Cherry Poppers 3


110 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Young Women, Real Tits.
STARS: Kitty Yung, Sydney Dance, Sierra Blaze, Vanella Simms, Jerry Pike and Max Hardcore.
To kick off Max Hardcore feature month on, I am going to dig into my own collection and review a movie I bought a few years ago. This was back before I did any shopping on the net and I would go from store to store just to see who carried the Cherry Poppers movies (and some other lines) and who would actually part with them. Some of my favorite mid 90’s porn chicks are in this volume, including Kitty Yung and Sydney Dance. The girls are dressed in silly little flowered sundresses that only children wear but at this point the hot girls and well shot sex still overshadowed the stuff I have been reviewing lately.
Kitty is looking through her sister’s room, even trying her lipstick when Max comes in looking for the (presumably) older sibling. Max is eager to teach her all of the things that a pretty eighteen year old should know. Even dressed in this ridiculous outfit, Kitty is super hot and plays the giggling shy girl part perfectly. Even trying to be shy, she is a great cock sucker. When they move into the bedroom, Kitty looks great on her hands and knees, enthusiastically rocking her whole body forward to take him deep into her mouth. This gets Max ready for some fucking and since this is porn, Kitty is ready to give it a try as well. She pulls her legs back invitingly and lets him fuck her little slit. I would have liked to see her lose the stupid dress so we can see her body, but Kitty is such a cutie, this is still hot. She actually seems to be having a good time and this is something seriously missing from current Max flicks. As soon as she gets on top, Max slides his dick back an inch and up her butt it goes. Kitty gets a good bounce going, then spins around to face the camera. Again, her dress and panties cover too much of the action, but it’s still a treat to watch this petite Asian doll bounce on his dick with her tight little ass. This good, hard assfuck ends with Max holding her chin with one hand while he jerks a huge load of cum all over her open mouth and face. One of the best facial shots Kitty ever took and a great scene in spite not losing the dress.
Jerry Pike sees Sierra strolling down the street in her plaid skirt and can’t help himself. He just has to follow her. Taking her by the hand, Pike leads her to the playground for a spin on the swings. Sierra is kind of cute and wears glasses to complete the studious look. Pike pulls aside her panties and fingers her shaved slit while she just sits back and moans. Since she is new to this, her cocksucking is a bit in need of work, but Jerry wants his dick in her pussy anyway. They use the swing nicely, letting Sierra hand there while he fucks her. Moving to the slide, Pike makes her stand on the ladder while he stands below for some improvised doggy fucking. Nice looking, but won’t her arms get tired? I don’t think this what the designers had in mind when they made this swing set, but it holds together really wall as Pike slam fucks his new friend on the love seat. Another nice facial to close out a pretty good scene with a pretty hot chick.
Sydney Dance is out for a day in the sun. This girl is pleasantly pudgy with a super cute face and a habit of doing her too-cute voice to perfection. When she finds a private spot, Sydney takes a dildo out of her box and starts to suck it coyly. Her giggles and coos are almost too much, but this face was made to be around a cock, so her pseudo blowjob is still a lot of fun. When Max catches her, he makes sure the Sydney understands the seriousness of her fooling around. Once she gets her mouth around a more manageable dick, it’s all the way to the root with ease. This sexy brunette looks like she could live on cock for long stretches at a time. Sydney had s pretty, chubby little pussy that Max rubs for along time while he gets her ready. As pretty as that pussy is, you know Max wants the ass and Sydney’s is about as tight as he could hope for. I can’t imagine anyone passing up a pussy this pretty, but he eventually shoves his cock into her ass without ever trying the straight hole. Actually, this busty babe on her back with her legs in the air and her ass plugged is a pretty fucking hot sight. When she gets up and starts riding him, Sydney fills the air with hot talk. (Please, Max, bring this back. Some of us like hearing women making noise and talking dirty.) He starts giving her some verbal shit, but mostly, this is one super hot ass fuck with a big wad of cum shot all over her pretty face. Sydney is fucking hot and this is the kind of scene that made Max a hall of fame smut maker.
Finally we get Vanella Simms who is tired of doing her homework and decides to watch some TV. When Max catches her slacking off, he decides that there are better things to have her to than learn geometry. He’s got his whole verbal arsenal out, calling her a cunt and rubbing her pussy. It’s sometimes better to just turn the sound down and look at the women Max shoots rather than listen to him talk. Vanella looks nothing like a schoolgirl and is quite pretty even with a hand buried in her cunt. Eventually, he works around to her ass, opening up for his cock. With her legs up over the sides of the chair, Vanella looks fantastic and with the sound down, we don’t even have to deal with the half and half dialog. Again, we get great shots of her bouncing RCA in his lap. No one shot this kind of shit before Max, (OK, maybe they did, but I never noticed it) and it’s still some of the best raw anal action around. While he fucks her ass, Vanella nearly fists her pussy and manages to talk nasty about herself just enough to nearly drown him out. He finally stands up and drops a big load all over her face and glasses. Hot babe, I wonder what ever happened to her?
Three of the four scenes in this movie are really good and even Sierra has some appeal. Kitty, Sydney and Vanella are very cute girls with no tats, real tits and all three know how to fuck. You can see some of the seeds of Max’s current stuff, but thankfully, most of the action is not in the violent or P4P areas. Kitty’s scene has some of the themes, but she overshadows Max with her great oral skills and fine petite figure. Sydney is such a talker that she blocks out Max’s voice most of the time. (A HUGE sexual plus for those of us who like to jerk off to women.) Vanella is a chick who I only saw in Max movies, but she handles him well and adds a lot to this movie. While not his very best tape, this movie is a perfect example of why I am so hard on Max now. Not because I hate him, but because I miss the great porn he used to make. There are still some of us out here who don’t get off on P4P or need to see a guy degrade a woman to get off.

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