Co-ed Cocksuckers 18


110 Mins.
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.
2000 (5/00)
STARS: Charlie Angel, Cotton Candy, Allison Embers, Erika Sexton, Justine Romee, Angelica Dicarlo, Shawana Sexton, Bianca Jorrdan, Nicole Sheridan, Pistol, Kennedy, Ms. Paris, Adajja, Shaquira, Taylor, Chiquita, Africa,
Zane’s entry into the blowjob video field has been and up and down affair. Some of the volumes of this series have been quite good while others are utterly forgettable. I used to really enjoy the cheesy dialog that Dave Hardman would give the girls about keeping their grades up or some other such college bullshit. Now it’s basically a drop and suck line, but there are few things I like better than to watch a pretty girl or twenty get down and polish knob. Now, if I can only keep all these chicks straight we’ll be fine.
At least Charlie Angel talks to the camera for a second before sucking cock. She pretty much tells us what we already knew, that she is going to suck this dick. (No shit sweetie, it’s called co-ed cocksuckers and this don’t look like Western Civ 101.) If there is a class for sucking cock, Charlie passes automatically for the way she can take it deep. There is a little too much drool here, hiding some of the cum when he pops, but still a fine way to open a movie.
Allison Embers has some seriously painfully looking tits, but you have to love her filthy mouth. Talking is only one of the sexy things she can do with that hole those. Allison looks quite at home on her knees and uses some good tongue action on the tip to really drive her guy wild. Still, she is only mildly attractive and bit too extreme in her need to suck. Decent facial taken well.
Justine Romee is an exotic girl with a soft body and big fake boobs. She gives us some very hot opening dialog then treats the cock in her face like it’s gold. Not about to win any beauty contests, Justine splits all over his cock and really works it. Great eye contact and hot talk here making this an very strokeable blowjob. Justine happily takes her facial and does a lot of pop sucking and cooing over his prick.
Shawana Sexton has a very pronounced nose, but a great set of real tits. Holy hooters porn fans! She seems to be quite at home on her knees for a semi-hard dick. Thanks to some fairly deep strokes, it doesn�t stay semi for long. Shawna uses just about the perfect amount of spit on the shaft to really get some great hand action going, following her lips with her fingers perfectly. Nice face fuck finish and a fine closing line. There is something about this chick I like.
Nicole Sheridan is a new Metro girl and the six foot blonde is quite a sight. Of course, on her knees, much of that impressive stature is lost and all we get is a pretty little face stuffed with cock. I love the way she manages to talk with her mouth semi full. Since only a few inches will fit in her mouth, Nicole bobs her head double time and spends time licking his balls as well. This and a tight grip on the shaft brings a load of cum out across her face and into her mouth. Oh yeah, she’s going to make a lot of strokers very happy.
Kennedy is a nice looking blonde with very sexy eyes and smooth skin. Her body looks pretty damn good, but all we get is a little bit of self play and talk while she waits for a cock. She swallows to the root and makes a lot of noise while sucking, but could use some more eye contact. I like the way she gets under there and licks the shaft and balls while still jerking him. This is a girl who has sucked cock a few times before. Her well earned load lands in her wide open mouth.
Adajja is a very thick woman with bit tits and a filthy pout. Though she is going to be too big for a lot of guys, (Not fat by any stretch, but big) this girl isn’t a bad cocksucker. If I were with this girl, I’d be fucking those big soft knockers though. Her fresh face looks good around a hard cock and she has good enough technique to get a load right on the mouth. A little more enthusiasm would have helped here.
Taylor is a nasty looking little model who loves to talk dirty while rubbing her pussy. Her long haired dude comes in and feels her his cock. Most of this blowjob is shot from the side at a low angle. Great for guys with cheek and jaw line fetishes, but not the best overall angle for shooting head. The guy has as much droop to his cock as she has to her stretched tits, making this a very forgettable scene. Not entirely her fault, but the closed eyes are a killer as well.
Africa is a heavy hootered black girl with long legs, very full lips and sleepy, sexy eyes. She puts both hands on her man’s balls and shaft then works the head into her mouth. With a grip like that, she could take batting practice. One hand slips down into her panties to rub her pussy while she slowly sucks. This is a rather low energy blowjob that probably feels awesome, but it’s a little dull to watch. She also clearly isn’t wild about the pop on her face.
Cotton Candy, Erika Sexton, Angelica Dicarlo, Bianca Jordan, Pistol, Ms. Paris, Shaquira and Chiquita all add their unique looks to this collection of oral skills. In any blowjob tape, I’m looking for basically two things. First, an attractive cast that knows how to suck dick. This movie has a pretty decent cast of knob polishers so that part is fine. The second thing I look for is basic direction. It doesn’t take a genius to shoot blowjobs, but so many directors manage to fuck them up anyway. Again, nothing to worry about this time. The action is well shot and nicely lit. I still miss the cheesy little set ups, but as an end to end blowjob tape, this one hits more often than it strikes out.

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