Eye Contact 3



85 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Ferrell Timlake
Xplor Media
THEMES: Amateur Chicks, Big Natural Tits, POV Sex.
CONDOMS: None Noted
2000 (5/00)
STARS: Angel Black, Mandi Moorcock, Natalie, Gem, Diamond, Therese, Gina.
We?re up to volume three in this new series from Xplor Media and I?m still impressed with what Farrell Timlake is doing. Keep in mind, I love a good blowjob scene, especially when the woman is looking up into the camera. That?s what this line is all about, so of course I?ve enjoyed it for the reason I just gave. However, there are a lot of other things to like about this line. In the Xplor tradition, we get the fresh faces of new girls. Some of them aren?t the porn norm, but if you like good looking amateur chicks, then you?ve probably been following this series like I have.
Cover girl Gina is up first and this twenty-one year old busty brunette is sporting a world class set of factory originals. As she sits in a chair, sucking her man?s cock, Ferrell moves in for a closer look. Actually, he moves in to get his own cock sucked while Gina gets fucked from behind. When he pulls out and shoot up her back, Gina can focus all her attention on the cock in her mouth and the camera just a few inches away. Her tits are just perfect for fucking and Gina shows that she can dirty talk just a little bit. In the end, Ferrell wants to watch as she strokes a load out onto her big tits.
Natalie is a little more petite with tiny tits and a slightly punky attitude going on. He plays with her pert nipples for a bit as she slowly unbuttons his shirt. For someone who is supposed to have her mouth full, she sure does manage to talk an awful lot at the start of this scene. Once she gets going, Natalie does a lot of licking and plays well to the camera. I kind of like the way she curls up and just sucks hard on the tip of his cock. We get some POV fucking as he bends her over and takes the little brunette from behind. Holding the camera while fucking isn?t easy so the footage is a little shaky. It gets better when she goes back to sucking his rod, stroking it hard into her mouth until it explodes all over her smiling face. Cum covered co-ed cuties are always nice.
Therese looks a little older, but has a very nice body with some After she shows off her body for a bit, Ferrell moves in and samples the treat between her spread thighs. Once warmed up, Therese reaches out and starts rubbing his cock through his pants. This is a well shot, slow opening to a scene, building up sexual tension. A little more enthusiasm from her wouldn?t hurt, but that?s just a personal thing on my part. They move the action into the little bedroom set and Therese shows that she knows how to look into the camera while orally pleasing a hard cock. The lighting gets a little harsh from time to time as they fuck, but that?s not enough to take away from the pop on her big, natural boobs.
Gem and Diamond are a couple of overweight chicks with huge tits. If extra meat on the bone doesn?t turn your crank, then you need to look elsewhere, but if you like your racks real and massive, enjoy this exotic mix of ethnic flesh. They seem to be having a good time with each other and with the cock poking out over their faces. Nice double blowjob here as the girls pass his dick back and forth. He does a little bit of finger work on their chubby pussies then fires his load across their faces. Cum doesn?t seem to be their favorite snack, but the girls hold onto his seed long enough to get the pictures done.
Angel Black is a wild looking babe who is a little shy at first, but warms up during her short interview. When she starts sucking dick, all of her attention is focuses on the dick in her mouth. That probably feels great, but it looks better when she opens her eyes and stares into the lens. To get him off, she puts on a show, rubbing her until he explodes.
Mandi Moorcock is a pretty average looking chick who giggles a lot. She starts out by sucking the tip of an oversized dildo. I know I can?t be the only one who thinks she looks a little bit like the chick who played Andrea on ?Beverly Hills 90210.? When she moves her mouth up to Ferrell?s dick, the other guy uses that dildo on her pussy. Once the scene gets started, Mandi gets a lot more attractive, taking cock with total glee. I think she just likes being fucked and isn?t afraid to say so right into the camera. Check out the facial and the way she rubs his load into her face. Wow, someone wound this chick up.
As a crop of amateur girls, this cast is filled with some memorable babes. There are an awful lot of natural tits in this movie, and most of them are pretty damn big. I like the POV shots and wish there were a lot more of them. As always, a guy holding the camera while fucking makes for some less than perfect shots, but that?s what you should expect from this line. If we can just get the new girls to give us even more eye contact and maybe mix in a little more fucking, perhaps even some tit fucking, then we?re really on a roll.


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