Depraved Fantasies 7


83 Mins.
THEMES: Interracial Sex, DP.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Shanna McCullough, Cheyenne Silver, TJ Hart, Steve Hatcher, Billy Dee, Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Byron Long, Guy DeSilva.
Every time I review a Depraved Fantasies movie, I hearken back to the very first volume of this line. It’s not always because the new ones aren’t as good, but because when Tammi Ann starred in the original, she took sex to a new level. This time, long time star Shanna McCullough takes her turn running the sexual gauntlet, testing her limits and hopefully, putting on a great show as she goes. Ever since Shanna came back to porn a few years, she has taken that classy, beautiful woman image and added cock hungry fuck bunny to her resume as well. (Nice combination if you ask me.) She somehow manages to look like a teacher, but fuck like a total slut. (Again, the combination is too good to resist.)
Shanna starts out typing on her computer. Some creature on the other end zaps her into cyber world and we have all the story we really need. Her first cyber adventure is to appear in a Barberalla-like bikini and drop to her knees for the first man she sees. The background goes a little nutty while she takes on two guys. Great for lovers of interracial sex, but not too cool if you’re prone to seizures. Shanna attacks both cocks with total abandon, assuring us that she does indeed belong in a series that is all about showing the slutty side. Other than the freaky background, everything looks good here. After filling her at both ends, the guys move in for a super sized DP that has Shanna filled to the brim. (Quick note to Rog, do women have a brim?) After the guys drop their loads on her face, Shanna moves on to the next adventure.
This time she goes into a futuristic veggie three way with TJ Hart and (I believe) Cheyenne Silver. The girls break out some serious sex toys on Shanna. After they use a dildo drill on her, she has no choice but to return the favor by plastic fucking her two new friends. This is an interesting scene and it’s well shot, but it’s veggie sex and to be perfectly honest, it’s boring the shit out of me. The girls end up DP’ing Shanna, which once again shows she can bring heat to any scene, but this is strictly for fans of dick free smut.
Steve Hatcher gets his shot at Shanna next and he takes full advantage. (What’s with the hat? Dude looks like Ether Williams.) Somehow Shanna overcomes the fact that even in cyberspace this guy it too fucking ugly to look at, and she starts sucking his cock like he’s fucking Mel Gibson. When she gets him hard, Shanna mounts Hatch like cock is an endangered species and proceeds to pro fuck him right through the platform. After getting her pussy plugged, Shanna lies on her back and takes it right up her tight little ass. I’ll give Hatch credit for delivering the goods this time around. He fucks her ass like she stole his REO Speedwagon tapes or something. While he’s up that ass, Shanna has some sort of hose thing in her pussy. Strange, but a totally hot scene. For all my slams on Hatch, he delivers a very good scene and this one is quite hot.
When one or two bodies aren�t enough for Shanna, she goes the group route. She is surrounded on all sides by hard cocks and countless fingers probe her steaming snatch. Check it out, Shanna’s face with five dicks smacking her. I’d say she has enough to keep her busy for a while. With this many dicks to keep her happy, you know that Shanna’s legs spread faster than butter on a hot day. For anyone who ever wanted to see Shanna get banged, this is a great chance. Excellent group footage as she gets fucked into a quivering pile of hot flesh. Very well shot action, but stealing the show is Ms. McCullough. Without her out of this world heat, this would just be another well shot scene. Instead, it’s one of the best sense this series has to offer.
Shanna McCullough never ceases to impress me. Whether it’s acting in a feature or just letting loose and fucking everyone in the room like in this movie. All of the scenes in this movie are interesting and well shot. I could have gone for less of the moving background, but that’s just because I reviewed this movie while finishing off a twelve pack of Tequiza. The room was already moving enough without all of these weird space sequences. Watch this movie to see Shanna turn in some of the best, nastiest sex of career. You won’t be disappointed.

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