Cherry Poppers 17




110 Mins.



THEMES: Young Girls, Anal Sex.




STARS: Adrianna Sage, Eva Moore, Sonnie Day, Patricia McNeil.


In a time when every company has a Barely 18 or Just Legal line, it’s easy to forget that this sort of video started with Cherry Poppers. (And to be fair, it was Max Hardcore who really brought the young girl vignette tape to the forefront.) The line has been through a number of different directors and has spawned many other lines of cherry themed vids. Mark Zane is now at the wheel and he’s got Jane Waters shooting the action, and that bodes well for a nicely shot sex vid. Some of the girls look cute as well, and that’s really the whole point of a CP vid, isn’t it?

Adrianna Sage shows up to Pat Myne’s house selling raffle tickets. He agrees to buy some, but works out a special payment plan. For each thing she takes off, he buys a ticket. Adrianna has a very nice set of real tits and great skin. She’s also cute and not child-like, which makes her very appealing. Once she’s naked, Pat takes out his cock and she starts sucking his dick. (Hey, she’s trying to sell tickets to win a trip to Hawaii, someone should tell this chick that there are guys who would take her to Hawaii if she’d fuck them. Cut out the middle man.) Adrianna sucks like a pro and doesn’t bother with the ‘I’ve never done this before mister’ shit. After licking her pussy for a few seconds, Pat moves in behind Adrianna and starts pumping her cut little pussy. She looks good being plugged doggy, and actually seems to like fucking Pat. Of course, he really wants her ass and keeps Adrianna on her knees for the butt busting. Taking it in the butt seems like a lot of work just to sell some raffle tickets, but maybe that’s just what this sexy girl needed. Her round ass and smooth thighs look great as he piledrivers her ass to an open mouthed facial. Not a bad opening scene, though this cute girl could be a little more active.

Patricia is a Euro-babe who gets caught playing with her mother’s make up. What the fuck is this about? Max does it as well. Does anyone want to try and tell me this isn’t 100% pedo material? Who plays with their mother’s make up? Even as a fantasy, this just deflates any heat this scene might have built up. If I wanted to watch this chick, the whole P4P angle just doesn’t cut it for me, so I’ll be tuning out. She sucks his dick, does a nice job with her legs back behind her head, but when Dave starts spouting stuff about his virgin daughter, I’m convinced that this scene is for someone with fantasies I just don’t have. He does the smearing of the lipstick thing just in case any pedos missed the P4P signals earlier.

Sonnie is a cute girl out feeding the ducks when along comes a guy who offers her candy and a ride. Because I’m sick of bagging on the lame pedo set ups in videos like this, I’m going skip through this one and watch this girl get naked. Her tits are fantastic and she have a really cute smile. He licks her shaved pussy for a while, then turns her loose on his cock. This chick looks like she enjoys a hard cock in her fist and in her mouth. Her fucking could use a bit more energy, but just looking at those tits bounce as she goes RC in his lap is worth the price of admission. Eventually she picks up steam in this position, but they seem to stay this way for a long time before finally moving to mish. Her leg goes nicely up on his shoulder for some serious pussy pounding. Sonnie seems almost too girl next for anal, but you know she’s got to take it up the ass before we’re done. Doggy works fine for her ass which takes cock as easily as her little pookie did. Sonnie takes her facial, but keeps her mouth closed.

Eva is a bit of a Kerrie Russell look-alike, but she’s on the playground and talking like a kid. Hey, answer me this, if she’s eighteen, then what is she, retarded? Dave Hardman’s pick up lines are right out of the pedophile handbook, so we’ll skip ahead. Sadly, she keeps up the little girl dialog. Look, if you get turned on by the idea of picking up kids on the playground and this scene keeps you from doing it, GREAT. I hope this sort of porn helps you deal with that. For me, it just fucks up a hot chick getting boned because I don’t happen to have fantasies about fucking kids. (Or retarded eighteen year olds.) A nicely shot sex scene if you don’t listen to the lame dialog. Eva doesn’t seem all that into the anal either which is too bad. She might be really hot in other situations.

Two of the four scenes in this volume are totally fucked up by P4P sets ups. The other two are pretty good. Adrianna Sage and Sonnie are very nice, all natural babes who make perfect porn sluts. Eva and Patricia are less attractive, but still would have been worth watching were it not for pedo set ups. If you have fantasies of daughters (Or step daughters) so young that the smear make up like a clown, or can be picked up on the swing set, then you may find these intros erotic. I just found them annoying.

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