Naughty Little Nymphos 4


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84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
THEMES: Young Women, Costume Sex, Pseudo-Incest.
CONDOMS: None Noted
2000 (4/00)
STARS: Niki, Sonnie, Lea, Julianna, Summer.
I am new to this series, but I only need to see two words to get a feel for what sort of movie it’s going to be, Jim Powers. He has been behind some of the most unusual, envelope pushing and often sexy porn over the past several years. You just know that things are going to be done with tongue firmly inserted in cheek when Powers takes on yet another naughty girl series. The girls on the box look fresh faced and cute but not like the little girls some other lines like to push. From the looks of things, the perversion in this line will come from all over with some hot themes and some not so hot ones along the way.
Lea is supposed to be young enough to be grounded by her parents, yet has a hot co-ed body. Her adventure is told through voice over in the style of “Where the Wild Things Are.” OK, a little sick, but pretty funny. She tames a couple of wild beasts, then rewards them with a hot fuck. Like the Perverted Stories stuff he’s done, Powers has his male talent in animal costumes as the cute young blonde suck their cocks. Lea has very pretty eyes and gives a lot of contact as she works on the rising rods. The huge costumes make her look really small which is actually kind of cool. Lea looks great squatting on cock. It looks like the best way to tame the wild things is to let them fuck you in the ass. At least that’s the first thing Lea tries. Very nicely shot anal here, but it’s the perfect tits and pretty face that really stand out. After they DP her cute little bod, both guys unload on her pretty face. Lea sucks every last drop out of both of them. Very hot opening three way. (If you don’t mind guys in funny suits.)
When Sonnie’s step dad catches her smoking, he is really pissed. She reminds him that she’s over eighteen and can do what she wants. Defiance may be a turn on for him, or perhaps it’s just the sight of this well put together babe in a bikini that does it for him. (It sure does for me.) Later that night, he joins her in bed and she’s not nearly as defiant. In fact, Sonnie lets him suck on her pretty titties and finger her young, dripping slit. She is a loud little thing with a smooth, puffy pussy and a tight looking asshole. I don’t know if this guy still loves his wife, but he certainly enjoys the feel of her daughter’s mouth around his cock. She shows a lot of skills and that body is certainly worth a tumble. Nice low angle footage as she rides RCA, showing off those bare lower lips. Eventually, the action turns anal with little Sonnie (And shouldn’t that be Sunny? Or Sunnie?) taking dick in her ass like she’s been doing it for years. His shot misses much of her face, but Sonnie still gets enough cum on her to make her a sticky young thing.
Summer is very angry with Julianna Sterling. She is putting the moves on the boy Summer likes. Rather than get in a cat fight, she decides to get a little sweet revenge. She watches as Julianna blindfolds the guy and starts sucking his cock. (A little game he likes to play.) When Julianna has to get up to pee, Summer makes her move. Sadly, we cut back and forth from the little blonde sucking cock to Julianna taking a piss. (Bone kill, totally.) When the women confront each other, he quickly makes peace and a threesome breaks out. (Only in porn my friends.) Three’s company in this bed as they form a mini-daisy chain and all start sucking nasty parts. Julianna really takes charge of this scene, directing the action and really enjoying the little blonde. The scene sort of fizzles though without much to carry it other than Julianna’s well done and fairly enthusiastic anal. Double facial, but this is the least interesting scene in the movie so far.
Niki Moore is just a cute young thing looking for a quiet place to study. How was she to know that it’s a Canadian game preserver. Mountie Dave Hardman makes her the deal we all know is coming. If she shuts up and sucks his cock, he won’t report her to the enviro-police. Learning her lessons quickly, Niki shows some good skills and gives nice eye contact. She’s also got some serious funbags to play with. Though eye candy for sure, Niki is a bit dead even as Dave fucks her ass. It picks up near the end, but when the camera moves in we have a number of flies buzzing around the action. Big time piledriver anal with a decent facial.
The scenes in this movie start out very hot and get cooler as the tapes goes on. (Which makes sense for the average stroker. Who makes it to scene four if the first two are white hot?) Lea’s costume beast fuck is very odd, but this little thing is so damn hot that the weirdness takes nothing away from her anal antics. Pseudo-Incest aside, Sonnie is another fun to watch little prick cushion who makes this tape worth looking at. Surprisingly, Julianna Sterling’s scene left me a little flat. She is usually a great performer, but this one just didn’t seem to generate as much heat as it should have. Niki is cute, but her scene just felt like two people going through the motions. Overall, this is a well shot tape with a lot of raunch and generally nicely set up vignettes. More like the first scene and less like the finale and this series will shoot up the charts rather quickly. fc

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