Oral Consumption 2


140 Mins.

THEMES: Oral Sex, Toe Sucking, Rimming, Feet Licking.
STARS: Christy Parks, Cheyenne, Gia Regency, Kacey, Kiri, April, Skylar Knight, Paige Sinclair, Maxi Everson, Bailey, Shawna Sexton, Ashley Shye, Mei-Yu, Ryan Conner.
Mike John has taken over for Kahn Tusion for the second video in this series. I got to see some of part one as it was being edited and it was certainly different. From the looks of things (A picture of a pretty girl sucking some dude’s toe on the cover) this one is going to be just as unusual. For those who might grab this movie thinking it is just another blowjob video, beware. Oral Consumption is more than just pretty chicks sucking dicks. There is toe sucking, foot licking and ass rimming. Pretty much anything that can be shoved into a woman’s mouth, is. Does it work? Let’s find out.
Kacey (That’s how she’s credited on the box, though her ‘real’ name is used in the interview) opens things up. She is very cute, a little shy and admittedly nervous. A big part of the OC format is a series of questions asked throughout the interview and sex that are designed to humiliate and degrade the women. Sometimes, these questions are funny, but mostly they just leave nagging questions for me. Kacey takes on two cocks and shows some world class When she has her tongue up one Marcus’ ass, Mike starts asking her about her family. I can’t say I like watching rimming, so I’m ready to see her suck some dick again. There is a do-anything attitude thing in this act that is appealing, but I don’t need to be that close to any dude’s asshole. Even less appealing to me is the whole licking of feet and toes. Hey, I’m sure this feels great, but as a visual turn on, it’s equal to rimming or watching Ed Powers fuck. What makes it worse is that there is something seriously wrong with Mr. Marcus’ feet. Dude has some serious shit going on down there. After the guy’s toe fuck her ass finally watch them cum in her mouth. You know, had this been a blowjob movie only, I would really have a lot of praise for it. As it stands, I think we’re going to see a lot of HMA (Hairy Man Ass) and toes for the next two hours.
Christy Parks is a tall, super busty chick who is built for sex. Her personality comes across big time during the interview portion, making me want to see her suck all the more. As soon as she starts sucking, those awesome tits come into play. Don’t you just love it when a woman can wrap her boobs around a cock and jerk it off in her cleavage? After a great first person BJ with cum swallowing facial, Christy starts sucking toes. Combine this with some ass licking and we go from something I totally dig to something that does nothing for me. (But hey, shrimping and rimming fans are going to stroking themselves silly right about now.)
Paige Sainclair is new to ass licking, but she can do double vag, so I don’t think she’ll be too freaked out. Hold the phone, what’s up with the dude’s pimply ass? OK, I need to go puke now. Great, I come back and find her sucking dirty guy toes. When this eighteen year old is sucking cock, the scene is actually quite hot. It’s just the fetish-y stuff that leaves me wondering.
Since all of the scenes are basically the same set up, I am going to treat this movie like a blowjob vid and hit the highs and lows. Basically, every girl sucks cock, eats cum, licks ass, sucks toes and answers questions that cut right to the bone. Mei-Yu, Cheyenne, Gia, Kiri, April, Ryan Conner, Ashley Shey, Shawna Sexton and Skylar Knight all get the same treatment. This cast ranges from super, super hot, to fairly hot looking women, but all of them do every nasty thing Mike asks them to do. They all get an A for effort.
I’m a little mixed on this movie. On one hand, it’s got all the great blowjob footage I would expect from Mike John. On the other hand, I find toe sucking and ass licking totally unappealing. As a blowjob movie, this would have been really good, and if you happen to like the toe and ass licking stuff, I’m sure there is nothing on the market that can touch it. I am hesitant to say this is a fetish movie, but I would have fast forwarded through a lot. So if you’ve always wanted to see a well-shot movie where chicks lick guys’ toes and asses, grab this one. The rest of us will wait for Mike John to make a pure blowjob flick.

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