78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Ralph Parfait
THEMES: Cheating, Lesbian Sex.
2000 (9/99)
STARS: Devon, Evan Stone, Keki D�Aire, Devinn Lane, Maya Divine, James Bonn, Bobby Vitalie, Inari Vachs.
Since I started reviewing DVDs, I have seen more Vivid movies than I ever would have with just a VCR. Most of the movies I do watch are from Paul Thomas and among Vivid�s big gun releases. This one stars Devon, one of the new, cover girl models that Vivid has under contract. Don�t get me wrong, I appreciate an incredibly gorgeous model as much as the next man. It�s just that I have seen too many drop dead women get on screen and turn into totally dead fucks. Is Devon one of these women? Is �Three� going to be a really good flick like �Bad Wives� or fall flat like �Seven Deadly Sins.� The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but at any rate, we�ll be able to check Devon out and see if she is as hot on film as she is on the cover
Devon and Inari are out shopping, but before anything happens with them, we cut to Kiki D�Aire and Booby Vitale groping each other wildly. Kiki has gone totally blonde and sports a firm set of tits. She squats and gives Bobby�s dick a deep sucking, sadly keeping her pretty eyes closed for much of the action. This girl really gets into her oral sex, making Bobby happy he chose porn as a career path. As he�s playing with her pussy, Devon and Inari walk by a building, both saying that their boyfriend lives there. (Though neither have ever actually been to his place.) With Bobby working her clit, Kiki is sent completely into orbit before his cock even enters her snug lips. The way their scene is broken up by shots of the two other women talking, you get a good feeling for where this is going, but frankly I�m more interested in watching Kiki take dick. Great low angle shots of their standing doggy with some very hot close ups of her cookie. He finally pulls out and shoots his load all over her nice round buns.
Inari and Devon quickly figure out that they are seeing the same guy, but it�s not Bobby. He�s just a guy living in the place who lets both women into the apartment. Whoever the guy is, he�s in for a really rude welcome when he comes home. The tension between the two women is high as they wait. When the guy, (James Bonn) finally comes home he starts calling his women, giving each of them the same exact lines. The sound of his voice makes Devon horny enough to play with herself. This brings her out of hiding and now it�s time to start playing with him. Devon is a really pretty woman with a great face and body built for sex. With Inari hiding behind a door, Devon lets Bonn go down and lick her sweet box. Ooops, the trap is sprung. The dialog here is quite good. Bonn always handles his well and Inari really impresses me. However, the scene lasts too long and you start to wonder why no one is fucking.
Finally Inari drags Bonn into the bedroom and climbs on top of him. She looks fantastic and happily takes his hard cock into her mouth. I enjoy watching her work so much more now that she has dropped the excess drool from her blowjobs. She sucks his dick with total lust. Since she�s so hot for his cock, Bonn flips her over and starts pounding away on her pussy. Her nipples are hard as rocks, and those long legs get pinned back against her chest as he slams her tight hole. Even with a babe as beautiful as Devon, how could he resist fucking this woman as well? Devon seems to like watching them fuck, especially when Inari can get on top and we all get to see that cute little ass wiggle as she rides. He finishes her off by cumming all over the small of her back.
Devon and Bonn discuss why he would need two women. (Babe, none of us need two, we just all want two.) Now it�s Devon�s turn to drop a bomb on the little threesome. She has cheated as well, with two women. Now we all watch as she steps into her own memory and joins Maya Divine and Devinn Lane for a three way veggie fest. These are three very good looking women who seem to enjoy lesbian sex, but come on, it�s a meat free scene so I�m only moderately interested. I was kind of hoping to see Devon doing a guy to really see what she can do on screen. Instead, we get a well shot lesbian scene, hot if pretty guys doing each other does the trick for you.
Inari has a cheating story of her own. Stepping into her own flashback, she drapes her naked body all over full clothed Evan Stone. Evan uses the opportunity to lick Inari�s hot little hole until it drips with desire. Bonn doesn�t seem to enjoy watching his girlfriend suck Evan�s cock as much as he did having her suck his own, but we get the same great visual. As he straddles her body, Inari slaps her tongue with his prick and lets him fuck her pretty face. It looks like all that energy she showed with Bonn wasn�t about love, but just her total love of cock. Evan bends her over and lights her up with a hard fuck from behind. (Maybe it�s those hanging balls slapping her clit.) I haven�t always been the biggest Inari fan around, but this is another hot scene ending with a splash of cum right up her flat belly.
This leads us into the bathroom where the three finally get it on together. Bonn holds Inari up in the tub while Devon once again shows that she is crazy for the taste of girl cum. Then she lends a hand to Inari�s blowjob. We finally get to see the Vivid covergirl sucking cock as Inari slaps her ass. Devon doesn�t disappoint, sucking Bonn hard and then using her tits to pleasure him. They move to the bedroom where Inari gets fucked first, throwing her legs high in the air and hooking her ankles together. Devon has a really playful quality during her sex scenes. She pinches Bonn�s nipples and urges him to cum on her tits. Not a bad performance, even if she is overshadowed somewhat by Inari’s all out fuckability.
This is a very simple story, taken from a Robert Downey Jr. main stream flick. The dialog is actually petty good, though there are times when it gets too long for its own good. Bonn and Inari really handle their dialog well, and Devon is no slouch either. Inari carries most of the sexual action and in this movie, that works just fine. Her scenes with Bonn and Stone are fantastic. Kiki�s scene is another highlight that shouldn’t be missed. Devon needs some more non veggie action, but she is cute, sexy and so far, looks like a very nice addition to the Vivid roster.

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