Working Behind The Scenes


When I started working in the adult industry I was a tad bit intimidated by all the nakedness. I started in soft core, and the first time on a set with women licking each other almost made me run away crying! I was new, not to mention a prude, who would get embarrassed getting naked to take a shower!

Ok, so soon I was over that phase. I had been desensitized as I’m sure so many of us are. Looking at girls licking girls didn’t make me feel any different than watching clouds cross the sky on a beautiful day. But then I decided to move on to working with Shane’s World, which we all know is hardcore! Well wasn’t that a wake-up call for me!

The first time on a set I felt a little bit weird watching some guy pound this girls pussy while I sat there staring. But then it just all seemed so normal. Smokey, our camera guy, was professional and the whole scene was just like being on any other set; there are cuts, breaks, redos, and touch ups. Suddenly it didn’t seem so intimidating, it just seemed like work.

Now that I have been on quite a few sets, I feel confident in the work that I do behind the scenes. I have even progressed as a still photographer. “Ok, now push your cock just a little further into her pussy…right there! Freeze! (click)”. Wouldn’t my mother be proud of me? Working behind the scenes gives one a new perspective on the industry that I didn’t have as an outsider. For one, I’m not shy anymore…not ready to be in front of the camera, but definitely not the square I used to be.

Shane’s World has given me the opportunity to expand my production skills. I also have a renewed respect for the talent, crew, and everyone else involved in making adult films. I’m just happy to be a part of it!

Nicole Henderson

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