in the original NWH may be her most famous scene and is certainly one of the more memorable scenes in porn history. Passolini takes over a series that has been directed by such greats as Greg Dark and Michael Ninn. Passolini has shown stylistic brilliance in the past and seems to have grasped the fact that no matter how he dazzles us, we still need to see some hot chicks getting boned silly. So, with high expectations, I venture into the mind of Antonio Passolini and the pants of Ginger Lynn.
This is the story of Audrey, (Ginger) the owner of a garage who has everything she needs in life except for love. Audrey has a thing for Chip, but he doesn’t know she’s alive. When she finally gets up the courage to tell him, she finds Kylie Ireland bobbing her dream man’s knob. Painful for her, but fun for us. I’m not sure Kylie looks like a mechanic, but she knows what to do with a hose. (Or rod, or piston or even axel if you prefer.) Her pink bra and panties look great on, but even better in a heap at her feet once he gets them off. After tasting her shaved cookie, he slips her the hard one and Kylie is enjoying it immensely. Not only does he work her pussy, but this delivery guy puts one on her back porch as well. Great low angle close ups of the anal. I could have done without the slow motion cumshot, but it’s still a nice opening scene.
Upset, Audrey kills herself and ends up in a purgatory that only porn could create. It’s the sitting room of a bordello. Ginger is more than a little shocked to find out that she’s a whore and is late for her first client. She is suddenly in a doctor’s office, being probed by Dr. Stinkie Pinkie. (Sean Michaels) To test her reflexes, he puts his cock in her mouth. (Porn logic) Ginger starts out slowly, but gets her incredibly skilled mouth to work on Sean’s long cock. The only problem with the blowjob is that it’s too short. Sean licks her pussy just long enough to get Ginger totally hot for deep penetration, then pops his prick deep into her blonde slit. A lot of people have been waiting a long time to see Ginger on her hands and knees with a black cock deep in her body. (Those people will likely not be with us for a while as they will be recovering from extreme dehydration.) For the climax, Ginger uses both hands to stroke Sean into her mouth then opens wide for a great facial. (Sean’s been saving up.) Love the no slo-mo Ginger facial. This one is a keeper.
This is all part of the learning process for Ginger, so Tina Tyler tells her to sit back and watch the next lesson. It’s a three way lesbian scene in a blow up pool. Now usually I don’t go in for the veggie action, but Monique DeMoan and Kiki D’Aire are two of the chicks and I really dig both of them. (Ryan Conner is the other and she’s not bad either.) I am hoping that Monique comes back later to fuck some guys as well, but even this scene is pretty dame hot. Ginger seems to really enjoy it when they do some double dildo anal action.
Ginger’s next experience is to serve a couple of too horny for their own good sheiks. She starts out with a slow and sexy dance that doesn’t last quite long enough. Fear not, as hot as the tease is, it’s much hotter to see Ginger with a dick in her mouth. If you have to pay for sex, it’s good to at least get someone who is so fucking great at what she does. When she can’t quite keep them both happy, Ginger leans back lets them finger her and moves her head back and forth as fast as she can. She hops on one of them and he starts grabbing her ass, holding it in place for a little DPP. A more traditional DP follows and this is where Ginger excels. After deep fucking her, both guys shoot all over her sexy little ass. Ginger still has the ability to fuck like a monster and this scene has true heat.
In a flashback, Ginger sees her auto shop classmates making fun of her. Unlike the driven Ginger, Barrett Moore knows what the boys really want. Not only does she know, but Barrett is willing to give it to the whole class. After sucking the four guys hard, she stands up, sucks a cock and makes her pussy open for action from behind. Barrett is far from drop dead gorgeous, but she has a nice body and great sexual energy in this scene. The guys take turns pounding away on her pussy, then line up for a shot at her ass. With moves like this, Barrett isn’t going to have to finish any class at school. All she has to do is put out until she finds a guy rich enough to buy her everything. Anal and DP all around as the guys fuck Barrett for a long time, finally dumping multiple shots of jizz on her face and in her mouth.
Since Ginger was never able to get what she wanted in life, she’s still suffering in the after life. Tina has her suspended in a sex swing and taunts her in some pretty serious fetish clothes. Since Ginger really wants to be a slave, this all plays perfect. Tina unties one of her slaves, Mickey G and warms him up. She brings Mickey over and has Ginger suck his cock. The lighting is very nicely done here, but it’s a bit distracting, especially since Ginger seems intent on swallowing all of this cock with some help from Tina’s hands on her head. Great desperation in the oral sex here, totally hot. Tina puts Ginger back in the swing and moves in to do some sucking of her own. When he’s good and ready, Mickey gets a condom slapped on and has Tina working him over with some spirited RC fucking. I don’t know if it’s the fetish gear, or if Tina is just really into her scene here, but damn, she goes off. Still hungry for more, Mickey moves over and eats Ginger until she quakes and screams up a storm. Standing up, his cock is in perfect line with her pussy and again, with Tina helping, it’s time to push Ginger onto a cock. This is the most artsy looking scene of the film and while it is distracting at times, mostly I love the way Passolini has combined the look, with hot sex. Of course, having Ginger turn her face skyward for another facial is always a great idea.
Given a second chance, Ginger returns to the world of the living and this time, she doesn’t hesitate. When she catches Kylie with the deliver guy, Ginger asserts herself, sending Kylie away and attacking the young stud. He’s shocked by her new attitude, but anxious to taste her pussy. This time around, Ginger is in control so all of ‘women should know their role and lie there’ guys will want to run away from this one quickly. Frankly, if having her in charge means getting this kind of hand and blowjob action, I’ll take it any day. He does some toe sucking and while I’m not into that, I know a lot of you are and will be happy to see her give a foot job as well. Great talk and the way she sucks the head of his cock while jerking the shaft and staring into the camera…well, if you haven’t blow a load yet, now is a good time. When she mounts his cock. Ginger squat fucks in such a way that she’s jerking his dick off with her tight pussy. This becomes a very high energy fuck with Ginger commanding a facial shot right in her mouth.
I expected a lot from this movie and I wasn’t disappointed. Ginger carries the bulk of the sexual action, including a DP, a great scene with Sean and a final fuck that really shows how hot she can be. If I were casting, I would have pulled Monique or Kiki out of the lesbian scene and had them take over for Barrett in her gang bang. Passolini has presented a tight script that doesn’t try to dazzle us with too many twists, but moves the action alo
ng nicely. Technically, this movie is more than sound, it’s great looking. What I like best about the visual style of this movie is that it doesn’t get in the way of the sex. Sure, the Ginger/Tyler/Mickey scene has some artsy elements, but the fact is, it’s really well done. (and there is only one scene like it.) Thanks to great performances from Ginger and Tina Tyler, this is probably Passolini’s best movie sexually and perhaps his best to date. It’s certainly the best movie Ginger has made during her comeback and a pretty good bet to be up for some awards come AVN Show time.

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