84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: John T. Bone

THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials.
2000 (6/95)
STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Candy Apples, Mila Shegoel, Vince Vouyer, Rick Masters, Dave Hardman, Guy DiSilva, Tom Byron.
You know, the title of this movie could easily be used to describe any of the three chicks in the cast. Jasmin, Mila and Candy are three of the freakiest, nastiest and hottest babes to grace the blue screen in the history of smut. Putting them all in the same movie assures that there will be plenty of packed colons, sticky faces and enough stroke material for raincoaters to make this DVD part of their collection. As with most Bone movies, don�t look for much of a plot, just some vague scenarios and sometimes interesting sets where the women can be fucked into writhing piles of sticky flesh.
Jasmin shows up on set and is met by a new girl in the business, Mila. When the new girl expresses some admiration, Jasmin dismisses her with plenty of attitude. The cool thing is that we get to watch the bitchy girl go right in and get fucked in the ass. She walks into a room where Tom Byron waits, sits down and starts sucking his cock. Jasmin never has any problem taking a big cock in her mouth, in fact, she puts a lot of energy into it. Tom focuses his oral attention on Jasmin�s asshole, getting it ready for later. Before the booty, he has to try out her shaved slit for a while. You have to love the ways she works her hips to grind back for his rod. As soon as she gets on top of him, Tom starts using his fingers on her asshole. Some of you might really like the thigh high boots she keeps on during the sex. Reverse cowgirl works well for the anal and it shows off the boots as well as the legs, pussy and ass that have made Jasmin famous. Even though this movie is fairly early in her career, you can see how this woman became such a perverted porn fan dream girl. She is pretty, with a great body and loves her work, especially big cock up her ass and cum on her face. That she plays up her bitch attitude which only makes it more fun to watch her take a big open mouthed facial and lick up ever last drop.
Mila still wants advice from Jasmin and this time she gets it. �Fuck everyone� says Jasmin and uses Candy Apples as a perfect example of what a porn slut should be. Candy has two guys to feed her dick Somehow I doubt if two is enough for this insatiable prick pleaser. Candy sucks both guys hard then mounts one, leaving her asshole exposed. DP is no problem for Candy who could probably take four guys down there if you could fit them all in. They move her all over the place, filling her pussy and ass with enough meat to make her purr. Both guys unload their sacks on her face, giving Candy just what she wanted.
Jasmin still thinks Mila lacks the slut skills to make it big, and that leads us to another scene of Ms. St. Claire taking cock. This time her boots are gold, but she still sucks cock like it holds the secrets of life. Her head bobs up and down on Dave Hardman while Masters waits his turn. Once she has tasted each dick, Jasmin leans back to open her pussy while finishing her oral requirements. Hardman knows how to fuck Jasmin hard and gives it to her for all of us. She�s that untouchable sorority bitch finally getting what she so desperately needs. Her ass gets blasted from behind while her mouth is stretched by a second cock. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Jasmin�s ass looks great, it�s tight, but she can take a major colon pounding and love every inch. They double up on her, pumping both holes hard and fast and keeping Jasmin squirming between their bodies. She takes their loads and lovingly sucks out the final drops, cleaning their cocks, gulping jizz and making sure everyone knows that she�s porn perfect whore.
Jasmin is still convinced Mila can�t make it, but we all know the truth. Given her shot with two dicks, the blonde prick cushion doesn�t waste much time. She sits up on a throne, rubbing her pussy while Hardman and Steve Hatcher watch. They finally jump up there with her and start playing with her. Hatch goes down and starts licking her lips while Hardman sits back and lets Mila feed on his big cock. She�s like a shark with fresh meat in the water, tearing after that cock with so much energy that it�s almost scary. Both dicks fit in her mouth at once, making me wonder where Mila learned this kind of thing. Right after the blowjob, the guys get right down to business, DP�ing her holes and welcoming Mila into the slut hall of fame. Her holes open up and swallow cock, while Mila moans like she wants more. What she gets is double anal and a face full of cum. Through a glass table, we watch her lick it up, proving once and for all that she is as big a degenerate as anyone in the biz.
This is a simple movie with four scenes and no bullshit to get in the way. It�s basically a slut fest from start to finish. Jasmin takes on three guys in her two scenes, loving their cocks in every hole. Mila and Candy each take on a pair of guys, showing that they can hang in the cock socket department. Still, the best reason to watch this DVD is to watch Jasmin act like a total bitch, then get that attitude fucked right out of her hot little bod.

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