Shades Of Sex 4


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100 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Marsupio


THEMES: Black Women, Interracial Sex, Big Tits

2000 (6/98)

STARS: Essence, Sana Fey, Tye, Meka, Vivica Coxx, Trixxi Starr, Montana West, Jake Steed, Tyce Bune, Julian, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer.


Like all Toxxxic lines, the ‘Shades of Sex’ series features a half dozen or so women who have sex that follows the theme. In S of S movies, it’s generally interracial sex that takes center stage. Unlike so many lines in porn, this one doesn’t ignore the fact that interracial means all races. (And the fetishists gasp that I dare say a black woman with a white man is interracial.) With a nice mixture of black and white babes in this movie, I’m sure we will see plenty of black on white, black in white, white in black and mostly pink in pink action.

Montana West starts things off and she’s not a great woman to lead off with. She’s leggy with a decent sized, real rack, but her face just doesn’t cut it. Jake starts out between her thighs, licking her pussy, but we have to look at that mug and her terrible haircut. (Did she pay someone to look like that?) Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t the ugliest girl you will ever see in a movie, especially when she’s working on Jake’s cock. I just don’t see a whole to like about this scene. Montana is not easy on the eyes and she mostly fucks like she’s going through the motions. No matter what shade you’re looking at, a dull fuck is a dull fuck.

Tye and Sana Fey team up on Julian’s cock. Sure, there is enough dick for both of them, but what shades is this supposed to represent? Shades of white? Or are we going for the ‘if Julian is Italian and Tye is Irish, isn’t that…’ angle. These two busty babes start sucking his cock together, each taking a side and doing a great job of working that thing into fighting shape. Tye is one of those women who just didn’t do that many scenes, so every time you watch her fuck, it’s a treat. On the other hand, Sana Fey is quite the size queen, always ready to rock the big boys. Julian just sits back and lets the women just use his cock as a pulsing sex toy. Tye lies on her back, throws her legs high in the air and invites Julian to fuck her hard enough to make those real tits shake about on her chest. This chick is very vocal and loves hard, deep sex. It takes a lot for Sana Fey to sit back and just let the action happen, but she isn’t about to get in the way of Tye’s wild climax. Her patience is rewarded with a long ride on that huge prick. Her tits do some moving as well, though it’s not quite the same as watching real tits. Fans of big tits and big round asses will love watching these two take turns being fucked raw. For the finish, they share his load, kissing each other in a final bit of cum swapping for our pleasure.

Meka Johnson is a petite little cutie who doesn’t look nearly big enough to handle Vince Vouyer’s cock. Not letting that slow her down, she grabs the shaft and lovingly licks the tip, taking it between her soft lips. Check the little tongue curl she does while working up his shaft. There’s a trick for all the ladies to memorize. Meka has a very pretty face and cute little butt to highlight a great looking total package. Vince lies back, swings her up on top of him and enjoys a taste of chocolate taco while letting Meka keep right on sucking. By the time she mounts him, that little puss is dripping and ready for a hard ride. You can really see just how petite she is when he’s fucking her from behind, really bumping into her butt. The close ups are nice, showing a very pink inside and tight lips that grip his shaft. (white, black, pink, nice color contrast.) After a modified piledriver, Vince pulls out and shoots onto Meka’s pretty face. It’s clear she is not digging the facial pop and that kind of wrecks an otherwise hot scene.

Trixie is a decent looking woman with a big set of saggy boobs and a few dozen extra pounds on her frame. We start on her face though, and Trixie has nice eyes, a wide mouth and lips that were just made for sucking dick. Mark is not a small guy, but Trixie takes him nearly to the root with seemingly no effort at tall. When he lays her on the bed, Trixie’s long legs look pretty decent and that ass does plenty of jiggling when Mark start pounding in and out of her pussy. This chick likes to get freaky and that includes taking cock in her snug rosebud. Mark’s cock fits all the way up that butt. Not a perfectly porn proportioned girl, Trixie can take it in the ass well and gets a very big load of cream on her smiling face.

Vivica Coxx makes the other girls in this movie look waif like. She’s not big all over though, just in the booty. I kind of like a big booty on some women, but this butt is just fat. Viv is also a tad on the manly looking side so watching her deep throat Tyce Bune’s cock isn’t the great sight it might have been with another woman. He spreads her legs for some eating, then starts fucking her. Be careful Tyce, if she clamps down with those thighs, she could totally crush you. What’s really strange about this bottom heavy chick is that her tits are so small. There have been some not so hot women in this movie, but Vivica really does nothing more me, even though she isn’t a dead fuck and does take a facial.

Finally Essence takes her turn. She too has small tits, but at least they fit her body a little better. Her round ass is rather inviting, so Jake Steed goes down there fingering her slit to a full froth. For guys who like long legs and round, big asses, this dark skinned babe will fill all your needs. Though she only takes the tip of his cock, Essence seems to have some little tricks that make things work for Jake. While she works, Jake reaches around and starts fingering her slit. Oh, she had better be ready for more than just a finger. Reverse cowgirl gives us an up close look at her spread pussy as Jake fucks her from below. He slams the full length of his rod up her slit, making those balls slap her pussy hard. Essence can take a big cock and really love every inch. With the exception of Meka, this is the best looking, hottest fucking sista in the movie. While she rides him, her ass is right in the camera, giving us a great look at her asshole. Do we see it violated? Nope, but we do get to watch Jake paint her tiny titties and hard nipples with a very nice load.

The biggest problem with this movie is that the cast just isn’t that good looking. If you remove Tye and Meka from the mix, you are left with very little to look at. Let’s start with the good stuff though. Meka is a hot little thing who turns in a great scene with Vince. Tye’s tits alone are worth watching in her three way with Sana Fey. The rest of the cast is forgettable in both looks and worse yet, in sexual energy. There are plenty of better movies from Toxxxic and other than the two scenes I just mentioned, there is nothing really worth watching in this one.

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